The Byrning Man

When I first started digging into Spygate over a year ago, my main goal was to try to get to the bottom of the scandal and be the one to uncover the truth. My main focus was Donald Trump’s foreign policy team and the events surrounding Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. As Papadopoulos failed to keep his story straight on Twitter, I had a hard time expecting Spygate to be the scandal that was promised so I began to question things. Even the constant attacks on Trump’s DOJ and FBI gave me room for concern as unrelated people would necessarily stick their necks out for the corrupt misdeeds of others? A lot of it doesn’t make much sense apart from maybe our perception of Spygate is skewed too far one way.

As I continued researching and questioning my biases, I became prone to understanding influence networks and how the media locks people into binary decisions to create echo chambers. I have also noticed a trend that seemingly guilty people tend to create a conspiracy surrounding themselves or the opposing party in order cast doubt on whether they are guilty or not. I think Papadopoulos is a good example of this, but he is just an individual. Fusion GPS for example, is paid to do this and that is why Glenn Simpson is one of the greatest con men in the world. In Glenn Simpson Gaslighting Extraordinaire I explained how he lied to congress about his role in the framing of Trump-Russia collusion. I even linked the former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne to the scheme with his false account of Felix Sater that Glenn Simpson later said was his start of his investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. I would recommend reading that post before continuing with this one.

Now knowing the basic background information on Byrne, Byrne’s SEC investigation, convicted Russian agent Maria Butina, and Deep Capture, it was pretty easy for me to assume that this guy was getting ahead of some story. His claim centered around the FBI using him as an informant and he asked them if he could essentially sleep with her, but now he is a target of the Deep State? First of all, why would he have to ask the FBI for permissions to have a relationship? Second, why would he publicly admit it? He was a no name before this, why attach himself to a convicted Russian agent? Not a lot adds up especially when you factor in that he was originally cheering on the Russia investigation.

After creating a firestorm, he went silent although he is still writing on his website Deep Capture. He resigned as the CEO of Overstock as well after his Deep State comments. In an interview with MarketWatch, he said that he, “was heading to South America and that is all he wants to think about.” After he left Overstock, the stocks soared back up showing that the market had completely lost all faith in Patrick Byrne.

Excerpt from Market Watch

While arguing how I believe that Byrne is likely involved with Butina’s money laundering scheme through Torshin yesterday on Twitter, I came across a few interesting connections that I thought was worth sharing. The first is that Butina was in an intimate relationship with her boyfriend Paul Erickson and Patrick Byrne at the same time. While this doesn’t really prove anything, it does start the initial failure of the smell test. The next is Butina’s lawyer’s letter to Durham and Horowitz about Byrne being an undercover informant. While the letter which was dated August 25, 2019 tells how the DOJ rebuffed their claims about Byrne, the overall theme of believing the criminal over the government continues as the narrative Byrne is spewing aligns with most people’s perception of Spygate making him sound credible.

DOJ denying that Byrne is an informant.

Coincidentally, on the same day as the letter, Sara Carter posts a powerful piece defending Byrne and by extension the mob affiliated convicted Russian agent, Butina. I had already been on thin ice with Fox News and Spygate as a whole when I found out that wannabe Nostradamus Joe diGenova’s lawfirm is representing another Russian mobster Dymtro Firtash, who was last represented by long term Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis and previously represented Michael Cohen who not only took $500 thousand from another agent of influence hailing from Russia. Sara Carter has also had her title on Fox News downgraded from Investigative Reporter for claims that had not been vetted or met Fox’s editorial guidelines. This report on Russian Influence was a pretty eye opening read as it explains not only Cohen and Butina, but the influence operation as a whole. If you have read any books on persuasion it is a bit by bit process of smaller favors that eventually get larger and larger. So for example, while accepting a donation for a park may seem harmless, you don’t know where that acceptance of money will lead you down the line.

Looking for an actually request surrounding Byrne being an informant, Twitter user @_mzishi_ found the actual court document. Reading over the letter itself, Prosecutor Jessie Liu once again repeated that there was no evidence to support the lawyer’s claims that there was some “dangle” that was exculpatory to Butina’s case. What is interesting too, this seems to be more coordination between between Byrne and Butina’s camp as in an Byrne admitted that in July of 2018, he began putting the pieces together and telling reporters among others like congressmen and a senior military officer.

Excerpt from Liu’s letter to Driscoll

Since a lot of these new facts were real time learning, I was then asked to explain why the lawyer would go out of his way to defend his client like this. I hadn’t really thought much about the lawyer in the past because he was representing a convicted Russian agent after she had already plead guilty. The lawyer is Robert Driscoll from McGlinchey Stafford, LLP. He has a rich history including being the Deputy Assistant Attorney General and Chief of Staff, Civil Rights Division, U.S. Department of Justice. Digging into Driscoll further, he used to work for Alston & Bird, LLP. In this lobbying disclosure form, Driscoll signed off on two people lobbying on behalf of Deripaska, although Driscoll himself is not listed as a lobbyist for Deripaska. If you are unaware, Alston & Bird have ties to the Special Counsel as they were the firm seen representing the mystery client which lead to a lot of speculation that Deripaska is somehow involved.

Does it mean anything that Driscoll signed off on a lobbying form from 2010? Probably not, but I am person who enjoys fun facts and another fun fact is that Driscoll represented Sheriff Joe Apiro in 2010 as well and found himself in some potential legal trouble for revealing too much information pertaining to the case.

What I found more interesting is that he is often a contributor on Fox News which is essentially where this story got it’s life. Driscoll and Sara Carter both started the story and Byrne continued it through media appearances and through his website. When on Fox News, he never disclosed that he was Butina’s lawyer either, but would go by “Former DOJ Official.”

This annoys me because this is how echo chambers are formed. While this appears to be a story that is corroborated by multiple sources, you can see from the above how the sources and the network are all incestual with each other and how Fox News is carrying water for a seemingly debunked story. This story wouldn’t be as bad if they weren’t attacking the institutions in this country that desperately need the confidence in them restored after what James Comey had done to destroy it’s reputation. The worst part is, the source of this attack is a mob connected convicted Russian agent.

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