Moving On…

Last night I decided to deactivate my Twitter account. If you came here to try to figure out why, I appreciate the concern. There is no conspiracy. I didn’t sell my account, nor is this a psyop of any kind. I just don’t fundamentally agree with Trump anymore and I was in the wrong place. If I want to continue to express my opinions, I want it to be done in a place where I won’t continuously be shut down.

I started tracing out how Fake News is spread and through that experience it led me to the realization that the right is the one being gas lit and Trump himself is the biggest source of Fake News. I also fundamentally don’t agree with any of my past rationalization for Trump’s actions. I used to theorize based on strategic deception. The part that I failed to acknowledge is the word deception. The president should be open and honest to the constituents that they presides over. Any type of lying or deception that goes on has an adverse effect.

I also found myself debating constantly with people who did not research the subject as much as I did. I was trying to be patient, but the egregious thought of Trump pimping out foreign policy for personal gain was bothering me too much. The Biden story was BS and if people would follow the facts over their desires they would realize that Giuliani investigating something himself and keeping information locked away in a safe is not the way an investigation is run. Getting a foreign, ‘corrupt’ country to announce it as well is not how it is done. Trying to get the HPSCI to investigate (which Nunes controlled for 2 years) and then having Graham open it in the Senate is not how it is done. If these charges were any bit serious, it would be done under the DOJ.

So yeah, I came to the conclusion that if I can’t speak my mind fully, I have outgrown the place. There are a bunch of nice people on there who I wish the best as well. I started out looking for the truth, and I stayed true to not letting my confirmation bias get in the way. I never expected to turn on Trump, but I think he is inherently corrupt. I do not think he is an FBI asset at all, which would lead to all those pump and dump schemes with the real estate a means of enrichment. Since Joestradamus91 is synonymous with Trump based on my prior support, I must shed that skin and move onto a new adventure.

Once again, I appreciate you checking up on why I may have deleted my account. Stay true to yourself and start with what you know for certain is wrong and move from there. I wish you all the best of luck and happiness as well. The betterment for humanity is something that we all strive for.


One thought on “Moving On…

  1. Joe,

    I understand your sentiment. Group think and confirmation bias from the left and the right can both be blinding and corosive. Your unique viewpoint has ALWAYS been very helpful even when I disagreed.

    Take some time if you need it, but I think your umique analysis is greatly needed on Twitter so I hope you would reconsider deactivating your account.

    I would agree with you if Trump and Guiliani were trying to get dirt from a corrupt country for domestic purposes that would be horrible. But the dropping of the Burisma probe is directly tied to some members of the Obama National Security Council digging dirt on Trump.

    While there are some Trump cheerleaders who would give him a pass for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue who I would never associate.

    Try reading my thread and maybe it will change your mind. More than likely it is hubris on my part. But you are already missed.


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