The Deep Fake

The lull in the news cycle came to a screeching halt last weekend when The Daily Beast broke the story that “Billionaire” Jeffrey Epstein was detained flying in from Paris. Indictments were unsealed by the SDNY on July 8, 2019. This is a major arrest and the SDNY has hinted that this is only the beginning. Nancy Pelosi’s daughter even warned on Twitter that “some of the faves” may be caught up in this and we must “follow the facts.”

Right now the media is trying to tie Donald Trump to Epstein in a coordinated effort. Epstein is being treated like a third rail that no one wants to touch. This case even caused Bill Clinton to issue a statement, although quite specific, as an effort to distance himself. While the conspiracy crazed think that this may be a ploy to take out Trump, through depositions and actions, you can see that Trump had distanced himself from Epstein. Even the picture that most sites are using to link Trump with Epstein was taken in February 2000, 19 years ago.

Not to sound like a Trump sycophant, there are some legitimate ties between Trump and Epstein through U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta. This was one of the areas I decided to check out yesterday because there is a lot of grey area surrounding Acosta and the shady non-prosecution deal that was given to Epstein after he was indicted in 2006 via grand jury in Florida. In 2007, Acosta was then a U.S. Attorney who came in to negotiate on behalf of the federal government. Eventually, they managed to negotiate a non-prosecution agreement, and Epstein received a sweetheart deal from the State of Florida. Before Acosta was nominated for Secretary of Labor, he told Trump’s transition team that Epstein was above his pay grade and he said “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.” This timeline is a good source for what happened.

Before I continue, the non-prosecution agreement means that Epstein can be retried for the crimes as double jeopardy would not apply. This is better for the people’s sake as a plea deal would not allow for that. In the Epstein FBI Vault drop on May 24, 2018, there was a note that Epstein was providing information to the FBI. This led to speculation that he was an FBI informant for Robert Mueller. There is no evidence to suggest that the material that was being turned was anything other than him complying with his non-prosecution arrangement as the next sentence says, “Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the State of Florida.” Deals require an exchange and fits that bill since the information was being passed along to Florida instead of the FBI. This is also the issue with reading what is only highlighted instead of the entire paragraph.

So what did Epstein provide? Early speculation was that he turned over information that related to the arrests of two people at his old investment firm Bear Stearns. Epstein left Bear Stearns in 1982 to start his own firm. Epstein was said to be “Major Investor No. 1” in the case against Ralph Cioffi and Matthew Tannin. The Bear Stearns collapse was said to have kicked off the 2008 financial crisis causing the economy to collapse. The financial crisis was so bad that Republican Nominee John McCain actually suspended his campaign to go back to DC to help come up with a solution. This was speculated to have killed his momentum allowing Democratic Nominee and Junior Senator Barrack Obama to win the White House.

Where this becomes interesting is on March 19, 2019 in a Fox Business article, the people close to the Epstein trial all disputed that Epstein had anything to do with the Bear Stearns trial. Looking at the timeline that was provided earlier, there was a lot of interest surrounding the computers that were removed prior to the police getting into Epstein’s home. Acosta came in a month after grand jury subpoenas were issued for the computer and after he came in, the motion was delayed. Epstein’s former butler, Alfredo Rodriguez, said that underage pornography was on the computers. If Rodriguez sounds familiar, he was the one who gave Epstein’s black book to the FBI. The book itself is loaded with names of powerful people and some of the names in the book are circled. One of the names circled is Donald Trump which implicates the president in this scandal even further. Or does it?

Donald Trump’s name circled in Epstein’s book

After posting the book on Twitter, one astute observer replied with two names that were also circled, but had the tag of witness next to them. Combine this with the fact that the one of the victim’s lawyer, Bradley Edwards, thanked Trump for his help in the case, is it out of the range of possibility that Rodriguez identified Trump as a witness to the Epstein case? Just for true transparency, there are also other writings next to some of the circled entries including what appears to be the owners of some of the companies listed.

Before I continue, I just wanted to point out a very interesting connection via Trump and Bear Stearns. In an article by The Nation, after reviewing the transcript of Fusion GPS owner Glenn Simpson, it was shown that Trump’s hotel in Panama City had received offers to buy the units, which Trump leveraged for a deal with Bear Stearns to help finance the project. Bear Stearns would receive a 1% commission. According to Simpson, the shell companies backed out leaving $50 million in unclaimed deposits and the hotel in Panama City went bankrupt in 2013. Some of the deals for the unit were arranged by Spygate character Sergei Millian who was later accused by the WSJ to be source D and E from the Steele Dossier. This may be unrelated, but Panama City is also where law firm Mossack Fonseca from the Panama Papers was stationed. I wrote about Mossack Fonseca in my post Finding the Driving Force Behind Russian Election Interference.

Getting back to Epstein, his rise to power, is one that is shrouded in mystery. From his first job as a teacher at the teacher at the Dalton School. Donald Trump’s current AG William Barr’s father, Donald, was headmaster at the time. Epstein was teaching calculus and physics, but didn’t have a college degree. This goes into a long line of Epstein achieving things that would be seemingly above his ceiling. He was referred to as a math whiz and personally, I see a college degree as only a piece of paper so I am not outraged that a person without a degree was able to teach calculus and physics. As an engineer myself, both subjects are relatively simple to teach. This was also before Epstein’s trafficking days so Barr would have no idea the incredible path this man would follow. You can see how deeply Epstein’s life has seemed to be deeply faked though as these incredible opportunities don’t come to everyone.

Getting into the dirty side of Epstein, as mentioned before, his butler said that his computer was full of underage sex. What has been highly speculated around Epstein is that his underage parties were used as a source of income against the wealthy and elite. His island and homes were known to have hidden cameras as well as having a tech person fly from New Albany, Ohio to his home in Florida to maintain the computers. New Albany is where the man who made him, Leslie Wexner, hails from and he has also been accused of being with underage girls. With the latest indictment as well, there were disks in his safe titled “Young [Name] + [Name]” indicating a potential source of blackmail. This could be the answer as to how he has made his money. It is a pretty simple scheme: Invite someone over, have a drugs and alcohol, wait for them to do something stupid, and have them pay to keep it a secret.

The reason why I titled the post Deep Fake was for one of the more intriguing aspects of Epstein’s life, the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. The foundation has donated to the OpenCog project which is an open sourced project for Artificial General Intelligence. I am glad I wrote my post How Far Away is Artificial Intelligence as I provide a solid background on what AI may bring upon the future. I always thought that it was odd that Epstein was supportive of AI, but then a text I received last night about Deep Fake videos launched my dive into his foundation.

If you are unfamiliar with Deep Fake videos, we now have the ability to manipulate videos using AI. This can be used to completely edit someone in or out or change what the person is saying. See below for a Deep Fake video of Jim Carrey in the The Shining.

Creepy right? So anyway getting back to OpenCog, the AI revolves around Deep Learning. Deep Fake is a combination of Deep Learning and Fake. Pretty easy connection there. Going deeper, the machine learning technique for deep fakes are generative adversarial networks. The way GAN works is two neural networks compete against each other in order to get the best pattern recognition. In lay man’s turn, it keeps generating outputs to self learn until it starts getting good matches. Basically machine learning AI, but applied to images and videos allowing for superimposing. In this Medium post, the author describes the differences between OpenCog and the other leading AI initiative OpenAI.

Excerpt from Medium post.

To tap the breaks a bit, I was able to loosely figure out that OpenCog’s AI could be used to create Deep Fake videos. Epstein also opened Addis AI Lab in Ethiopia with OpenCog to bring AI development to Africa. With Africa being known as the place to be when it comes to AI (sarcasm), I am a bit baffled as to the motive behind this. Ben Goertzel, head of OpenCog and Getnet Asefa are two people who were mentioned in the article so maybe someone can use this as a launch pad to look into them. It is important to note that OpenCog in use by more than 50 companies including Cisco and Huawei.

So let’s say I am right with the above, my initial thought was that the Deep Fake video would be used to blackmail people using fake evidence. This seemed like an obvious plan as news has hyped up recently warning people about the dangers of Deep Fakes. Thinking about it further, this would be more powerful as a defensive measure for Epstein and company. If they had the ability, they could cry, “that is a Deep Fake video.” What is good is that if the computer was handed over in 2007, the material would predate Deep Fake Technology. What is also good is the seizure of the CD’s from Epstein’s safe is now in federal custody which means there are no more means for it to possibly be tampered.

What could have been the escape hatch has now been sealed. I am looking forward to seeing this case progress and I am also interested in seeing how our society handles no longer being able to trust videos for sources of information. With the news already being so fake, what type of world will we live in where we can’t trust anything? Perhaps the Deepest Fake would be our new reality?

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and @smc12256.

5 thoughts on “The Deep Fake

  1. I’m starting to smell deep fakes in the “citizen journalist” community. First your buddy Nick Weil, now Seth Levy, slowly, carefully starting to suggest all of spy-gate is “justifiable as counter/intel”. Funny how thats what you’re trying to say now. Levy is saying, “…show me where i ever said there’d be prosecutions…” He might try reading in between every line and every tweet. The lot of you ought to get together and just put your damn story out there, because right now you’re all starting to look like Trump’s Propaganda Team.

    You SOB’s are holding yourselves put there as filks people could go to to find the truth. Instead its starting to look like you’re all just a new class of manipulators.

    As far as Im concerned, all the people who lied, who bent the rules, who fucking illegally spied, and who yried to set up the Trump campaign, and all those who led them … had all better end up in jail. if not, Trump and all of you can just go to hell,


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