Anomalies Surrounding the Carter Page FISA

Last night, John Solomon from The Hill broke news that Stephen Laycock, the FBI’s section chief for Eurasian counterintelligence was the recipient of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec’s notes from her meeting with Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele on October 13, 2016. While Laycock is a new name, he immediately transferred the notes to FBI Agent Peter Strzok. This was the normal chain of command for both Laycock and Kavalec.

From the article, one specific part jumped out at me. Kavalec had sent her email in October 2016. She is also from the State Department. This is important because when scanning the FISA warrant for Carter Page, the following result is yielded.

So looking at the source for the target provided, let’s start digging into her notes and see why they chose Carter Page for the target. In her handwritten notes, they list out three channels of communications between associates of Trump and Russia: Alfa Bank to Trump to Kremlin which relates back to the Alfa Bank server ping story that the FBI debunked, Sergei Millian who was listed as source D and E for the dossier, and Carter Page to Igor Sechin. These claims were repeated in her email to Laycock.

Before continuing, Sergei Millian has denied being a dossier source for the dossier. When reading the Dossier as well, Source E confirms Source D which would indicate that there would be two people involved or a person with dissociation identity disorder. Jeff Carlson at the Epoch Times also makes note of this anomaly with the narrative.

When doing a cross reference with Carter Page changing the RNC platform against the Carter Page FISA, there is a direct hit. This article from The Washington Post on July 18, 2016 talks about how Trump was watering down the language RNC plan to support Ukraine. The article was found by reverse searching a quote that was used in the Carter Page FISA which named Carter Page as one of the people behind changing the platform.

Connecting the dots back to the Steele Dossier makes things even more confusing. Carter Page is first introduced by Steele as being an intermediary to Russian Leadership for Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. This memo is undated, but from the paragraph you can tell that this came in Late July.

To make things more intertwined, in the July 19, 2016 memo (a day after the Washington Post article) Steele makes the following allegations about Carter Page and Igor Sechin. Note detail 2 relating to the Ukraine platform. This raises the question, did Steele rip the information from Washington Post and then add Carter Page’s name to it? The passage was in the FISA warrant as well.

It appears that the meeting with Sechin was critical in getting the FISA on Carter Page. Problem is that Carter Page has denied ever meeting with Sechin, but did admit in his House Testimony that he met with Andrey Baranov, Rosneft’s head of investor relations. The October 18, 2016 memo is sourced from an associate of Sechin and talks about a 19% stake is Rosneft as quid pro quo for sanction relief. Could the associate be Baranov?

The odd thing about this passage is the 19% number. If you are unaware, approximately two months later, Rosneft sold a 19.5% share to the Qatar Investment Authority and Glencore on December 10, 2016. Trump had won the election by then, why would the shares go to Qatar if there was quid pro quo going on? As I have previously pointed out, Qatar is a strategic ally of China and fund the Brookings Institute which is leading the charge against the obstruction of justice case against Trump. This isn’t the only area where things don’t add up.

In Kavalec’s email to Laycock, she did some verification of the Steele’s claims to realize that there is no Russian Consulate in Miami and Mikhail Kalugin’s dates for being in the US do not match Steele’s account that Kalugin was pulled out of the US when the hacking scandal broke. The information from the dossier was claimed to be unverified even though the contents were sworn via affidavit. Kavalec had shown herself that maybe these claims need a closer look.

In continuation with Kavalec’s notes, she also reveals two new names to be sources for Steele in July. As a note, this is the same time frame as the Carter Page – Sechin accusations. The two sources are Vladislav Surkov and Vyacheslav Trubnikov. I haven’t found much interesting information on Trubnikov, but on his wiki, his biography links to an internet technology foundation which appears to be similar to the work that Peter Theil and Brad Parscale do. Surkov is the more interesting of the two because he is linked to disinformation campaigns.

According to former acting CIA Director Michael Morell, Steele had paid his Russian sources. This matters because it turns out that Surkov has long been close with oligarch Oleg Deripaska. In this article by Stratfor, you can see that Surkov who is affiliated with Gazprom and Sechin who is affiliated with Rosneft have a long rivalry between themselves. Rosneft got in financial trouble when they were trying to steal away pieces from Yukos, a now defunct Oil Company, before Gazprom bought them. Sechin was later screwed over again after his work to destroy the owner of Russneft, an oil refiner, was done in vain as it was bought out by Oleg Deripaska’s Rusal.

Deripaska is heavily tied to not only the FBI agents who were investigating the Trump Campaign, but he is also tied to Christopher Steele. Deripaska is also within the Boris Yeltsin circle as he is married to the daughter of Yeltsin’s former Chief of Staff. Yeltsin is the former president of Russia who had a close bond with former US President Bill Clinton. This leads to the question of if this entire thing was a fabricated event just to squeeze Rosneft further? They had to sell shares to foreign entities further. If you are unfamiliar, Glencore is tied to Marc Rich who Bill Clinton personally controversy pardoned on his last day in office.

While that is a single issue, I think that there were several reasons for a campaign this massive. Devin Nunes said today that the insurance policy was to take a look at campaign emails. Next we have the squeezing of Rosneft even further to benefit Deripaska and Surkov. Finally, from Steele’s apparent desperation to get the investigation into Trump’s campaign to become public before the election, an investigation into Trump would neutralize Obama having Hillary’s investigation run through the election cycle and the reopening of the Weiner laptop case which was discovered in September 21, 2016 after new allegations of him sexting a underage girl was revealed by DailyMail. For reference, Michael Isikoff wrote his article about the investigation into Donald Trump two days later on September 23, 2016.

This begs the question of why Kathleen Kavalec had met Steele. Was she supposed to be the fall person for Jonathan Winer and Victoria Nuland? They had both had contacts with Steele along with FBI Agent Michael Gaeta in July 2016. I had wrote a thread in the past about the opening of Crossfire Hurricane which outlines the situation around the Australia tip. George Papadopoulos was mentioned in the FISA as well. Was the goal to shift from him to the Steele Dossier? Did the Hillary campaign and Russian oligarch’s team up when Comey had written his exoneration statement draft in May 2016? Steele was hired in June 2016 and with all indication, it appears that there was a civil war going on within the FBI.

After all, it seems like it would be easy for Russia to interfere with an election when one campaign is voluntarily letting them do it.

Update: Per Twitter user @_mzishi_ the 19% share in Rosneft was announced by Russia in early 2016. When coupled with the information about the RNC platform change in regards to Ukraine the scales are tipping towards Steele using open source information in his dossier, but adding a nefarious spin.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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