Humans are adaptive. That is why predicting the future is so hard. It is somewhat ignorant to say that something can’t work, because it lacks the inclusion of adaptation. People have to stop being so closed minded all the time about everything. There is usually a better option than the ones being presented, so if […]

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MailTwitter: July 1, 2017

News has been super slow lately and since there really isn’t anything I find interesting to write about, I figured let me ask the crowd. Right now, I feel as if we are in sort of a lull as the Democratic Primaries start to heat up faster than Eric Swalwell’s Nuclear Armageddon. Let’s go to […]

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Battle of Winterfell Short

Warning: Major Spoilers ahead. I am a pretty big Game of Thrones nerd. When I was reading the books, it was taking me two weeks per book because I was so engrossed in the story. I am a sucker for big strategy and the supernatural. The books hit all the right notes for what I […]

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