MailTwitter: July 1, 2017

News has been super slow lately and since there really isn’t anything I find interesting to write about, I figured let me ask the crowd. Right now, I feel as if we are in sort of a lull as the Democratic Primaries start to heat up faster than Eric Swalwell’s Nuclear Armageddon. Let’s go to the questions:

Well Mr. Bean, that is a tough question to answer. For the dependable aspect, that may be a relative question. The self driving cars have shown to be safe, but the few accidents that they are in turn into national headlines. Human drivers are awful and there are over 3,287 driving related deaths a day around the world. The common aspect should depend on the tech adaptation S curve. As a millennial who would rather sleep in his car on his way to work, not have to sit in traffic as automated driving will be way more efficient, and knows this will happen eventually, I would be in the early adopter category. Need to wait for more people to trust the car and it should skyrocket as seen in the graph below.

The main hindrance though is government as they can’t get anything right.

Titania wants me to talk about 3-D printing. I am not going to get into the technical side of 3-D printing, nor the different types. Overall, we are seeing that there is a wide variety of applications. Where I think it will really start to impact people’s lives on a mass scale is in the medical injury. Having people’s lost limbs 3-D printed will help people from all walks of life. Diving further into the future, there are already attempts to 3-D print organs. I don’t know if this is more efficient than cloning, but with the current moral gridlock on cloning, I don’t know how 3-D printing a heart would take. Personally, I don’t even know why replicating organs is even an issue as it is way more humane than waiting for a person to die or having to take anti-rejection medication which causes side effects for the of your life. Talk about a tangent.

GSDAlpha asks about solar and wind. These are the green energy devices that the liberals are really promoting to look nature friendly. In a cruel twist of faith, the liberals lack of foresight creates the opposite effect from their intentions. Wind energy kills the birds. I feel bad for the birds, but the liberals are now torn between their love for nature or their love for wildlife. Who will they pick? As for solar, the production of the panels have a large carbon footprint. From a personal standpoint, I believe the best renewable we have right now is hydro as it basically uses the earth’s kinetic energy. Pretty cool in my opinion. Apart from that I want the US to get back to nuclear energy as it is clean as well. Ultimately, fission is the goal as we can harness the power of the sun.

Titania is back with a request that I can not refuse or I would not be living up to my name. Let’s start with the Dem nominee. I honestly would be surprised if Hillary didn’t throw her name into the ring. It makes too much sense to do it. If she jumps in and then is indicted it will look like Trump is prosecuting his political nemesis and make him look like Putin. Obviously the evidence would speak for itself, but it would throw the slower half of America into a tizzy and give enough for some counter attacks. Not to mention the other candidates suck.

Second order of business is I think the Mueller testimony is going to be vanilla. This may be the time something actually happens since I said that, but Mueller doesn’t remind me of a blast in a glass. Dude is in his 70’s and whenever I look at him, I just get a drowsy feeling wash over my body.

Last order of business has to do with the MLB. Yankees are looking good to win the World Series.

Reminder: These people asked me these questions so my answers are my opinions. You can disagree, but don’t get offended. Everyone is too sensitive these days.

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