How Did Epstein Make His Money?

One of the bigger questions that has been popping up recently is how Jeffrey Epstein made his money. Last night I was digging to try to figure out an Enty Blind and came across something interesting that has just started to be picked up by the media. The story revolves around convicted financial fraudster Steven Hoffenberg. Hoffenberg was indicted in 1994 for a massive ponzi scheme that reeled in close to $460 millions of dollars using bogus notes.

At the time, Epstein worked with Hoffenberg, but Hoffenberg had not brought Epstein into the scandal. When he was released in 2013, Hoffenberg waited three years before swearing via affidavit that Epstein was involved in the scheme. Two years later, in August 2018, two more victims of the Ponzi Scheme filed a lawsuit against Epstein, but voluntarily withdrew the lawsuit a few months later. Since the lawsuit was voluntarily withdrawn, they can file it again in the future.

For simplicity purposes, I will post the pages from the lawsuit to see how Koenig and Gerber, the people who filed the lawsuit, allege how Epstein made his money. It is an extremely detailed account that sounds like it could be accurate, but has yet to be proven as Epstein still has yet to be federally charged.

Interesting right? This was before Epstein even came back into the news since this was August 2018 and Hoffenberg filed his first complaint back in May 2016 which was during the presidential election. Looking over the lawsuit, there is a mystery company involved as well which would be a good area to try to figure out for more clues and to help authenticate these claims.

Finally, the last area of interest comes from Hoffenberg himself. In 2016 he set up a Pro-Trump superPAC where he boldly claimed that he can raise over $1 Billion for Trump and put forth $50 Million in pro Trump marketing.

While I don’t take to heart the words of a convicted fraudster, I do find it interesting that he chose to support Trump over Clinton. Today both candidates are in a MSM tug of war for who is connected to Epstein more. When it comes to a man trying to take Epstein out, I think it speaks volumes that he would chose Trump over Clinton for president. Just shows that he felt that Epstein had a better chance to be prosecuted with Trump over Clinton.

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