The Struggle Continues

If you read my last piece My Existential Struggle, you would be following along with my cognitive dissonance that has recently sprung up. Over the course of the week, it seems as if things have only gotten worse. First we had the story about the top level spy that Russia is currently downplaying and the American media is up playing. There has also been a shift from calling it Trump-Russia Collusion to Russian Election Interference. Following up on the leak, it is later revealed that Trump doesn’t trust confidential sources for foreign countries. I just need a place to document my thoughts as my Twitter account is in a huge echo chamber which makes it impossible to have a discussion. Good thing I have a my own blog.

I have been rereading a lot of old things in order to prepare myself for more revelations as time moves on. Looking back, the main way I analyzed by seeing what other people pulled from docs and then seeing where their theories don’t make sense. In a way this was good because it was efficient, but at the same time, only seeing part of the story exposes you to biases as exculpatory information is left out. My self imposed don’t read anything over 20 page rule may have been my downfall and potentially wasted 13 months of my life. The good thing is that I can effectively see both perspectives on this story which sort of puts me in the middle. I am happy to be in that place.

Even with the court filing by Michael Flynn’s lawyer Sydney Powell, I had to roll my eyes so many times. It does not make sense to ask for Brady material in relation to him lying to the FBI, but not withdraw the plea. He was there, he knows what he said to Kislyak and what he said to the FBI. Even reading the Mueller Report about what happened, you can see that the phrase “Tit-for-tat” was the proof that he was lying as it was in his text messages, said on the phone,said by Strzok, and in Flynn’s statement of offense. Then glossing over Powell’s list of Brady material, most was junk. Most had nothing to do with what was plead guilty too. The rational behind conservative twitter was that the judge was going to throw everything away and then flip the charges on the prosecutors.

This theory makes little sense as Van Grack was appointed by Barr to lead the DOJ FARA unit and Jessie Liu was the one who tried to get Greg Craig for misleading investigators and is trying to get Andrew McCabe for lying to the Inspector General. So knowing the backstory to these two prosecutors, it is extremely unlikely that they will be under any sort of charges. Feel like I am wasting my time even writing this, but I started last night and the ridiculousness has spilled over into today when there has yet to be an indictment on McCabe, making the entire thing look like a political prosecution.

Looking at McCabe too, I had no idea that he went through all the proper channels when his wife was running. There was an FBI Vault drop on this specific subject. Never in a million years did I ever think I would have to defend McCabe, but it seems as if he isn’t the super villain I once thought. Sorry Andy.

Moving forward, I had been thinking back to when I first having doubts and it had to be the social media summit when partisan hacks like Bill Mitchell and Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit were invited. Why would Trump be inviting known fake news people? It bothered me, but most of the time when under cognitive dissonance, I ignored. Then the Epstein suicide happened and I saw conspiracy theories take off like wildfire. To me I saw that suicide was by far and away the most likely of outcomes, yet I was hit with a barrage of theories on how they had him killed. The Deep State was blamed. I knew they weren’t at fault.

Then the Byrne incident helped me expose the Fox News echo chamber and really get me to hammer home at some of the faults in this story. Now I am looking at what the news is saying and it makes way more sense. Did Mueller clear Trump of obstruction? Originally, as written in past posts, I was saying no collusion and no obstruction. Now I am not so sure as Mueller said that he can’t charge a sitting president. Sucks, but all of this has been out there for months and only now have I been starting to see the other side of the argument. You live and learn, but this was my attempt at investigative journalism. I tried, I did good in some areas, but the basis for my work was never done with a truly objective mind. It was more objective than most in this arena, but it still had a major bias built in and that bias was that Russiagate was a total hoax and everything was a sting.

For that, I apologize.

9 thoughts on “The Struggle Continues

    I believe little that shows up in the Washington Monthly but it is a reference for an unusual move involving Jessie Liu.
    There’s something fishy about Liu.Granted she’s now the DA involved with possibly indicting Andrew McCabe but I do recall reading elsewhere that there was no chance she would do it and she had been slow-walking it for the past 18 months or so. Now she is. Maybe Barr told her to.
    Trump nominated her, Barr withdrew her. Why? He appointed Huber instead, I believe. Barr is investigating the activities of the justice department in the counter surveillance of candidates in the 2016 election. I think Liu is related to this somehow, even though she is purportedly a conservative.
    It wasn’t just Democrats that didn’t want Trump. Comey was a Republican as well.
    I wouldn’t give up on things yet, just don’t pay any attention to Fox and Hannity, Carter and the tick tock club.
    There’s still a cabal operating in the CIA / IC; otherwise they wouldn’t have leaked that story about the Russian spy with the slant intended to damage Trump’s credibility.


    1. I’m just really at the point of no expectations.

      There are so many ways that this can go that the most I can do for now is watch with everyone else instead of inadvertantly misleading people.


  2. So I guess there’s no point commenting if the comment is not published and just gets deleted.
    Too bad. Enjoyed the blog but out now.


  3. “Epstein suicide”

    The evidence that is most useful to determine truth is the POLITICAL evidence. Jeffrey Epstein was a known intelligence asset, who had blackmail dossiers on dozens if not hundreds of top level politicians from around the world. This included at least one Prince, and an Israeli Prime Minister. As evidenced by Mr. Epstein’s first run in with trouble, not only was he connected, he was essentially above the law. The DOJ was able to keep a lid on it in 2008, and gave him a sweet heart deal. However, that scam sentencing was regularly brought up by people who I’m sure you would consider “fake news”, but they eventually created enough smoke which ultimately culminated in his 2019 arrest.

    So, here’s the political evidence. A very dangerous person to the establishment was in prison, and he then commits “suicide”, which was extremely convenient for said establishment. There’s no way to confirm this “suicide” because the surveillance cameras “weren’t working” and the guards happened to “fall asleep” and not check on him. That is the actual story behind Epstein’s suicide. If you honestly believe that’s how it went down, then you are willing to believe anything. Stop using “conspiracy theories” in a derogatory way, the official story of Epstein’s “suicide” is the true conspiracy theory, and the political evidence proves that.

    Do you think Bill Barr is a good and honest man? As Joe Digenova said, why wasn’t a DOJ representative watching Epstein the entire time, in shifts? He was the most important prisoner in the United States, and yet he somehow is able to “commit suicide” while in custody. ABSURD! That is the real conspiracy, the official story is only believable to people with a sub 80 IQ or those who still believe in the “system”. Which one are you?


      1. Really, ONLY Joe Digenova called that there would be an IG report exclusively about Comey before the FISA report dropped, nobody else said that. Digenova was proven correct. He also actually worked in the DOJ for decades, and knows more than us combined about the ACTUAL inner workings of the department. Speaking of IQ 65, you just defended Andy McCabe, a blatant and transparent hack, not me. This is you… “Well, even though Lisa Page said during testimony, she was shocked Andy McCabe refused to recuse himself in the Clinton Mid-Year investigation until the bitter end, after Hillary’s crimes were covered up, he followed these BS rules about his wife’s political donation, so he’s above board”

        Also, please, elucidate to me how Epstein accomplished his suicide, because the official conspiracy theory is implausible.

        Finally, sorry to be combative, you’re a very good researcher, you just seem a little off with your theories imo. Everyone’s a critic though, so keep doing what your doing, I’m just trying to maybe get you thinking a bit from a different angle.


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