The Road Maps

On May 29, 2019, Robert Mueller, the head of the Special Council took to the podium for the first time and delivered remarks regarding his investigation. Before he even told the White house on the 27th that he was going to be giving remarks, the media has been in full swing trying to hammer home an impeachment case for President Donald Trump. In what seems to be a forgotten memory of Russia Collusion, obstruction of justice is the new talk of the town after two years of constant gas lighting. The road map to impeachment is term to describe the Mueller Report, but I am going to show how this is not the case.

If you have read my Fabricated Obstruction post, I highlight how the case for impeachment of Donald Trump via obstruction charges were outlined by the Brookings Institute. I also highlight some connections to people who would be in the anti-Trump atmosphere like Strobe Talbott, who was Bill Clinton’s college roommate and is married to Cody Shearer’s twin sister. What makes matters even more interesting was that the first report was published in October 2017 and then followed up in August 2018 as more “evidence” came in. They were trying to steer the Mueller report towards their goals and the writers of the report. Who are the writers of the report? Barry Berke and Norm Eisen who were coincidentally appointed by Councilman Jerry Nadler to serve as consulting counsels to the House Judiciary Committee. So what is the road map?

Before I get into how Mueller did not follow this road map, you will read a lot of references to Watergate. Coincidentally, Benjamin Wittes of Lawfare fought to have the Watergate Road Map released to the public. Lawfare published the road map on October 31, 2018. In an unsurprising turn of events, Wittes is from Brookings. Also pointed out to me is a text message from Lisa Page to Peter Strzok telling him that she needs to brush up on Watergate on November 13, 2016 and referenced a 1974 book by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward which delved into the Watergate Scandal. This implies that the path to impeach Trump was set into motion only a few days after he was elected. Coincidentally, Woodward also wrote the book ‘Fear‘ which outlined the Trump presidency.

In the road map itself, Brooking’s recommended Mueller to do one of three things: refer it to congress where the two authors are waiting, charge Trump himself, or hang it over Trump’s head to force him to resign. What Mueller did do is refer the obstruction case over to AG Bill Barr and in his press conference yesterday he refused to consider the other two options.

What is humorous is that Brookings even outlines events where the obstruction case may be hard to prove. They mention how the Special Counsel’s appointment helped Trump’s case for no obstruction and it being unforeseen should not mitigate Trump’s culpability. They also reference McGahn not firing Mueller or Preibus not firing Sessions. Considering Trump had dinner with Mueller the night before he was appointed for Special Counsel for FBI Director, a position he was already 2 years over the max term, I have trouble that this was unforeseen for Trump. There is an outline of the event in the Mueller Report where Trump says that he is “F*****” but with Comey documenting every possible act of obstruction against Trump and forwarding it to McCabe, it was probably unforeseen as well to the larger road map.

Can we finally take The Chill Pill?

Moving along, I am realizing that this road map may be the infamous insurance policy or at least a road map inside a road map. When I was writing The Anomalies Surrounding the Carter Page FISA, I was beginning to get the impression that they were trying to use the accusations against Carter Page as a FARA violation. A thread by Twitter user @TechnoFog stimulated this thought. Techno focuses on section 951 which deals with political or non-political activities of agents under the control of foreign governments and a Section 951 case generally involves espionage-like or clandestine behavior… or a connection to an intelligence service. Looking at the Carter Page FISA, there appears to be a match.

Digging into this further, I came across an article from Breitbart of all places which dives into how the FBI used a lower standard of evidence in order to obtain the Carter Page FISA. Coincidentally the report outlines section 951 followed by a footnote that pertains to the code 1801 that is listed in the FISA warrant on Carter Page. Although 951 is not publicly in the FISA warrant, the Mueller Report linking the two leads me to believe it is still redacted.

The Mueller Report directly states that Page, Manafort, and Papadopoulos did not act as agents of the Russian government, that the FBI used a lower standard than 1801 to secure the FISA, and that the lower standard wouldn’t be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Page acted as an agent of the Russian Federation. Interestingly enough, an October 18, 2016 memo from Steele outlines what I would deem the general public understanding of a FARA violation which would be not reporting foreign money to the DOJ. Steele claimed that Page/Trump’s associates were offered the brokerage of the Rosneft 19% selloff which ultimately was done by Glencore. There were no FARA violations for Page or any of Trump’s associates.

So what do I think happened? I believe that the Steele Dossier was used to create the innuendo around Page acting as an agent of Russia. They then used that innuendo to obtain a FISA warrant, then used supplemental memos to further the case. Once they had the FISA, they would monitor his status and used the hops to gather intelligence surrounding Trump. Although this is only a theory, I believe that the Flynn phone call that was leaked was either the result of the Page FISA or a FISA on Flynn for his own FARA violations.

Using these surveillance techniques, Comey was then monitoring Trump and documenting any negative thing that could be framed as obstruction. He was forwarding all this to McCabe and others inside the FBI who have since been removed. The firing of former FBI Director James Comey caused McCabe to open up the obstruction investigation, but that was taken out of his hands when Rosenstein appointed the Special Counsel. From there on out, Congress was kept in the dark and the road map for obstruction was ignored. This ultimately lead to the conclusion of today which is Mueller cleared Trump of Russia collusion and Barr cleared Trump of obstruction.

If the above is correct, this would mean that the road map to the FISA warrant lead directly to the road map for obstruction of justice. When you look at the obstruction case, it only deals with the time of Trump being president. This would imply that there was a different set of plans in the event that Trump lost the general election. This is also why I stated earlier that I think that this was the larger part of the insurance policy. They would combine the two road maps to overthrow a duly elected president which was outlined by a Qatar funded think tank.

Who wins the most in this scenario? Not the American people.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

4 thoughts on “The Road Maps

  1. The criminal violation looks like straight bribery. How does FARA come into play?
    Note the date on Steele’s memo. It was commissioned to shore up the FISA warrant.


    1. I was reading this thread by Techno Fog last night which goes into the FARA part better than I could ever explain. I cross referenced that code and found the Breitbart article which pointed me to the Mueller report which outlined that exact code Techno was talking about. I posted a screen grab and attached the link to the post so if you want to read it, it goes over the cases for Page, Flynn, Manafort, and Papadopoulos.


  2. I suggest that Mueller is a feint. A very good one. The pivot occurred in Dec 2017 with an opinion piece in WaPo from Mike Morrell. The point becomes transparent in retrospect as the resistance figured out that 40% of the population trusts President Trump over the IC. Faking collusion with Russia is no longer feasible. So ended Volume 1.

    Just as you very brilliantly discovered the Brookings roadmap I suggest looking at Mike Morrell’s podcasts as the roadmap for the new attack. It is starting now and will come extremely fast. They are not giving up. They are dead serious about taking down President Trump. Mr. Twitter Revolution himself is leading this attack. This is very serious. Volume 2 is a feint to cover for the real attack.

    Wonder why the tech co’s were practically begging the Feds for oversight? They were acting like hostages and I think there is a reason. The attack is beginning now and our side is busy fighting Mueller. We are gonna lose the next fight doing that if we aren’t careful.

    Call me a nutter if you wish but they aren’t dumb and Vol 2 was never going to be enough for impeachment. A great lesson from President Trump is to underestimate your enemy at your own peril.

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