Still Struggling

Unless you have been living under a rock, the Ukraine-Whistleblower scandal has been all the rage. Originally I was going to write up a piece explaining how Trump’s personal defense lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, has been spewing baseless claims. Luckily for me, The Intercept happened to do that for me which allows me to focus more on commentary.

If you have been paying attention to my latest blog posts, you can see that I am going through a phase of cognitive dissonance. With My Existential Struggle and The Struggle Continues, I have highlighted some red flags that have been alarming me about Trump and the friendly news around him. I recently said on Twitter that the way to break confirmation bias is to continue to challenge what you know is wrong. I am doing that and trying to be as objective as possible, but it is getting hard. This whistleblower situation has me struggling to justify any of the actions that Trump and Giuliani are currently doing.

Even with my older posts, I didn’t post them on Twitter because I got my Twitter account caught in a complete echo chamber that is ruled by the narrative of the president and Fox News. It is almost impossible to have an objective conversation and most of the time it is just me linking people to information they have not seen. I just don’t have the energy to constantly be telling people that Biden didn’t have the investigation into a company his son worked at shut down. The prosecutor was fired, but the case lived on. Then right wing boogeyman George Soros and the DNC got dragged into it and both of those claims amount to nothing as well. Seeing the administration continue to double down on things I know are not true is combative to the anti-corruption stance I ultimately stand for.

It is always hard to speak open and honest like this, but it really has been an eye opening experience of how much bias I had without even realizing it. It is like seeing a brand new reality unfold right in front of my eyes. I can see why the Democrats are so deranged all the time. Do I think that all of it is justified? Of course not, but I do see how saying that Robert Mueller and the Special Counsel was a 4D chess sting to help out Trump was cognitive dissonance at it’s finest. I apologize for all the awful analysis as I clearly missed the part about Giuliani making it clear to the Special Counsel that you can’t indict a sitting president. The smears from the Trump camp from May 2018 to today make more sense, but not as a 4D chess sting. Young and naive.

Part that sucks for me is how long do I hold on for? I already think that this Ukraine fiasco is an abuse of power to get the top contender for the presidency knocked off. If Mueller does have an indictment for Trump waiting in the wings, it makes sense for Trump to do whatever he can while he is still president to last another 4 years. The Democrats have been pretty toothless in their impeachment inquiry as Trump has yet to do anything major by itself that would warrant Republicans flipping against him in the Senate. If anything, what I think the Democrats are trying to do is build a case using the examples from the Mueller report and any other example they deem as an abuse of power in order to try to bring forward an impeachment case.

What sucks for me though is this blog is the only real place I have to vent. I bring up questions on Twitter and get hit with parroted responses about how this is going to take down Biden. It isn’t, at least in a corruption sense. I get all these BS reasons too that I have to waste my time debunking as well. In reality, this shows how powerful disinformation can be.

With Giuliani going on television, the media had focused on his obtuse claims and thus dragged Biden into the fold. Now the people on the right who aren’t challenging the narrative think whatever Biden apparently did was the true events. People on the left are seeing Biden get dragged into a Trump scandal and he is losing support. Pretty nuts. This goes against innocent until proven guilty. I just don’t see how the side that calls themselves the preservers of the constitution can be okay with this behavior. Is it cognitive dissonance, hypocrisy, or a combination of both? Either way, the divide in America increases and like Biden, Americans are faced with even less transparency.

Even if I am wrong and this is a 4D Chess sting, I don’t see the point in carrying out plans like this. It is similar to my line of thinking when determining that Comey and Trump were on opposing ends of the spectrum. I mean, it is incredible that my cognitive dissonance on this situation even led me to that type of analysis. Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, and all of the money laundering investigators that have often been called swamp make more sense in terms of understanding that this is more of a smear.

It all really comes down to who you believe is lying. While Trump has lied a lot in the past, I always passed it off as for strategic purposes. While it still is strategic, I can figure out why nothing has been happening on the flip side of the investigation into the investigators. The McCabe case has been a farce thus far and the FBI affidavits that singed the “illegal” Carter Page warrant are still standing. It comes to a point where you have to wonder if the reason why reality is not matching your analysis is if you are the one that is wrong instead of the rest of the press.

Even looking at press collusion, it would be a massive operation. Thousands of people openly colluding with the Democrats in order to take down the president? It reminds me of the moon landing conspiracy. Just can’t believe it took me this long to start looking the other way, but it is definitely more realistic. I will hold out longer as my analysis doesn’t change what is happening in real life. Why go all in when the conclusion is around the corner? Why risk being wrong for the past 13 months in the 11th hour? I would lose all credibility on that aspect. I care more about being an objective thinker and team USA so I will just continue to read, research, and jot my thoughts.

One area where we can help push out who is lying first though is to challenge the things being blocked. If this whistleblower is nothing, the DOJ should call the bluff and allow it to come forward. It is just amazing to me how the left continues to understand how Trump operates and he continues to plow forward. Whether I agree with it or not, I have to respect the strategy because it is definitely effective.

In the end, I will continue to question everything that comes in. I am also okay with conclusions I am not happy with as long as I am getting the right story. The truth and anti-corruption are my two main drivers in this whole saga.

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