Researching Tips

I figured I would give myself a break today after the massive post yesterday. I have been meaning to get into the self improvement end. If you read some of my first posts on this site, it is mainly about the mind and how our thought patterns can be manipulated and controlled. Personally I believe […]

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Is 4D Chess Real?

Growing up I had always been a political outsider. I hated politics to the point where I just assumed that they were all corrupt and wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. Then in 2015-2016 something amazing happened; Trump had captured my heart and soul. The self proclaimed political outsider (who actually isn’t) came on […]

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Fluid Thoughts

Having an education that stems from a scientific background, physics teaches us a lot of the properties that are assumed in our everyday life. I say assume because something like gravity is only a theory. There are so many things that scientists have just chalked up to being close enough that it is the general […]

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Question Yourself

On Monday night, the New Yorker released their latest article highlighting an Israeli cyber firm named Psy-Group. Interestingly enough, I had been working the Israeli angle based on the latest news of the Karma hack that came out in recent weeks. This led to a long line of links between General Flynn, his prosecutor Zainab […]

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Positive Reinforcement

As an intro, I am a manager. I have a very laid back style of management and do not like to micromanage everyone because I do not like that to be done to me. My management philosophy revolves around treating people how I would like to be treated. I have had great success with this […]

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They Key to Persuasion

Just like anything else, humans have a natural tendency to think that they are right. One of the most difficult things you can do in life is tell a stubborn person that they are wrong. You can present all the evidence, but if there is a belief that they hold true to themselves, good luck. […]

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How to React

With the advancements in technology, information comes in so fast from so many directions that it might seem overwhelming at times. This goes for everything: Celebrity drama, sports, politics, and even personal matters. By being bombarded, we don’t have enough time to fully process the last piece of information before the new piece comes in. […]

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