Trump’s Gas Lighting

This should be a short post, but since awakening from my conspiracy theory ways, I have been analyzing how other people are theorizing Trump’s recent strategies. From a personal standpoint, the last two months have been two of Trump’s worse. He has completely fallen victim to the Whistle Blower complaint and the State Department staff is defying White House and State Department orders to not testify. On the other side of the coin, the Syria/Kurd debacle has been one of Trump’s biggest blunders to date.

While all this is becoming more and more obvious, I am seeing why Trump Derangement Syndrome is a thing as I find myself rolling my eyes more and more. His use of the word lynching today just shows how he will say something that will trigger just to pull attention away from the more pressing issues. The problem is the issues never go away, it just adds so much noise that the original “bad thing” is drowned out and obfuscated.

That is essentially the issue with the Whistleblower as Trump has everyone focusing on the phone call itself and saying that Schiff lied in order to not piece things together on a larger scale. I feel as if I have been pretty spot on with my analysis of the situation regarding Ukraine since I was able to trace out the echo chamber and wasn’t subjected to the gas lighting in order to detract from the overall situation. Also understanding the way Trump operates also helps offer me a unique perspective. From my post Thoughts Surrounding Ukraine, I mentioned this:

What I wanted to update though is the cooperation ended once Ukraine received the Javelin Missiles which helps the timeline fit a lot better.

Now with Bill Taylor on the hill, the Quid Pro Quo argument is coming to light again and looking back, this started right after Ukraine had the MH-17 prisoner swap with Russia. Later on they conceded parts of Eastern Ukraine to Russia in order to help negotiate peace.

Switching the lens to Syria, the biggest winner is Russia as they had Turkey purchase their missile systems, then US canceled the F-35 sale. Russia and Turkey have been getting friendlier as Erdogan looks to increase his position as a global power. It appears that Trump and Putin are playing a game of good cop/bad cop as Trump will do something and Russia will come in to save the day. This is what it looks like with Russia’s attempts to sell Turkey their planes and now how Russia is negotiating the peace between Turkey and Syria with the expense of the Kurdish region. It is important to note that the Kurds were pushed into Russia and Assad’s arms as Trump completely abandoned them.

With all this Russian benefit with Turkey and Ukraine I have to wonder if the Crimea Sanctions are the end goal. It is a common lobbying goal from before Trump was even elected to have those sanctions dropped so why wouldn’t it end that way?

Going towards the gas lighting aspect of this, I was thinking in the shower last night and I thought to myself, “My goodness, Trump has turned majority of his base into conspiracy theorists.” The worst part is that all the conspiracies are aligned against US Intel Agencies and career employees serving the country. This makes less sense since his appointees are the ones in control of these agencies, but this is an overall weakening of the country as if the people don’t trust the government, it leads to instability. Worst part is, when reality does not match the conspiracy, the “Deep State” wins again.

The conspiracy in itself is a self fulfilling prophecy as Trump’s actions are defined as fighting for the people against the “Deep State” and anything that doesn’t go right is the fault of the “Deep State.” It is pretty genius as the only way to get Trump to be accountable for his actions is to impeach him and with the Republicans not budging, there is no way to get Trump as OLC Opinion says that you can’t indict a sitting president.

The way I see things now is whenever a politician says “Deep State” it likely means that they are involved somehow because I can’t see a normal person in the know using a term that was popularized by people like Steve Bannon and Jerome Corsi. Chuck Grassley used it last night and I felt a part of me die as he was one of the few politicians I had a semblance of respect for, but it was already waning from him quoting Peter Schweitzer in his Hunter Biden letter.

After my shower thought, I decided to check out a synopsis of Corsi’s book “Killing the Deep State” and I just started laughing. Either Jerome Corsi is the greatest prophet or we are all just being gas lit.


I guess it just comes down to how much people are willing to endure before realizing that the largest amount of Fake News comes from Trump himself. Maybe after the “deep six” of the FISA OIG report will people start to realize that Trump is leading them on. In Projection I showed how Trump Retweeted a Paul Sperry article blasting Horowitz and now Grassley joined in. As the report nears arrival to the public, I expect more loyalists to back away from it being the end all to the democrats to making “deep six” like comments.

To finish this off, just know that it doesn’t have to be like this. We the people have the power to demand what we want, but we can’t know what we want unless we are able to properly sort out the bullshit.

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