Glenn Simpson – Gaslighting Extraordinaire

Being on Twitter as a content provider rather than a lurker has really opened my eyes to how manipulative social media can be. I came on here just like everyone else, tired of constant corruption. In a quest to try to find the truth, I was often led down these long rabbit holes that cultivate your way of thinking. Small lies here and there can manifest to large mental blockades as something you thought to be an absolute is actually false. Unless you are able to properly go back in time and identify and reduce these implanted biases, it is hard to get back on track and theorize in a more rational manner.

It is an extremely frustrating realization because not only do we have an intelligence community that would rather risk political unrest over transparency, but frauds are filling that lack of transparency with exaggerations and lies. Typically it is an oversimplification of what may have happened using loose details and half truths to effectively portray a picture of conspiracy. Sometimes the best lies are the small ones. A little extra added detail that can reshape the way that the story is told.

Over the last month or so, one of the people I have been researching in depth is Semion Mogilevich. He is a Russian Mobster who is often referred to as the “Boss of Bosses.” Unlike typical mob set ups, Mogilevich has a network that can impact world economies which makes him an incredible threat. I started looking at him through the Robert Levinson angle as Levinson was originally going after Mogilevich when he was working for the FBI in the 90’s. This guy is like a third rail when it comes to this Russia investigation as he has ties with almost everyone including Trump.

While part of me has to wonder if the Special Counsel was looking at him since Felix Sater, Carter Page, Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Oleg Deripaska, Dmytro Firtash, and the FBI as a whole have an alleged long drawn out history with Mogilevich. Although Mogilevich’s name may sounds unfamiliar, you have probably heard Democratic talking points about Trump’s connections with Russia. These points are related to Mogilevich as a bunch of fugitives who were linked to him coincide with arrests made out of Trump Tower. Also the buying of Trump Tower condo units were said to be a money laundering scheme which bailed Trump out when he was going bankrupt. The link attached to Trump’s name is a lengthy read up on all the connections.

So why would this not be national news? This is extremely complicated, but in short Trump’s interactions were legal under our current set of laws. In addition, both Sater and Page were both confirmed to have Intel Community ties which adds another layer of complexity to the formula. There is also speculation that Trump and his organization is also intel and used as a honeypot operation of sorts. This is furthered by one of Trump’s security guards during the election cycle, Gary Uher, worked on the case that originally brought in Sater. The other agent, Leo Taddeo defended Trump when the Russia narrative started to heat up in July 2016. Since Trump licenses out his name, like in the case of the Panama Papers, he could look dirty, but then you find out it is not him.

BUT, I decided to finish this blog post at when I got home so I could get a beat on traffic. Boy am I glad I did. So looking above you can see how the main driving thought train today was that everyone is connected to the Russian Mob. Anyway, Robert Byrne makes the news again bringing Strzok into the fold of his grand Deep State narrative and that he had enough. He was going to take on the Deep State.

Byrne had claimed that he was an FBI source and that they cleared him in terms of dating convicted Russian spy Mariaa Butina. The Butina case was always an odd one to me because it seemed no one paid attention to it and it was dismissed as a Deep State conspiracy. People thought it was fake even though it had been reported that she was connected to Aleksandr Torshin who had already been connected to the Tambovskaya Gang. Interestingly enough, Mogilevich was connected to the gang, but in 1995, he was notified of an assassination attempt by the gang and when police arrived on the scene he was nowhere to be found. Interestingly enough, the gang went into banking and specialized in money laundering.

Butina’s boyfriend Paul Erickson was indicted in Feburary 2019, which was after Butina plead guilty. He was indicted for wire fraud and money laundering. So why would Byrne openly admit that he dated a convicted Russian spy? Why would he also openly admit it when her boyfriend was wrapped up in a money laundering and wire fraud scheme after she plead guilty when he is currently under investigation by the SEC for a cryptocurrency scheme through

Since his story sounded a little funny, I tested him against the Russian mob. I happened to land on this mind blowing article that states that the claim that Felix Sater is connected to the Russian mob came from Byrne’s site. Byrne had funded the site Deep Capture which had already lost a lawsuit for $1.2 Million for Fake News. On February 23, 2012 a Supreme Court petition was unsealed and it named the Sater-Mogilevich connection. When the author of the post questioned Richard Lerner, the man who wrote the petition, he said he got it from deep capture. This connection is pivotal as it was Trump’s closest link to Russia and the Russian mob. Glenn Simpson’s testimony shows how the story ignited.

Overall, this is a huge change to the story. It is a vindication for Trump as his closest Russia tie is shattered. What I am left wondering if the Byrne-Butina connection is by chance or part of a larger conspiracy. I don’t know, I could really see it going both ways. Either he did it for the Russians or another nefarious plotter in Sater’s path, it was done as a trick by our IC, or it was totally random event that tricked everyone without inside knowledge.

To me it looks like Byrne is trying to get attention by creating a narrative that says that the Deep State got him because he was going to expose them. Considering he has already been sued for $1.2 Million, this really is not a stretch. Even today, he added fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok to the conspiracy. Coincidentally, his wife, Melissa Hodgeman is at the SEC and was recently talking about crypto. Wonder if she is working on Byrne’s case?

Anyway, if you remember recently that Sater said Glenn Simpson perjured himself. Glenn said that investigation started with Sater and his ties to Mogilelich. Now we know that is not true. You have to figure that this has been known for a while, so why hasn’t this been officially corrected? Why let this go on for so long? At the same time, I am also pretty hyped. I can’t help finally getting excited that something may finally be happening.

May the greatest gas lighter, Glenn Simpson, finally rue the day he messed with Felix Sater.

Update: Was looking into another Sater lead I got via DM and found out that Richard Lerner, the author of the Supreme Court Petition, had tried to sue Sater and the case was dismissed. The civil case was for Tax Fraud and Schneiderman who was AG at the time denied being involved. Sater’s lawyer Wolf mentions that Lerner has twice been referred to the DOJ for criminal contempt “regarding their misconduct” in the proceedings against Sater.

Update 2: Just wanted to add in the excerpt from Glenn Simpson’s Senate Testimony where he says that Prevezon is mob affiliated in conjunction with talking about Felix Sater. The funny part is that he doesn’t mention that he was working for Prevezon, therefore he would be mob affiliated.


Update 3: This guy.



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