The Comey Conundrum

Former FBI Director James Comey has become an extremely polarizing figure since his July 5, 2016 speech that exonerated Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information. Over the course of the rest of the election cycle, both the right and the left have flip flopped several times on whether Comey is a hero or not. First flip was on October 28, 2016 when Comey reopened the email investigation after previously swearing to congress he would do so if new evidence is brought forward. The Anthony Weiner laptop caused the cause to be opened and it was closed down on November 6, 2016. Two days later, Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States.

There were many anomalies with the way Comey handled the case. In my early threading days, after figuring out that Mueller was not protecting the swamp, I had realized that Rod Rosenstein was not protecting the swamp by extension. Riding this wave of kabuki theater, I had set my eyes on Comey and highlighted all his anomalies which helped get Trump elected. It may make you cringe, so apologies for that. In all fairness though, it was August 9, 2018.

By midterms, Comey was still up to his liberal act and telling people to vote Democrat on Twitter which was getting concerning. While Mueller and Rosenstein remained quiet, Comey was vocal. Then his December 2018 interviews came up and he made an entire spectacle of how the transcripts should be public. Around this time, John Huber from the DOJ was set to appear before congress to testify. This had fired up the neurons into thinking that Huber was going to testify and then Comey would tell all in the transcripts. Unfortunately, Huber canceled and Comey canceled his brain as his transcripts were mainly answers that avoided the question. Time to rethink.

Self reflecting led me to three main points about Comey into why I think that he was an Obama loyalist. The first one is easy, Andrew McCabe. McCabe was the perfect swiss army knife for Comey. McCabe had a conflict of interest on the Hillary Clinton side due to his wife, Jill McCabe, receiving campaign donations made by Terry McAuliffe in 2015. McAuliffe is a Clinton ally. Surprisingly, or not, this is not McCabe’s only conflict of interest. In 2014, General Michael Flynn had intervened against McCabe in the Robyn Gritz case. This has caused some to speculate that the case against Flynn was retaliation. At the beginning stages of the Mid Year Exam, on July 30, 2015 McCabe was promoted to Associative Deputy Director. After Flynn visited Moscow in December 2015, McCabe was promoted again to Deputy Director. McCabe was on both cases. Some may call this a sting on McCabe, but why do all this damage for a guy that could have been fired? There are electronic communications that he electronically sent out a stand down order when the Washington Field Office first received the Clinton Case.

The second order of business is the January 5, 2017 oval office meeting. This is where I believe the obstruction case against Trump originated. The participants of the meeting included Comey, Yates, Obama, Biden, and Rice. Riddle me this, Comey publically lists out all of Clinton’s crimes, then he reopens her investigation 11 days before the election, but remains in the trust of Obama to invite him to a secret meeting? Makes no sense. Maybe this was to set up Comey as one of the coup plotters, but why after two days did Comey write a memo to McCabe and James Rybicki? Why did the memo say, “I then executed the session exactly as I had planned.” and then he wrote subsequent memos which were working to frame Trump for obstruction? Why not tell him about the entire Dossier, not the urine part? Some may say these memos exonerated Trump, but in the hands of McCabe how can we be sure? If it was not for the appointment of a special council during the 9 Days of May, who knows where this investigation would have gone. Comey likes to take credit for the appointment of a special council, but with Trump being cleared of Russia collusion by Mueller, why plunge the country into division and derail Trumps presidency for 2+ years for something that could have been avoided?

The last order business is Reinhold Neibhur. If you don’t remember, Comey was revealed to be under a pseudonym on Twitter. The handle (@projectexile7) was discovered by Gizmodo writer Ashley Feinburg. The path to the discovery is very impressive and if you have the time you should give it a read. What is important is that Comey already had anti-Trump content on his Twitter feed before he was outed by an internet sleuth. Either this guy was in it for the long con, or he doesn’t like Trump. Who is Reinhold Neibhur though and how is he tied to Comey?

Looking at the theology of Niebuhr you will find that in the 1930’s he was a leader of the militant faction of the Socialist Party of America. He then grew bored with the pacifism that came with the socialist platform and joined Christian Realism. Under Christian Realism he supported the American efforts during WW1, was anti-communist, and supported nuclear weapons. In his later works though, reading the synopsis, the subjects seem conflicting. To make this story more bizarre, apart from Comey, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Barrack Obama, and John McCain all cite Niebuhr as an influence on their thoughts.

While I hope that this is a sting, I can’t see it. Maybe I am being naive, but I can’t help but think that doing things by the book once Trump won the presidency would have not been a better method. Instead we get a mess that took two years to clean up, but no matter what side Comey was on, the apex predator reigned supreme.

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