Would Transhumanism Benefit the Future?

With the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein, one of the tangential narratives that has stemmed from his existence is transhumanism. If you are unfamiliar with transhumanism, the simplest explanation I can think of is it is the merging of man and machine in order to create a superior being. The concept is surprisingly popular among the elite who are also doomsday prepping. They are waiting for the broken system we are in due to decades of corruption to finally fail and preparing for the fall out where they would inevitably be the targets. If they can merge with machine and create a superior being, they gain an advantage.

While this view of the future is incredibly bleak, it does represent an outcome that is possible. This is ironic because it is their own doing that is making their outcome more probable. Talk about not seeing the forest. Anyway, they are accelerating their doomsday clock by continuing to, for a lack of a better word, suck. What will happen if they are successful with merging their minds with AI? This is what had me thinking all weekend, not Jeffrey Epstein committing suicide.

As a short aside, we really need to stop making everything into a conspiracy theory. It is a complete distraction from the overall goal of exposing corruption and increasing awareness. Should he have been taken off suicide watch? Obviously not, but all these crazy theories just started popping up that were mainly baseless. People were saying there were cameras in the cell that were turned off (there were no cell cameras). Then the hallway cameras were off (they weren’t) and things like the guards killed him (they didn’t). Even the fugitive cop that was his cellmate was not in the cell with Epstein as Epstein was alone. There are always more people out there willing to tell the story. A conspiracy doesn’t work when there are low level people involved in the crime. It is NYC, even if the cameras were to be turned off, there are cameras everywhere. The person would have been tracked outside of the building. We have to start thinking about things in a more rational manner again because things are really getting out of control and the governmental departments really need to rethink how information is disseminated from their end with the rise of trolling through the internet in order to amplify a lie.

Back to transhumanism, from a modern perspective we are already somewhat machine integrated. While we have the more concrete examples when it comes to disabled people with bionic attachments, all humans are somewhat integrated due to the over reliance of cell phones. Perhaps it is because of my age, but I use the phone for many uses during the day and it is awesome having the world’s library right at my fingertips. Whatever weird thing I think of, I can easily look it up instead of it bugging me all day. It is also great for listening to music, trolling on twitter, and things the phone is supposed to be used for like calling and texting. With this predisposed bias, I asked myself a fundamental question, do I support transhumanism?

The weekend consuming thought. It was a tough one because I do feel like it is a road we are heading down and pretty much an eventual. There are so many more capabilities and physical disabilities will be a thing of the past. Humans will be faster, smarter, and stronger. They could also be adapted to live in different conditions and I think it would increase the overall quality of life to limits unbound. Chips for the brain can make people learn a foreign language in a minute, everyone can be an expert at everything, and who knows, maybe even telepathic communication.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where everything is rainbows and butterflies. Self interest will ultimately rule and people will try to abuse the modifications for their own goals. Organized crime would likely have black market modifications and people will use the enhancements to cheat, steal, and spy. Basically today, but everything is cooler. That is why I don’t really care about the above stuff, it is just the cost of living with other humans.

What bothers me is more of the way it will dilute what it means to be human. While I believe that the organic nature of ourselves is a flaw, I believe the human consciousness to be the greatest miracle of all. If it wasn’t for my consciousness, I wouldn’t be writing it. If we start downloading into the brain, it takes away the ability to think. What will eventually wind up happening is the mass public will start to homogenize. Computers need an input in order to have an output. That is their flaw. If the brain is trained to be a computer, it will lose the ability to think. What will then happen is basically the dream of communism, an army of drones. Few tweaks to the download here and there and you have programmable humans to do whatever you want. No good.

So do I believe in transhumanism? Partially. I support it in the terms of biological enhancements in order to prolong life and fix disabilities. When it comes to messing with the mind, that is a destructive force that will accelerate the downfall of humanity more than anything else thus providing the escape hatch. The ironic part is the elite would have never exited the hatch, they just made everyone else leave.

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