Troublemaker Ken at it Again

Just saw this tweet from Ken Vogel. Conflicting @RudyGiuliani explanation re: his comment about having "insurance" in case TRUMP throws him under the bus. 1st he says it was sarcastic. Then he claims the insurance is info about BIDEN. *Not sure how that would protect against TRUMP, though — Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) November 23, […]

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So as I have been writing my book about how I became a top tier conspiracy theorist, I was really making some headway. I am at like 17,000 words pre edited, and it was really helping me self reflect on my life. I had noticed that I had a pretty messed up life which probably […]

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With Trump running his foreign policy decisions in streams that are parallel to Dmytro Firtash’s legal and business interests it is pretty clear why this impeachment inquiry needs to be as thorough as possible. The main problem is the obstruction from the Republican Party and the disinformation from Trump. Being in an echo chamber on […]

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Trump’s Gas Lighting

This should be a short post, but since awakening from my conspiracy theory ways, I have been analyzing how other people are theorizing Trump’s recent strategies. From a personal standpoint, the last two months have been two of Trump’s worse. He has completely fallen victim to the Whistle Blower complaint and the State Department staff […]

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The Turkish Time Machine

Talk about a blunder. After President Trump withdrew his troops from Syria, the Kurdish allies were left blindsided. Turkey comes into town, possibly commits war crimes, and forces the Kurds to align with Assad. Apart from the PR disaster, what happens a few days later? Sanctions are placed on Turkey. Whatever withdrawing did to appease […]

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One of the main reasons why I was extremely supportive of Donald Trump was because I had believed that he was a genius tactician who was dismantling his enemies. Turns out I was right about him being a genius tactician, but my bias affected who I thought was the bad guys in the story. I […]

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The Hangover

Over the weekend my best friend had his bachelor party and I was able to talk to other people and gain there perspective on how the events of today are transpiring. It wasn’t a stereotypical bachelor party if anyone thinks we were talking about Trump in a strip club or anything of that nature. I […]

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