Why Is Transparency Important?

In my quest to become as unbiased as possible, I have really been seeing things differently after lifting the bias that the government is constantly out to get us from my reasoning. With this new worldview, I have been looking at conspiracy theories more critically and really not liking what I am seeing. For example, there is a picture of El Chapo in a jail cell that people are saying is proof the MCC has a picture of Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide. The picture is actually from the prison in Mexico, but something that takes a quick reverse image search or typing “El Chapo Jail Photo” into a search engine is circulating. While my care level is steadily decreasing and just not caring anymore, I am amazed at how fast we are to jump to conclusions on everything. The age of the hot take is here and the only ones that circulate have a spicy level that is off the charts.

With the studying of the trends, I am also seeing narrative traps being deployed. Look at how conspiratorial both sides are with this Epstein suicide. It is weird seeing both sides take semi-equal positions. I felt the same way with how the general consensus was surrounding Mueller. My goat senses tingle when just something doesn’t feel right and from my perspective, this was a big FU from Epstein. It is destroying the DOJ from how let this happen. While inexcusable from the local level, there could be nothing that Barr and the DOJ could have done to prevent this. You expect a core level of competency from each layer of the machine. Barr is not going to be micromanaging the MCC because there is one high profile inmate. If the credibility of the DOJ is destroyed, say goodbye to any promise of justice. The US court systems would turn into Ukraine.

Seeing how the politically active are turning on the executive branch of the government, I am starting to see an overall trend. The left thinks Mueller failed, while the right thinks that Mueller was after Trump. The DOJ is under intense scrutiny from both sides. The right hates the FBI, not sure about the left. Surprisingly scrutiny against the CIA is just the usual blame the CIA for everything, but nothing out of the ordinary. I hope the FBI and DOJ are onto this because they are facing a cyber war based on information. When reality doesn’t match people’s expectations, the thoughts of a cover up are amplified. Combine that with confirmation bias rabbit holes on the internet and the amplification grows more. There needs to be more transparency moving forward to combat this, if sources and methods are revealed, so be it, invent new ones.

Anyway, last night I ran across this article from the New York Times about how Youtube helped get Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro elected. It is an interesting read, but the political interjection gets overwhelming. In the past, I probably would have thought that it was a way to further censor conservative opinions. This would be ignorant of the fact that Youtube’s algorithm changed and Bolsonaro’s reach amplified. Why would Youtube be amplifying a conservative?

Members of Bolsonaro’s party have credited Youtube, making me believe that this is true. Still doesn’t answer why, but the article also touches on how Youtube is leading people to medical videos that are against modern medicine. Doctors are having patients turn down vaccines and medicine because of things they saw on Youtube and through Google search. Bolsonaro was said to have been promoting conspiracy theories on Youtube so perhaps his elevation to president was merely a side effect of the amplification of conspiracy theories. What would be the purpose of this?

The article then cites how kids in school are rejecting history based on the conspiracy videos they have seen on Youtube. Imagine a new generation of adults who don’t believe any of the past? It is a mind blowing concept, but if more and more history is rejected as a cover up, where would the anchor point be? Would history change based on what theory the person is explaining? This would create a fast track towards anarchy which is as far right as you can go. Perhaps the term Far Right is a tongue in cheek jab at where everyone may be heading? Combine that with the loss of faith in the American Institutions and the semblance of a pattern starts to emerge.

I had talked about accelerationism in Identifying the Polarization. In that post I highlighted the political divide in the country that is expanding over time. Adding this new edge and two patterns start to emerge: the older generations are against the institutions and the younger generations are using conspiracy theories as their history books which will naturally create an anti-government bias. In my last post Would Transhumanism Benefit the Future? I end with the note that perhaps the goal is to get us to destroy ourselves. This would effectively accomplish that. Just look at how many dormant viruses are coming back because people are refusing vaccines. I had vaccines, I think I turned out just fine. I attribute most of the autism due to parents having children at older ages and over-diagnosis.

I will be keeping an eye on how things transpire, but hopefully the concerns I expressed above seem rational. There is a danger and I only see attacks against the institutions as an attack on America. The only way to clean up corruption is through the FBI and DOJ. FARA needs to be enforced more and the FBI needs to stop keeping everything a secret because it is growing to doing more harm than good. For now, the quickest solution would be an Epstein related arrest. The longer the DOJ waits, the more the speculation will grow. Put out a shiny object Barr, the nation needs it.

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