Identifying the Polarization

I had just read a interesting thread on accelerationism. In short, they believe that society is bound to break and they are just here to speed it up so we can get through it. When they commit the heinous killings, both sides immediately check to see if the person is left or right leaning. We had a perfect storm over the weekend which had one killer on the right and the other on the left. Although the liberal press has been one sided with the blame, so has anyone who has felt the need to defend their party because of the killer.

From my perspective, I think most of this is very silly. There is so much gas lighting going on by both sides that we argue over finer parts of the shootings instead of shunning the killer. This leads to the accelerationism that the thread talks about and the killer is ultimately successful. Identity politics has brought out the inner tribalism of humans, so if there is an attack against your protected group, there will be repercussions against the attacking group. Word meanings are lost as well as everything being racist made being called a racist lose it’s meaning to some. It is annoying because there are racists still out there, but I also have to question those who make everything about race, sex, political affiliation, and orientation as the segregationists.

Overall, as time moves on the parties will continue to divide further and further, especially as more people become politically engaged. These killings which should be shunned by everyone are only leading to more division instead of unity. Instead of Taking a Step Back, we dig our heels in and continue to battle the people doing the same thing. If you want to see how far the parties have been splitting, an article called Political Polarization shows it over the years with easy to read graphs. I have it set to politically engaged since I doubt the general public would ever read my blog.

Crazy right? What is humorous is that the liberals are actually more extreme than the conservatives. It is just sad seeing a clear herding occurring with very little being done to bring people back to the middle viewing things objectively. Unless something happens that makes humans rethink everything, I can’t help but think this will continue moving forward until the middle is almost non-existent. I do think humanity has the ability to adapt, but for the laughs, please see my rendering of the 2030 graph.

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