Where My Head Is At 4/26/19

Right now, it is hard to really analyze where things are going to go. Last night brought in a whirlwind of news stories that show that the boomerang is getting close. I don’t want to waste my time guessing things that will probably be revealed by the upcoming OIG reports. I am sure all of you have these areas where you hit a crossroads and there are two or more viable alternatives. Not being able to find that smoking gun is where I am with a few things. If I put my ideas out instead of keeping them in my head I think it will help solve the problems faster.

First order of business is fresh off the Ukraine, Manafort, Chalupa storyline. In this tweet by Jeff, he brings up the question of why Chalupa and company were digging up dirt on Manafort in Early 2016. You’ll note that this was before Manafort submitted his resume to Trump’s friend Tom Barrack on February 29, 2016. A question that is raised is if they were tipped off that Manafort was going to apply for the job? If Manafort was a nice guy it would seem like this is a logical conclusion. Knowing Manafort’s history though shows that he had worked with shady people from the left side of the aisle. While working for Trump’s campaign, Manafort did more than just whip the delegates. It is hitting me in real time that perhaps the Kilimnik Peace Plan is unrelated to the Peace Plan that General Flynn was working. This would help explain why Genreal Flynn’s firing was shortly after that peace plan was delivered by Cohen. This makes the Michelle Fields incident look more like a targeting of Lewandowksi again rather than theater. Based on Manafort working for Trump, I don’t think that Manafort knew the ledger was going to leak in August or his sharing of polling information and meetings with Kilimnik would be exposed. This would be the best case for Trump now because that would mean that Manafort had to tell someone that he was going to apply to the Trump campaign. This could be some of the people that were referred based off of his case. Greg Craig, Tony Podesta, and Vin Weber are the three candidates. Manafort tells someone and they tell the DNC and they start digging up dirt on Manafort to get a head start. Doesn’t seem that out of bounds so let’s see where this goes.

Second order of business is the shadow brokers. The NSA tools started to be released in August 2016. They were dated from 2013 which fits in with the Snowden leaks. The hacking tools were outdated as they only worked on older versions of windows and before that they wanted peoples info first for the tools in exchange. This screams honeypot. With the Snowden leaks, they were leaked through Omidyar funded The Intercept. Omidyar has the entire stash of the files so he could have left out the material that The Shadow Brokers were selling. It was almost useless now anyway, might as well have some fun. Snowden then blamed Russia for the hack which is funny because it was probably him.

Last order of business is Mike Pence. I really don’t think we can make the proper determination if he is swamp or not while he is still Trump’s Vice President pick for 2020. Of course that can change tomorrow, but don’t you think it is more sensible to support the vice president until he is proven to be guilty? Just because his Chief of Staff could have flipped on him, doesn’t mean Pence flipped on Trump. Even the whole thing with the interview. Ever consider that someone could have told Pence the wrong information? Maybe even Pence lied on purpose because what it did was show the DoJ’s hand and tip off that they were listening in on the phone call. Nothing is definitive with this issue. If Trump drops Pence, we know the answer. Is it too much to just wait and see?

Bonus: Can anyone find a tie between Huawei and Spygate?

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