The Absolutes Surrounding Spygate

Last night, President Donald J. Trump issued a sequence of tweets ordering his Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify documents related to Spygate. This has been the first major re-up from his sequence of tweets in September 2018 which pulled back his initial order to declassify everything. With this new wording, it looks like we may not get everything declassified, but it does seem like the ball is moving.

We have been getting a slow series of releases as big cases continue to ask for declassification based on discovery motions. For example, yesterday the 302’s surrounding the Lt. General Michael Flynn case were further declassified. This most likely stems from the discovery motion that stems from the Bijan Kian case which I covered here. While there are very good breakdowns of the 302s surrounding Flynn, there was one new bit of information that I wanted to focus on.

With the latest drop, FBI General Counsel James Baker was named. I do think that Baker is going to play a big role in what is to come and I had recently written about what I believe his leak investigation is about. Since his name was declassified, it may be safe to assume that his investigation has concluded or is in the final stages where he can be named. Going over what the note in the 302, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Baker, and others decided that they were not going to warn Flynn that lying to the FBI was a crime. This leads me to my first absolute.

The suspected Russian agent who was allowed to become National Security Adviser:
We have become so enamored as diggers to constantly dig down rabbit holes. It causes us to lose sight of the big picture because we know all these micro details about the narrative that disprove it. The problem is for a person who does not follow this regularly, it is hard to keep up with who people like Joseph Mifsud and Stephan Halper are. The easiest way to combat this is stone cold logic points. It is time we see the sun again and start showing America how ridiculous this entire situation is and how their anger is completely misguided.

The investigation into Trump’s suspected ties to Russia started in late 2015. Coincidentally, in late 2015 Flynn had went to a Russia Today dinner in Moscow where he sat at the same table as Russian President Vladimir Putin. This piece from the New Yorker is one of my favorite reads about Flynn. In the article itself, it mentions that Flynn was warned about going to Moscow, but he went anyway. From that point on, Flynn was believed to be compromised by the Russians.

So how ridiculous does this get? The US Intel under Barrack Obama had started to really target the Trump foreign policy team in March 2016 for suspected ties to Russia. Flynn was an adviser to the Trump campaign and other members of the Foreign Policy team like Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page were being investigated by the FBI for their Russian ties. March 2016 was still early on, I can understand not raising the red flag until there was more evidence, but by the time July 31, 2016 rolled around and Crossfire Hurricane was opened, there should have been a formal warning to Trump about the suspected Russian ties in his campaign. This was done by former FBI Director Robert Mueller in 2008 when presidential candidate John McCain was going to hire Manafort. Why was the same luxury not provided to the Trump campaign? By this time, Trump had already won the Republican candidacy, he had a 50% chance of winning at this point. It was either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

With the possibility of a candidate winning the presidency, you would think that it would be in the best interest of the FBI and US National Security interests to warn Trump of the possible Russian ties within the upper echelons of his campaign. Did not happen. In fact in mid-September 2016, when FBI HQ had first received the Steele Dossier, Trump was named as another person that was possibly compromised by the Russians. First off, any presidential candidate should be vetted for foreign influence before they even decide to run, but receiving foreign intelligence only a month and a half before the general election that states that a candidate may be compromised by the Russians is a laughable failure by our IC community. The event itself surrounds a 2013 visit to Moscow where Trump allegedly had Russian hookers pee on a bed that Obama slept on. If this was Russian blackmail on Trump, it was dismissed since it was immediately said to be unverified when released to the public in January 2017. If the Russians truly had the tape, the public knowledge of the event neutralizes some of the blackmail effect.

With a month and a half left to go, what does the FBI do? They decide to get a FISA warrant on a member of Trump’s campaign using foreign intelligence that had yet to be verified. Nothing to stop a presidential candidate that may be compromised by Russians along with four people from his campaign. Some may say that this was because Hillary Clinton was never supposed to lose, but guess what? She did.

You would think at this point in time, the FBI might start talking to the Trump campaign about the Russian ties to protect America from foreign influence. At this time, the election loss of Clinton was blamed on Russian election meddling. The Obama Administration did nothing to stop this meddling. It honestly blows my mind how they were looking at all these Russian ties concerning the Trump campaign, yet did nothing to stop Russia from possibly interfering with the election. Hopefully the transition period would be a good opportunity to warn Trump about the dossier allegations or his campaigns possible ties to Russia. Unfortunately, they once again doubled down. They allowed Trump to name Flynn as the nomination for National Security Adviser. If you read the New Yorker article, you would realize that potential Russian agent Flynn was allowed to be read into Special Access Programs further compromising America’s national security interests.

If we want to venture further into the absurd, Obama finally decides to do something about the suspected Russian election interference by applying sanctions on Russia and expelling their diplomats. This caused Flynn to have to call Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyac in order to get Russia not to take immediate action as this is only temporary. Unfortunately for Flynn, Obama’s IC was listening in on the call that they forced him to make. They then leaked transcripts of that call to the press which openly forced VP elect Pence to go on air to say that Flynn did not talk about sanctions in the call. While this has stemmed some theories that Pence was working to undermine Trump, it actually set the domino effect. On January 24, 2017 the FBI had interviewed Flynn without telling him that lying to the FBI was a crime. They were specifically looking for lies surrounding the phone call for an interview that was prompted by a leak that stemmed from high inside the IC Community. To make matters even more ridiculous, he had been sworn in as National Security Adviser the day before. Just to reiterate, Obama’s Administration and James Comey’s FBI let a man they suspected of being compromised by the Russians become the National Security Adviser to the United States. What were they able to achieve from this blatant abuse of power by forcing an interview by leaking material to the press? Flynn pleading guilty to lying to the FBI. This was the same thing that they explicitly decided not to warn him about. It does not get more blatant than that.

The use of Christopher Steele was a breach of Five Eyes:
Relating back to the above point, I had mentioned a few times how foreign intelligence was a catalyst for some of the suspected ties between Trump and Russia. To start off, the foreign intelligence was from MI6 and FBI source Christopher Steele. He had been hired by Fusion GPS who was hired by law firm Perkins Coie who was hired by the DNC. The research was listed in the Carter Page FISA warrant as being opposition research. In a past post, I had pointed out how the dossier was used in the FISA warrant by showing specific examples and showing how most of the information in the FISA warrant was open sourced information with a nefarious spin. This is starting to gain some traction as one of the bigger independent researchers @JohnWHuber brought it mainstream which is the ultimate goal of my blog. Pretty cool getting results.

What this means is that the contents from the dossier were copy/pasted into the FISA warrant. There is one way the FBI can escape using opposition research as a means to spy on the other candidate and that is if the Steele Dossier was the use of the Russian recruitment attempt. Working that logic back further it would mean that the Russians were using Hillary Clinton’s campaign as a vehicle to interfere with the election. While it may vindicate the FBI in justification for the FISA warrant, the above point surrounding Flynn still stands. It would also further implicate Clinton, but this is only a hypothetical at this point until the FISA gets declassified.

To make matters more shady, Clinton operatives Cody Shearer and Sydney Blumenthal were also sourced in collaborating with a dossier of their own. It is also important to note that Cody Shearers twin sister, Brooke Shearer, is married to Strobe Talbott. Talbott was the president of Brookings Institution which was leading the charge for Obstruction of Justice against Trump. This dossier was given to Jon Winer at the State Department who then gave it to Christopher Steele. In the Grassley-Graham Memo, this dossier is mentioned. In the RCP article, author Lee Smith brings up an excellent point which was the inspiration behind this post.

Add in the fact that Steele was working for the other presidential candidate and you can quickly see how this is an absolute.

Trump colluding with Russia would not require back channel attempts:
This was such a good point that had only been pointed out to me recently and essentially disproves the collusion narrative in itself. Throughout the campaign, we learn of instances of where the Trump campaign was trying to reach out to Russia to create back channels. George Papadopoulos for example was trying to find ways to get in touch with Russians which led to his contacts with Joseph Mifsud and Alexander Downer. Per his indictment, Papadopoulos was attempting to be a back channel to Russia up until mid-August 2016.

If Papadopoulos was still attempting to be a back channel to mid-August, that would mean that the Trump campaign was not in contact with the Russians for the DNC email dump after Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic Party’s nomination.

What about from mid-August on? On January 11, 2017 a meeting in Seychelles took place. The meeting in which George Nader was involved, included Trump donor Erik Prince and Putin ally Kirill Dmitriev.

This only begs the question: if Trump was truly colluding with Russia to win the election, why were they only trying to set up a back channel with the Kremlin 9 days before Trump took office?

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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