With Trump running his foreign policy decisions in streams that are parallel to Dmytro Firtash’s legal and business interests it is pretty clear why this impeachment inquiry needs to be as thorough as possible. The main problem is the obstruction from the Republican Party and the disinformation from Trump.

Being in an echo chamber on Twitter, most think this whole affair is straight up bull shit based on Trump saying that his phone call was ‘perfect.’ While I will continue to pound away at the facts surrounding the parallel streams of coordination, there has to be a way to break through the noise. When I first began seeing how much I was being gas lit by Trump, I did my best in order to set the record straight for myself by locating where I was assuming things and reassessing the situation based on new perspectives and new search terms which yielded answers to a lot of the questions I had.

I was pretty appalled at how brainwashed I was with the Deep State and 4D Chess. It really only took my distaste of Joe diGenova and Patrick Byrne to finally start to see the light, but the problem exists way beyond that. Cyber manipulation is running rampant and I should have seen this from analyzing Cambridge Analytica, but I fell into the same trap as most; I never thought it could happen to me.

I see this as a violation of human rights as the elected leader of the free world should not be lying to the constituents we elected him in order to advance his own personal agendas using a scheme that was headed by his personal lawyer. I really have no one to blame but myself for getting me into this mess. It just sucks though seeing it happening on a mass scale and I really wish that there was something that could be done.

Just wish objectivity can come back to today’s world. The Democrats are not doing a good job at all as they constantly nitpick Trump’s white lies and it makes it look like they are constantly nitpicking on Trump. This leads to confirmation bias to his followers as him constantly being attacked by the media. Does it matter that he said that Baghdadi was whimpering like a dog when there was in fact no audio? In normal times, yes I would like the president to be held accountable for all statements to the American people. In this case, it doesn’t because when there is more lying than truth, these smaller lies take away from the bigger ones, and the biggest one right now is that there was nothing wrong with that phone call.

When you’re helping advance the agenda of a Ukrainian who is mob connected, the phone call is less than perfect. The facts are easy to find, but there is a curtain called confirmation bias that blinds the mind from believing it.

I was watching the new season of Stranger Things and Mr. Clarke said, “Once you open that curiosity door, anything is possible!” Those are some good words to live by.

Update: Turns out Papadopoulos is going to be running in Katie Hill’s district which honestly has nothing to do with his right to run. He as an American has the right to run and Katie Hill wouldn’t be in her position if she didn’t do what she did. The way she was taken out was a dirty play which will help fuel the Papadopoulos campaign. The main issue I have is that Papadopoulos is a convicted liar and I really hope people don’t vote for him and expect him to represent his district.

So anyway I posted a tweet expressing my disdain for the event. Some guy comments with the the innuendo that he feels the same way about Papadopoulos. So I reply with a comment highlighting that liars are the ones spreading the Spygate theories and then it was like a barrier shattered in my mind.

Suddenly I was thinking about who is spreading Spygate theories and realizing that it is all so stupid. Is a letter which pretends to be an insider in the militia, which by the way would be state run propaganda, be right? Is Sean Hannity going to be right? Is George Papadopoulos going to be right? We all know that they are all liars. Why would we continue to hold onto the semblance of a theory propagated by liars?

Then I started thinking to myself and I had a real distrust in the government since 9/11 and I think that is putting on bias on myself that is being exploited to make it seem as if the government is constantly conspiring on the people. That is the fuel behind all right wing theories, and what is the biggest conspiracy? The Deep State.

Screw that. I can’t keep peddling stupid conspiracy theories online and continue to be exploited. I need to grow up.

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