One of the main reasons why I was extremely supportive of Donald Trump was because I had believed that he was a genius tactician who was dismantling his enemies. Turns out I was right about him being a genius tactician, but my bias affected who I thought was the bad guys in the story. I […]

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Researching Tips

I figured I would give myself a break today after the massive post yesterday. I have been meaning to get into the self improvement end. If you read some of my first posts on this site, it is mainly about the mind and how our thought patterns can be manipulated and controlled. Personally I believe […]

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Re-framing Your Reality

One of the main areas of my life that I am consistently working towards improving is understanding different perspectives. By being able to apply different mindsets to a problem, you can come up with different ways of solving that problem. A one point perspective can blind you to other possibilities and build up confirmation bias, […]

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Question Yourself

On Monday night, the New Yorker released their latest article highlighting an Israeli cyber firm named Psy-Group. Interestingly enough, I had been working the Israeli angle based on the latest news of the Karma hack that came out in recent weeks. This led to a long line of links between General Flynn, his prosecutor Zainab […]

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How to React

With the advancements in technology, information comes in so fast from so many directions that it might seem overwhelming at times. This goes for everything: Celebrity drama, sports, politics, and even personal matters. By being bombarded, we don’t have enough time to fully process the last piece of information before the new piece comes in. […]

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Forgetting What We Know

On January 29th, 2019, Cliff Sims new book was making its rounds, mainly because President Donald J. Trump tweeted about it. The book was released yesterday and Trump immediately brought attention to it by criticizing it’s content. The book ‘Team of Vipers’ goes into Trump’s inner workings and how Trump told Sims to get him […]

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The Predetermined Thought

As someone who developed with an arithmetic style of thinking, the easiest way I can describe the way I think is a sequence of boolean functions. Without getting too in-depth of what an actual boolean function is, I will try to explain it as simple as possible. In short, it is a logic expression where […]

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