One of the main reasons why I was extremely supportive of Donald Trump was because I had believed that he was a genius tactician who was dismantling his enemies. Turns out I was right about him being a genius tactician, but my bias affected who I thought was the bad guys in the story. I had thought that the left and the media were the ones projecting their crimes onto Trump. This was an extreme uphill battle for Trump and if it was not for my help, he would be taken down by the Deep State.

As I really started diving into the mess that was the conspiracy theory known as Spygate, I started to realize that this scandal isn’t all that it is made out to be. First the whole, “Spying on Trump’s campaign” narrative made no sense since Carter Page was no longer on the Trump campaign when the FBI carried out a FISA on him in October 2016. I then realized the narrative was getting more ridiculous as Trump’s administration renewed the FISA twice. One time was by Dana Boente and the other was by Rod Rosenstein.

The right would constantly hammer on Rosenstein and never on Boente which I thought was extremely odd. Trump nominated Rosenstein for his position and Trump had Boente be AAG when Sally Yates was fired, and even signed an Executive Order appointing Boente to be AAG during the time between AG Jeff Sessions’ recusal and the Senate confirmation of Rosenstein. For the longest time, I thought that both Republicans and Democrats were just completely mentally aware to connect those dots to see that the Carter Page FISA was actually flipped around on the other side.

The reason behind this thought process stemmed from Carter Page being in contact with Stefan Halper throughout the course of his FISA. Halper had been in contact with Sam Clovis, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page. They were using Carter Page to spy on Halper, it was only a matter of time before the Deep State was taken down.

Then nothing continued to happen.

Throughout all of the Spygate theorizing, nothing ever came into fruition besides a few people getting fired or people resigning. Honestly, most of these things would have probably gone unnoticed if it were not for the intense level of digging people were contributing to Spygate. Connecting dots that were not there while Hannity and his crew would continuously feed bits and pieces of the story to lead the pack into thinking that this was the greatest scandal in a lifetime. For some reason he was the only one covering it which would trickle down to lower members of the echo chamber.

I had seriously thought the entire press corp was so biased against Trump that they could not see how he was saying stupid things and getting his own guys implicated in order to expose the Deep State. I have really been beating myself up over the last few weeks for being so blind. Luckily as time continued to move on and my curiosity continued to get the better of me, I would start to read the “Fake News” in order to try to fill in the gaps.

In doing so, I had realized that their reporting was way better on the subject. Anything anti-Trump I would ignore and use the dates, times, and events to better piece together what was happening. I was already getting objective as I never defended Paul Manafort. I had always loathed Paul since I discovered what he had done to Ukraine and the quote from Corey Lewandowski’s book of Trump saying, “I have a crook running my campaign.” From there, I knew that Trump surrounded himself with dirty people so if they went to jail, that was all part of the sting.

Around the start of this year, I was getting really mixed opinions coming in. I would categorize it as cognitive dissonance, but as Trump’s circle continued to get exposed, I pushed it off as his side needs to be cleared out before the Fake News can accept his prosecution of the swamp. I realize how stupid this logic is now considering evidence should speak for itself, but that is what cognitive dissonance does to you.

I decided to start this blog so I can talk about things like confirmation bias and actually start to be somewhat critical of Trump. Figured the echo chamber following I gathered on Twitter wouldn’t read this as much so it allowed me to talk more freely without having to deal with outrage or a million questions. At the end of the day, Trump was the only way for the swamp to be drained and whatever he was doing was justified by the end goal.

After the Mueller Report was released, I was ready. Here was the turn around, Trump would finally start putting away his political enemies, starting with Hillary Clinton.

Then nothing continued to happen.

There were some arrests here and there, but now Biden was deep in the news as he was being exposed by Jon Solomon and company. I figured that Biden would be taken down first and Trump’s path to 2020 would be that much easier. I continued to be patient, but in my patience, I started reading more and more into the Fake News that Trump constantly belittled. Spygate was then falling apart with the more holes poked in it and I was laughing at articles making fun of the Q conspiracy theorists.

I forgot when it was, but one day I thought to myself, I know Hannity sucks, I know Q is either a LARP or State Run Propaganda, yet my theories agree with them. This thought allowed me to recognize and area of bias within myself and explore further. It hit a snag though, Jeffrey Epstein who was arrested, committed suicide.

This was my first real time as a deep researcher seeing a conspiracy theory take flight. I knew it was likely that he killed himself, but people kept saying he was murdered by the Deep State. On Twitter, I fought valiantly to bring people back to sanity to debunk myth after myth surrounding the suicide. It was probably the first time in history that theories hinged on the hyoid bone in the neck.

After Epstein, I was getting sick of conspiracy theories in general. I had begun to see that they were largely based on assumption and people who were too lazy to look up what happened for themselves. Pizzagate had come back too and I was shooting those theories down as well. Now I knew that conspiracy theories are not to be trusted so I wondered how many more were affecting my thought train and really went far back to see where I was being steered wrong.

At the end of July, Patrick Byrne hit the airwaves and through several of my blog posts not only was I able to call him out for bullshit, I was also able to see the cogs of the echo chamber in motion. My post The Byrning Man shows how the news was circulated around in the Fox News echo chamber and I was vindicated earlier this week to find out that Byrne had fled to Indonesia where the US does not have an extradition treaty.

When the whistle blower came forward, I had already started to walk through the door, but after seeing a lot of the theories that are being used to protect Trump throughout this own self inflicted scandal, I am out the door. I can’t support a president that is willing to gaslight his own people into thinking that he is fighting corruption. All of the action surrounding Ukraine is corruption from his own team. The indictments of Parnas and Fruman pretty much sealed the deal.

Thoughts Surrounding Ukraine has aged like a fine wine and now Firtash is found to be paying Fruman and Parnas. It doesn’t get much more obvious to see that all the articles about Trump being mob affiliated may actually be true when his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani is running point on two men who are representing a mobster and two of Trump’s closest defenders, Toensing and diGenova are representing him. What is even more ironic is there is an old article of Giuliani blasting Lanny Davis, Firtash’s old lawyer, for representing someone linked to the mob.

It is all projection at this point to me. The Fake News isn’t the press, it is Trump himself. The swamp being drained isn’t the “coup plotters” it is all of Trump’s people. Following Trump’s message only brings the US closer to dropping the Crimea Sanctions which should not be allowed at all. You can’t have Russia say this is mine and then let them have it.

At the end of the day, I realized that my alliance is not to Trump, but to America and it’s allies. I was asked the other day if getting relations with Russia was really that bad. I replied with saying that they shot down MH-17 and are responsible for assassinations all around the world. One of the biggest ones would be the poisoning of Serigei Skripal and his daughter. Although they survived, a police officer was also effected. A few months later, two British nationals were poisoned as well and an innocent woman who came in contact with the perfume bottle full of poison died after having it sprayed on it’s wrists.

These are blatant human rights violations and as long as these continue to exist, the answer to better relations with Russia will be a hard no from me. Hopefully, this rant resonates, because I really don’t want to have the civil war like fractoin that Trump had mentioned in his tweets, especially if it is for the wrong reasons.

3 thoughts on “Projection

  1. You’re going way too hard the other way now. The truth is always in the middle.

    You don’t get arrested at the airport for campaign finance violations.

    A lawyer like John Dowd doesn’t represent two Uke thugs and then send an FU note to the HPSCI in Comic Sans font.

    Taibbi has it right. Read it.


    1. I adust my position all the time based on what I’m seeing.

      People see fraud guaranteed and think, “that must be fake” solely based on the most wanted outcome.

      The unbiased version is a corporation.


  2. And if you want crazy conspiracy theories that rival the right’s if you want reasoned supposition that is so far off the mark it’s laughable, go read the once sane Marcy Wheeler’s blog, emptywheel.

    They are quite out of control.


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