The Turkish Time Machine

Talk about a blunder. After President Trump withdrew his troops from Syria, the Kurdish allies were left blindsided. Turkey comes into town, possibly commits war crimes, and forces the Kurds to align with Assad. Apart from the PR disaster, what happens a few days later? Sanctions are placed on Turkey.

Whatever withdrawing did to appease Turkey was now negated and Pompeo and Pence are now in route to negotiate a ceasefire.

So what did all of this do? Well the US is no longer influential in the region, a former ally is now aligned with the president who gasses his own people and is aligned Russia, people have died, some ISIS prisoners have escaped, and Trump takes an L during a critical time when impeachment support is growing.

The ceasefire is just an attempt to get back to zero, which makes me wonder if Trump wishes that he truly was a time traveler. Let’s see how Turkey responds…


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