Some Fringe Connections

So I have some interesting tidbits of information, but there really isn’t anywhere that I am going with them. Usually when this happens, I am in a bind because I feel as if there might be more or it is just me wanting there to be more. This is when I leave the power to the interwebs to polish my post and turn it into a masterpiece. This has happened already when my post of Fabricated Obstruction turned into this brilliant masterpiece. Let’s do this.

To start things off, the first fringe connection would revolve around Karlie Kloss. I had found out about this connection through my wife because apparently there was a rumor that Kloss and Taylor Swift are closet lesbians. Just goes to show that people will bend reality to the outcome that they want no matter what subject matter is discussed. Anyway, Kloss is a model who used to work for Victoria’s Secret. If you are unfamiliar with Victoria Secret, it was purchased by Leslie Wexner in 1982. Les Wexner probably sounds familiar because I had mentioned him in my last post The Deep Fake.

Kloss starts to connect in as she has dated Jarred Kushner’s brother Joshua since 2012 and they got married in 2018 after she converted to Judaism. She started working for Victoria’s Secret in 2011 and became an Angel which is their highest tier of model. She quit in 2015 to pursue studies at NYU and also partnered with the Flatiron School and to offer a scholarship named “Kode with Klossy” to get women in STEM fields as she is an avid computer programmer. This would be great for all of the laid off Buzzfeed workers who had people on Twitter banned for tweeting at them “Learn to code.

Kloss had recently left Victoria Secret stating that the image it projects is not what she claims to be.

Excerpt from Huff Post

When I first saw this I thought that it had to do with the Epstein Indictment which was unsealed on July 8, 2019. Kloss leaving the brand before the indictment drops, she claims feminist reasons and can state more feminist reasons as Leslie Wexner, the brand owner gets affiliated with Epstein more through the coverage of the trial and through his Epstein possibly sexually assaulting someone in Wexner’s home. Not only would she get the feminist boost for going her own way, but she would be getting away from a brand which may become toxic.

It was after digging more that I found out she was full of it. When she returned in 2017, she defended the brand which was in the cross hairs of the #MeToo movement.

Excerpt from Huff Post

She also joined Project Runway to take over for Heidi Klum departing. If you are unfamiliar, Harvey Weinstein was the executive producer of the show and used it to gain a foothold in the fashion industry. He invested in the clothing brand Halston and backed his wife’s (Georgina Chapman) high end brand Marchesa. He then used the show as a pipeline to models. She is also still using IMG Models which feeds girls to places like Victoria’s Secret. There is a twitter thread laying out more background info on IMG Models, but for the sake of this post, you can see how Kloss is kind of a dead end.

The second fringe connection also happens to pertain to Epstein. The day after Jeffrey Epstein’s indictment was unsealed, a new person declared an election bid. That person is Tom Steyer. Steyer is a billionaire philanthropist and environmentalist who on October 22, 2017 started a lobbying effort to impeach Donald Trump. As a side note, this was 12 days after Brookings released their first report on obstruction to get Trump impeached. Steyer is also one of the top five mega donors for the left. The list includes Michael Bloomberg, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer, Warren Buffet, and Jonathan Soros who combined have donated over $2.7 Billion since the year 2000.

It was pointed out to me in a private Twitter Direct Message to check out Steyer’s connection to Charlie Crist. Steyer is currently using Kevin Cate to run his media operation. Looking into Cate, his past work includes working on Crist’s Florida Gubernatorial Bid in 2014. Steyer also donated $20 million through Next Gen Climate Action, Steyer’s environmental group.

Looking into Charlie Crist, he was the AG of Florida from January 2003 – January 2007. During this timeline, the Epstein case was heating up down in Florida. In July 2006, Epstein’s lawyers were discussing plea deals with the State Attorney and in the same month, the Palm Beach Police Department pressured the FBI to open a federal investigation. During this time, Crist won the election for Governor of Florida from January 2007 – January 2011. During this time frame was the Epstein State Plea Deal. Interestingly, Crist had decided to not run for Governor again, but Senate. He was facing off against Marco Rubio where Rubio surpassed him in the polls. It was then when he quit the Republican Party and ran as an independent. Rubio won the three way race to become Senator.

During the Senate race, Crist had started to tap connections to Bill Clinton. Crist was trying to get the Democratic candidate, Kendrick Meek, to drop out of the race and enlisted Clinton to help him get it done. It didn’t happen. In 2012, Crist joined the Democratic Party and endorsed Barack Obama for president. He tried to run for governor again, but lost to Rick Scott. He finally made it back into politics when he won the 2016 race for Florida’s 13th District.

What is interesting is with his campaign ad, Steyer had used Epstein as a political prop to distance himself. Epstein had been largely out of the news before The Daily Beast broke the story three days before Steyer announced. Seems coincidental, but as the thread title states, this is a fringe connection, for now.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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