Trying to Unravel the Kian Knot.

If anyone has been following the General Flynn and Bijan Kian cases, chances are you are probably confused. Don’t worry, because I am confused as well. After General Flynn fired his old counsel of Covington and Burling and hired Sidney Powell, it seems that whatever we knew was going to happen, was thrown right out the window.

One of the main pieces of information to come out of this shake up is the conflict of interest with Flynn’s old law firm. They represented both Flynn and Flynn Intel Group which allowed them to selectively share information with prosecutors. This is perplexing since Judge Contrares accepted the plea deal (before recusing himself) with this obvious conflict of interest. This dates back all the way to December 1, 2017. Why has Kian’s defense just called this conflict out? Kian was indicted on December 17, 2018, showing that his legal team waited for over 6 months before calling out something that may be considered a technicality.

Ever since the conflict of interest was brought to my attention, whenever someone asks me a question about the case, it seems to work as a blanket answer. Recently it was revealed that Covington was not handing in all the information to the new counsel and was ordered to be given to Flynn by July 26. The judge also invited a Senior Legal Ethics Counsel for the DC Bar to come to a meeting with them on August 27, 2019. This looks like it can be a big deal moving forward.

Since I am not a lawyer, nor claim to be one, I will continue onto what inspired this post. I was reading an article referred to me about the Gregory Craig trial and something caught my eye. It was a bridge of sorts. If you are unfamiliar, I have written about Craig in the past, but in short he is under indictment for misleading the DOJ about a Ukraine based project that was used against Former Ukrainian President Yulia Tymoshenko.

In Craig’s trial, Craig’s lawyers were discussing a possible recusal of Judge Amy Berman Jackson due to her past work at the law firm Trout, Cacheris, and Solomon. Where does Trout fit in? In 2010, they wrote a report outlining alleged financial improprieties by Tymoshenko. They prepared the report with Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer, and Feld. In response Tymoshenko hired Covington and Burling to prepare a rebuttal report. This is important because what Craig’s lawyers are doing is trying to prove his innocence by saying that other people did it and nothing is happening to them. Although Craig has not flipped, this strategy seems to be one that either saves him or takes down the whole ship.

Excerpt from

Why is this interesting? Well if you have a decent short term memory, you will remember that Covington was the firm of Flynn’s old lawyers. Want the kicker? Check out who the law firms for Bijan Kian are.

Excerpt from Leagle.

Odd right? Anyway, if I want to dip another toe in the water, Craig’s work in Ukraine was funded by an Ukrainian Oligarch. The oligarch itself is Victor Pinchuk who donated to $150,000 to the Trump Foundation after a speech in 2015. With such a obvious Trump connection, why would this oligarch be pseudo-anonymous in most articles and only referred to as the oligarch? Turns out by 2013, Pinchuk has donated close to $25 million to the Clintons. This article is a good seed for information about Pinchuk, Clintons, and how he is on the International Advisory Board for the Atlantic Counsel.

Crazy rabbit hole I just went down. So essentially, I remember the left always tried to attribute Vin Weber to Flynn. I never really understood the connection, which led me down the rabbit hole. So first I started with this article from The Daily Beast which said, “His firm also represents a Turkish business organization whose former chairman, Ekim Alptekin, hired Michael Flynn to lobby in 2016, as Politico noted.” Tip for the diggers, if they don’t get specific, it is usually someplace they don’t want you looking. If Weber and Alptekin are tied, why would that not be bad for Trump? Anyway some digging and I find out that it is the US-Turkey Business Council. Now since we have the name, my next move is a simple yet effective one. I type in the search term and add “Clinton” to the end and see what pops up. Well what popped up you ask? Just John Podesta, Clinton’s former Campaign Chairman, talking about starting the US-Turkey Business Council while Vin Weber is taking money from both Ukraine and Turkey. Sound familiar?

John Podesta continues to haunt dreams

So this post may be confusing, and I may have confused myself even further, but I will try to sum it up the best that I can. The law firms in the Flynn/Kian case are the same law firms that Craig plans to expose as part of his defense. From Craig’s defense it doesn’t look like the firms properly filed based on Craig being prosecuted and what happened with Manafort. It could also be that they misled the DOJ like Craig. Coincidentally, the Flynn/Kian case is about FARA as well. The lawyers seem to be the ones screwing with the case as well, not the actual defendants. The difference though is that Flynn/Kian were not hiding behind this lobbyist/lawyer cloud that we have seen through Skaaden, Mercury, Podesta Group, and the ones in the Kian case. This makes me wonder if there was more Turkey-Ukraine planning considering both countries also had a coup occur. Consider this post not an end, but an intermediate.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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