So as I have been writing my book about how I became a top tier conspiracy theorist, I was really making some headway. I am at like 17,000 words pre edited, and it was really helping me self reflect on my life. I had noticed that I had a pretty messed up life which probably led to some trauma that caused me to distrust everything, especially the government. 9/11 was a real motivator for that feeling.

The crazy thing is as I watch the impeachment hearings go on, I am continuously disappointed about how the real questions are not being asked. Why are the connections between the ambassador being ousted and the smear campaign led by Parnas and Fruman not being brought to the forefront? Why are people who are behind a foreign influence scam actually influencing US policy? Why are Parnas, diGenova, and Toensing working for the mob? I even saw this new article by Daily Beast showing how the scheme to oust the ambassador was not even the first time that was done. It was also done to Kathleen Kavalec, who I wrote about here. The research is good, but the perspective is totally off.

I have also been extremely concerned about this campaign ad which uses the Shokin affidavit for the defense of Firtash as a campaign ad to attack Joe Biden. This is direct coordination between Trump and Firtash. Crickets. I don’t even like Joe Biden, but this shouldn’t be happening.

Anyway, so getting back to my whole scope of the book, originally I thought of it as a good way to show my life experience in order to get people to understand the way people on the right think. The big picture was to bridge the gap between the left and right. As time moves on and I rethink things in a non-conspiratorial manner, I realized that it is mainly just me being a dumbass.

The more I look at all the lies and all the scandals, and interject my past theories into it, I realize how stupid the whole thing is. I kind of want to delete my Twitter account and start over because it has become increasingly annoying having to argue little minor things all the time. My biggest fault was the mentality that everything is connected so I was connecting dots that never meant to be connected as they are unrelated. It is why OSINT is good, but you need HUMINT in order to stop you from wandering off into the obsolete.

Another thing I noticed was that most of the information I was using to present my argument were from small opinion writers like John Solomon, Kim Strassel, Sara Carter, ect. I also saw how my theories, while differing on some points, also fell in line with the narrative that Sean Hannity was spreading. It really is just so dumb.

Is Sean Hannity going to be the one that gets this whole thing right? Is Q? Hah.

Anyway, I changed my Twitter bio to better reflect how I feel about my past tweets and general frame of mind.

I really only have myself to blame. Better late than never, but I see how stringing together loose pieces of information can really lead you down rabbit holes. The more I read, the more I learned, and the more I realized that my perspective was off base. My theories were getting increasingly debunked and once it came down to Manafort being a good guy or bad, I knew that it was time to hang up the theory making.

I feel way better mentally now too knowing that I don’t have to be on Twitter 24/7 telling the news. It is like a major burden taken off my shoulders. I came in trying to help clean up the country from corruption, and in the process only helped spread corruption based propaganda. For that, I am truly sorry.

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