Bridging Ukraine into the Bigger Picture

If you have following my recent posts, I have been showing how there are echo chambers that seem to flow from Fox News. I have been trying to question everything that comes in at this point because at the end of the day I can’t really trust anyone. As with The Byrning Man, I was able to highlight how the news came from an echo chamber of the same sourcing, and it used different people to make it sound more like a consensus. From that point on I have been looking up past scandals that are built into every right wing mind and trying to see if maybe I was being led down more rabbit holes. It sucks and it is a lot of research, but I enjoy figuring things out more than I enjoy playing a pawn for a political party.

While tempering my natural biases, the whistle blower story had hit. It is crazy to think that his has been going on for about two weeks already, but it is the talk of the town and may be the final battle. When trying to determine a side, I figured I would check not only what was being said, but where the sourcing was coming from and if it was circular. I had also happened to know about a good chunk of the details surrounding Ukraine through past research into it. I explain some of my emotions towards the subject here, but this post is more to show how disinformation spreads. I also knew this was going to come back to Dmytro Firtash. Once I heard Burisma Holdings was a natural gas company and the owner of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky, was being accused of money laundering it sounded very similar to Firtash. If you are unfamiliar, Firtash owned RosUkrEnergo which was a natural gas middleman which was widely said to a vehicle to launder money. I hope the theme of money laundering stretches across all genres.

So anyway, Jon Solomon from the hill starts talking about Biden back on March 20, 2019. Luckily for me, Lawfare put together this nifty timeline which really lays out what is happening in regards to this Biden story. From there on out we have a bunch of stories linking Biden to firing a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect his son. I bit like a sucker. Biden had no shot! There was a video about him bragging about it! Oh man, Donald Trump was just playing games at this point. Dangling poor Joe Biden out there like the clueless idiot he is. Once Joe gets close to the nomination he will be dragged out in cuffs. Perfect.

So luckily over the last half year, I have learned a lot from my mistakes. I started looking at Biden closer to see what was going on. Without getting bogged down in too much detail because then that leads into the disinformation, the case was against the owner of Burisma for money laundering through Cyprus. Although Hunter Biden was on the board of Burisma, he was not accused of laundering the money and the investigation was going on before he even got there. It is that appearance that there is potential impropriety that snags us in for the suckers we are. We let our confirmation bias guide us to oblivion.

Moving forward, I start looking at the prosecutor now. He was widely regarded as corrupt and Biden was not the only one calling for his firing. I go on about a lot of this in Still Struggling and this article from The Intercept really lays out the case. You can also make the point that if Biden is firing a corrupt prosecutor, that makes it harder for Burisma to escape justice. To top it off, Solomon posted a new article tonight and in it, he says that the American lawyers for Burisma went to Ukraine and said that the accusations against the fired prosecutor by America was false. Just to reiterate that point, the defendants of the case under the former prosecutor went to Ukraine and said that he was not corrupt. Such bullshit.

Continuing, all of Solomon’s work continues to cite the first corrupt prosecutor and the next prosecutor Lutshenko. He recently left, but he had claimed that the old Ambassador handed him a do not prosecute list, a claim the State Department under Pompeo denied, and Lutsenko later walked back. How can we be trusting this guy when he was caught blatantly lying? The whole thing is sad to reflect on since in Solomon’s article he links to the affidavit for Shokin who was the first corrupt prosecutor. I don’t know why this was added in, because if you read it you will see that he was pressured to be fired so that Firtash would not be let into Ukraine. He even says himself that there was a real possibility that an attempt would be made on Firtash’s life. If you are unaware, Firtash currently faces extradition to the US and is being held in Austria. He is represented by Joe diGenova’s lawfirm, but had previous retained Lanny Davis who also represented Michael Cohen.

What is interesting is as I looked back into the Biden China claims, a familiar name came up as the source – Peter Schweizer. I started looking into it and this article from Media Matters lays out what I was finding myself. Before you say, Joe! Media Matters, wtf, I just want to point something out to show how circular everything is. I was reading the Grassley letter about Biden a few days ago. Looking at the footnotes, Peter Schweizer is the source multiple times. This isn’t meant to say that Grassley is in on some scheme, it shows how fast information can spread. To me, that is the scariest part. I don’t really care about the political agendas going around, I care about how information can spread before it is verified so easily. It doesn’t even require people to know they’re in on a smear. This is like the right’s version of Fusion GPS.

So looking at Schweizer’s connections he is partnered with Steve Bannon through the Government Accountability Institute and they are funded by the Mercer Family Foundation. If you remember, Steve Bannon was Trump’s campaign manager after Paul Manafort stepped down after the Black Ledger was leaked by a Ukrainian Journalist named Sergei Leschenko. So anyway, Bannon was running point on Cambridge Analytica which was funded by the Mercer Family and owned by SCL Group. So who else is connected to SCL Group and may have partial ownership? Dmytro Firtash.

So just to wrap up, I am left scratching my head. Why is Firtash so important?

4 thoughts on “Bridging Ukraine into the Bigger Picture

  1. We have previously corresponded briefly.

    Like you, I have extensively researched and investigated the numerous ‘gates surrounding the Trump Admin since the election. I write mostly at the Times of London website comments section and have an extensive body of sturdy critics.

    I also question confirmation bias and right wing echo chambers, worrying along the same lines that you do.

    Without dipping into arcane detail on everything, one item you mentioned stands out – your mention of LawFare. Have you investigated this group? I’ll give a few details in case you have and in case you haven’t.

    This group consists of anti-Trump aligned lawyers and firms and is funded by the Brookings Institute. Aligned lawyers have been in assistant and deputy assistant attorney general positions throughout the DoJ and in Legal Counsel roles in the FBI. LawFare leader, Benjamin Wittes is a personal friend of James Comey. Wittes wrote a roadmap to impeachment for Trump within six months of the Admin taking office. Prior to that he wrote a piece that looked similar to an insurance policy if Trump won election – resistance through law and courts. Another of James Comey’s friends, a consultant in the FBI (had a security clearance and is speculated to be one of the contractors abusing the NSA database), holder and leaker of the Comey memos, law professor and now Comey’s lawyer to effect client and attorney privilege, is affiliated with LawFare. LawFare aligned lawyers have represented Comey, McCabe and others including Christine Blasey Ford and her ‘beach friend’, the ex-FBI agent that helped her craft her letter to Diane Feinstein. Her lawyer, David Laufman had previously been involved in the FBI Clinton email investigation. Michael Bromwich, another LawFare affiliate and a former DAG, was Blasey Ford’s co-lawyer. LawFare aligned lawyers were on Mueller’s legal team and later on House investigation committees as consultants. New York litigator, Barry Berke, last seen cross examining Corey Lewandowski on behalf of Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee is aligned with LawFare. The CIA ‘whistleblower’s legal reps include some LawFare aligned lawyers. James Baker, former FBI Legal Counsel, now under investigation and a CNN commentator is at LawFare. They are deeply entrenched within the Democrat party and within the the Department of Justice and the FBI.

    LawFare means warfare, using the law. In this case weaponizing it to remove Trump from the presidency. This is the group that Barr alluded to as interpreting the law in a way that was contrary to the DoJ when the Mueller Report was released.

    Maybe you’ve been all over this and disagree with me. But from here, these appear to be the conspirers that are trying to remove Trump.


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