The Sting Theory

What got me into the politics surrounding Donald J. Trump actually had very little to do with the politics. I voted for him in 2016 and a lot of that was based on giving a middle finger to the establishment and I loved the energy surrounding his campaign. While I was loosely following his presidency, […]

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Part 2: But Her Emails

As with Part 1 of this series, my main goal is provide the background story to what ultimately led to what is now known as SpyGate. Picking up from where we left off with part 1, I believe that a lot of the events that we are witnessing transpire today has to do with the […]

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Part 1: Finding the Genesis

Before I begin, I just wanted to take the time to explain the objective of this planned series. I had originally tried to lump everything into a couple of posts and had already written a first part. The problem was there was too many connections. It was getting confusing and to the few people I […]

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Re-framing Your Reality

One of the main areas of my life that I am consistently working towards improving is understanding different perspectives. By being able to apply different mindsets to a problem, you can come up with different ways of solving that problem. A one point perspective can blind you to other possibilities and build up confirmation bias, […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This blog is a more reflective expression of the inner workings of this crazy mind of mine. If you are coming here, you probably follow me already on Twitter (@Joestradamus91). The goal here is to get less off of politics and more on my worldviews. I also go by the name […]

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