Thoughts Surrounding Ukraine

There is so much going on right now in terms of Trump and the whistle blower case that I just wanted to comment on some of it. I have to say that my last post Bridging Ukraine into the Bigger Picture is holding up extremely well. It was hard for me to get behind Trump’s position on things because I knew that the claims against Biden were based solely on innuendo. This wasn’t even hard to figure out as the prosecutor making the claim had retracted most of his damaging statements.

Now the liberal press is finally starting to see how the disinformation machine is starting to work as Solomon has been under heavy scrutiny. Apart from his crew at The Hill being pissed at him, he is now caught in the middle of the State OIG compliant that was delivered to congress on October 2, 2019. Below is the email he sent which include Lev Parnas, Joe diGenova, and Victoria Toensing. If you are curious who Parnas is, he introduced Rudy Giuliani to both former Ukrainian Chief Prosecutors Shokin and Lutsenko. I used to take Solomon articles as gold, but I should have trusted my gut and understood why The Hill called his pieces opinions.

I really don’t know what else to say in regards to what is happening on the disinformation front. I have identified the key components to the machine. It is pretty blatant in my opinion, but it is just a matter of accepting that this entire thing is bullshit. I know it is hard as it sort of concedes that Trump is at risk in this situation, but for me I would rather know than live in a false reality.

Just looking at who has been dragged into this mess, off the top of my head, we have: Trump, Pompeo, Durham, Barr, Giuliani, Mulvaney, Pence, Perry, Mnuchin, Mcmaster, Kelly, and McGuire. That is a lot of top level officials who had some had aiding this front. This can be a legitimate wrap up if the Democrats move forward with impeachment.

They are obviously hesitant, especially since they don’t feel like they have the DOJ like in the case of Nixon. The Republican controlled Senate is another excellent buffer and there is a constant back and forth of claims that it gets confusing to see who is telling more of the truth. For me, I am just going by what I know is false and I think that the deposition of the former Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Louise Yovanovitch is going to be telling as she had been a victim of this disinformation scheme.

By analyzing the narrative streams, you can see that the Durham Investigation is essentially going to morph into the whistle blower complaint. This is going to create two parallel streams of consciousness where the right things this whistle blower complaint is the IC community protecting their sources and methods while the left will think that the recent collection of evidence is in response to the whistle blower complaint. The Durham Investigation started before the whistle blower,

If you check out the actual whistle blower complaint, it is laid out like a road map for what was actually happening as it starts out with “over the last four months” which would predate the Durham Investigation. The shiny object is the phone call, but it is a series of moves that the press will likely claim is Trump trying manufacture dirt on his top political opponent. They may even start getting into Trump’s previous arms sale with Ukraine and Ukraine then not cooperating with the Special Counsel. There is a large timeline gap as the deal was initially approved in December 2017 and it was reported that Ukraine stopped cooperating in May 2018. I don’t really think this one is viable, but that is the way it has already been reported. Reading the Mueller Report you can see that in January 2018, Manafort received assurances from Trump.

This could build into a larger conspiracy of Trump trying to take out his political opponents so that he is reelected and remains president. This is pure speculation, but following Mueller saying that he would have indicted Trump if he wasn’t president, it may help rationalize why Trump’s campaign was pushing illegitimate evidence through the disinformation machine. Just doesn’t make sense, but discrediting the Mueller Investigation helps both Trump and Manafort as well. Manafort had just found to be coordinating with Giuliani on the Ukraine information.

I will continue to monitor the situation in general, but this is where my line of thought is currently at. I will try to continue to remain as objective as I can throughout this entire scandal, but you may not like what I am saying. In the meantime as well, I started writing about my life and how I got sucked into conspiracy theories. Hopefully I can continue to churn that out at a decent pace. At the end of the day, my loyalty is to the people.

Update: Might as well add in Trump using the Shokin affidavit as a campaign ad.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts Surrounding Ukraine

  1. Read The Moon of Alabama’s article on the Biden situation in Ukraine.

    The MoA provide a link to a Feb. 2, 2016 news article from Interfax, re-published by the Kyiv Post, showing the investigation into the Burisma oligarch was very much in progress and not dormant as the media today are reporting. The oligarch’s assets were seized early in 2016, Biden pressured the then Ukraine president to get rid of the ‘corrupt’ prosecutor, Shokin culminating in termination March 29, 2016. Biden’s actions may have been coincidental, who knows but if the Interfax news report is correct, the media is falsely reporting on the status of the Burisma investigation.


    1. It doesn’t matter because the investigation had to do with the owner for his activities before Hunter Biden joined the board.

      Investigation had nothing to do with Hunter. It’s all innuendo.

      If you read the Shokin affidavit it shows that Firtash going to Ukraine was a more direct correlation to the firing.


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