I have been seeing a few trends lately that I wanted to highlight to show how important timing can be in terms of increasing effectiveness. While we are all becoming frustrated with the lack of information regarding SpyGate coming forward, I still believe that Trump is in control of the situation. People would characterize me as one of the “Trust the Plan” guys, but I don’t see it like that. Blind loyalty can lead you down wrong roads. I constantly watch Trump’s handle on the events that transpire and see how the results effect him. The fact that he continues to be president and push forward his agenda should be evidence enough that he is in control of the situation.

Timing is used as an excuse to explain why certain things have not happened yet like the declassification of Carter Page’s FISA warrant or what the redacted section of Mueller’s scope entailed. We have seen though how Trump has jumped from defense to offense after Mueller’s report was released. The Democrats have also been gridlocked into a choice of impeaching Trump and losing the vote in the Senate or not impeaching and pissing off their base. Trump has also been cleared by Mueller’s team about Russia collusion which has completely dropped from the media. After a small lull, one of the main characters in the story, Oleg Deripaska, came back into the news by talking to John Solomon about how he retained Christopher Steele. Most people who are active researchers knew this already, but now it is has hit mainstream news. Russia Collusion is now coming to Christopher Steele and it is going to continue to work it’s way up to Fusion GPS to Perkins Coie and hopefully to Hillary Clinton. This wouldn’t be that viable of an option if Trump was not cleared first. To top it off he was cleared by the man that was said to be the one to get him.

Moving to the present, the Democratic debates are heating up. I believe that if the current field stands, Kamala Harris is going to be the one that comes out on top. She is repped by Marc Elias of Perkins Coie who represented Hillary Clinton. She is currently surging after taking on Biden about his past votes in the last debate. Joe’s stupidity did come out by his lack of a counter.

While this is happening, what else is happening? Trump is taking “ultra-patriotic” stances. The border wall has become a big talking point lately. So much so that at the Democratic debate, the candidates pledged to give healthcare to illegal immigrants. By Trump being “ultra-patriotic” the left is forced to take the opposite stance due to the toxicity they created around Trump. I keep quoting the “ultra-patriotic” phrase to highlight how far we have come that a parade with tanks on the day of this nations birth is seen as extensive. Absolutely ridiculous.

If you noticed, the census question about if the person is a US citizen came back into the news. What is this going to do? Make it a controversial issue that the Democratic Party’s candidates will have to discuss at their next debate. Why would anyone who is sworn into this country in order to lead and protect be against something that undermines the sovereignty of the nation? I understand that there are humanitarian crisis around the world. There are better ways to handle this though. Changes to legislation to create a more streamlined legal immigration system would be a great start. That way the process isn’t taking years, but months. It isn’t hard if we stop getting locked into only two choices. This lack of bending is what Trump is using to his advantage to continue to push the Democratic candidates over the edge. This may have been the first impression that American voters got of some of these people. Imagine this being your first impression of Eric Swalwell.

He tweeted this himself *Shudders*

Another point that was brought to my attention via Twitter DM was that this focus on illegal immigration may help Trump pick up more votes in the black community. He has been working hard over the last three years by bringing down unemployment. This article from Real Clear Politics highlights the strategy pretty well. In 2016, Trump targeted the ignored White Male which was seemingly neglected by the Democrats. With illegal immigration the fancy new chatter, can Trump sneak in again to steal another base? He is called a nimble navigator for a reason.

Although I think it is ridiculous that we have to wait for timing, I see the importance since this isn’t a perfect world. You can pick up on where the power lies by who is ultimately benefiting from the situation and who seems like they are losing. Confirmation bias can make this hard sometimes, but you can see people hoping off the train.

Hope that this helped ease some minds right before the start of a Holiday Weekend. Timing.

Enjoy the 4th of July and be safe!

2 thoughts on “Timing

  1. Joe, Agree with the call for patience.

    However, get very concerned when I see someone like DawsonSField issue an appeal to focus on the bigger picture. This appeal suggests we should drop our obsession with seeing justice done with Strczk, Page, et al, as nauseum.

    The crimes were committed against us by a cast of arrogant fv..cks who think they’re better than us. All the institutions that could cause these people to suffer for what they’ve done are owned by the Left. The only venue left is legal, where we’re all equal under the law. It is vital that DOJ holds itself publicly accountable and that all of DC sees that equality under the law prevails over culture and politics. Consequently, it will not now, not ever, be acceptable to me that these people slip the hook.

    If they do, the process is over for me. Trump will have failed his most critical promise. After that, for me, the left won, we Americans take it in the azz again.

    I care about the big picture, and I’m grateful for what’s happening, but these spying, lying, coup plotting bastards had better see justice.

    Don’t know if this message needs to to Trump or not, but him escaping impeachment is the absolute least of my concerns.


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