The Unconventional War

Last night, a story broke by the New York Times which spoke about how a Chinese hacking group had used stolen NSA tools. The group goes under several names such as ATB3, Gothic Panda, UPS Team, Buckeye, and TG-0110. This group has been confirmed to be Chinese Ministry of State Security by multiple independent (yet controversial) agencies including FireEye and Crowdstrike. The FBI confirmed the findings by tracking the same group, this time known as Boyusec, which targeted United States based businesses.

With two Spygate entities already named, the Pentagon informed the Washington Free Beacon that Boyusec had also been working with Huawei in order to develop spyware laden security products. To make matters even more interesting, David E. Sanger wrote the article from the New York Times. With news against China heating up, this can get confusing since most of the attention is still focused on Russia.

There is a lot of information to unload but I have written about a lot of it in the past. I had written about David Sanger’s involvement with the leaking of information here. This post, while focused on Vault 7, does dive into stuff that will be relevant. This post talked about how a top secret drone was allowed to be captured by China ally Iran which was then reverse engineered. It had also recently come out that Huawei is a state owned company where I explain the repercussions in this post. Finally in a quick post I had suggested the idea that Ebay’s Pierre Omidyar was behind The Shadow Brokers, the group who released the NSA spying tools from 2013.

To start things off, how can we link the Snowden leak to China? After leaving the US, Snowden headed off to Hong Kong before meeting with a reporter from Wikileaks. He flew with the reporter to Russia where his passport was canceled and he remains in Russia to this day. It was originally reported that Snowden handed off the files to three reporters in Hong Kong, but that was later refuted. After legal advice, Snowden then said that he destroyed the evidence before heading to Russia as a protective measure for himself. It is possible that Snowden handed the reporters copies then destroyed his originals. If China got the files though, this would likely be the ground zero based on the proximity.

I had discussed the possibility of Omidyar being behind the Shadow Brokers and posted a quick tweet explaining the possible reasons why. Sometimes when you throw things at the wall, they stick. I was rewarded with this reply which shows that the leak came from a USB which fits the Snowden description. Also Omidyar had the full stash that he was leaking to Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept. Omidyar owns The Intercept. Note how Matt Tait is involved as well. In my post yesterday, I wrote about he was involved with Peter W. Smith who was searching for Hillary Clinton’s emails and is also rumored to be Marcy Wheeler’s source that she outed. For context, Peter W. Smith was found dead on May 14, 2017 with a suicide note that did not make sense.

Just for some more background information on Omidyar and Snowden, I made a thread not too long ago highlighting the connections.

So how is this an unconventional war? Cyber warfare comes in many shapes and sizes. I had written another blog post about how our user experiences are being used to target us. What we are starting to see is a lot of the attacks against Trump’s foreign policy team was due to the necessity to protect the Iran Deal. Obama had known that Russia was interfering with the election, yet did nothing? He sanctioned them at the end of 2016, after the election had transpired. The gist of the post focuses around how I think that not only was the election influenced by targeting the masses, but IC leaders were also targeted which caused them to be subject to foreign influence to sow discord into the country. New emails from FBI Agent Peter Strzok show that this may be a viable theory as he thinks that the CIA was controlling the leak flow that was influencing the FBI’s investigation.

Apart from the cyber sedition, we are currently in a trade war with China. Trump has been relentless with the tariffs and just suggested even more hikes. We also have the geopolitical crises surrounding several Chinese proxy states like Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea which all eventually lead back to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. China has been expanding it’s influence all over the world and you have to wonder when the tipping point will come. As I have pointed out in my first post in the Finding the Genesis series, I believe that China is the biggest threat facing the US and if working with Russia is necessary to maintain the top spot of the world’s pecking order, you do it.

Moving onto spying, as I have pointed out in the State Owned Huawei post, there is also a geopolitical battle over 5G which will control the information flow moving forward. Huawei is known for placing spyware in their tech and I fully believe that they would have owned the US if we allowed for them to install their 5G tech as they would not only be in control of our hardware, but our networks as well. This isn’t just sending in armies anymore, it is a full 24/7 assault against the US.

The good news is that things are turning around. Chinese spies are being prosecuted again after what seems to be a failed attempt by the Obama Administration to leverage a Chinese spy to stop China from further spying. As seen by Huawei, China didn’t stop, they just got better. Even the indictment of the three Chinese spies which was unsealed November 27, 2017 shows that the Chinese never stopped. Was this another stop order to protect the Iran deal? The indictment shows how the Chinese targeted US based businesses instead of the actual government to steal their information.

With my post yesterday, I had found out that the Qatar funded Brookings Institution had laid out the case for obstruction against Donald Trump. You have a foreign government laying out the path for the impeachment of the US president. Nothing wrong with that at all. Unsurprisingly, Qatar is a strategic ally of China. Is this yet another attempt at China trying to undercut American Democracy? If so, like everything else they have thrown at Trump so far, it has failed.

Perhaps this is why the New York Times had also released another article yesterday saying that Xi was not ready for Trump. Are we finally getting close to the climax? Situations in the Chinese proxy states seem like they are getting close to a breaking point. Trump has been gaining the upper hand and both the Russia Collusion and Obstruction cases against him are at the wayside.

Public knowledge of this situation is necessary because unlike President Xi, Donald Trump was not elected to be president for life. Either Trump finishes this himself or the next president has to take an equally aggressive stance against China in order to maintain the US dominance after being weakened so much during the Obama Administration.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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