The Sting Theory

Note: I am only leaving this up as a reminder of how far I’ve grown.

What got me into the politics surrounding Donald J. Trump actually had very little to do with the politics. I voted for him in 2016 and a lot of that was based on giving a middle finger to the establishment and I loved the energy surrounding his campaign. While I was loosely following his presidency, what got me into digging was realizing that SpyGate has the potential to be a sting. This was an extremely fun realization which came right before it was announced that Mueller had referred Tony Podesta, Greg Craig, and Vin Weber to the SDNY. I was thinking to myself and asked why Tony Podesta was named in Manafort’s indictment. If Mueller was protecting the swamp, why even name Podesta?

The curiosity became overwhelming and I got to work. I started with Papadopoulos and his energy connections in the Middle East. He was working towards the East Med Pipleline which connects a Egypt, Israel, and Cyprus. The discoveries of natural gas have been shifting the power axis there and it would inevitably weaken Iran. There were competing pipelines as well.

Thinking about who was targeted by the Obama Administration, it was people involved with the Foreign Policy Team. This includes Kushner, Sessions, Flynn, Papadopoulos, McFarland, and Page. I had spent all this time looking at the individual players of the foreign policy team that I never really looked at the foreign policy plan. I think this an oversight that is across the board because this is a lot of what the left claims is the collusion between Trump and Russia alongside the Trump Moscow Project.

There is some basis for these claims, this article by Bloomberg is probably one of the more detailed articles about the plan. In short, it was going to reshape the Middle East by pulling Russia away from Iran and have them help build Nuclear Reactors across the Middle East. For this to work, the Ukraine Sanctions would need to be ripped up as well. If you are going to forge new friendships, you have to give them an incentive to turn on Iran. Learning about all this stuff started to make me discouraged if the sting would be happening because there was some shady stuff going around the Trump campaign. What made me snap out of it was the fact that none of this stuff materialized. Are we just going to make negotiating illegal now? That is the main thing people on the left forget. Nothing happened apart from the Wikileaks dumps, but that could have been anyone.

What my venture into the dark side of Flynn led me to realize is that he is probably the biggest player in all of this. Coming from the Obama Administration, the set up against him can be traced back to 2013 when he was the first American General to visit the GRU. Then in 2014, he was at the Cambridge Forum where he met Svetlana Lokhova who went from a student at the event to a Russian Honeypot who entrapped Flynn years later. Stefan Halper has been a common theme among almost all of Trump’s Foreign Policy team and the link attached goes into that more.

Back in December, which was before I had taken the black pill, I had written the following thread which can still stand today and I will explain why.

This thread was posted before Flynn’s sentencing where Mueller’s team had recommended no jail time for Flynn and were defending the claims against Judge Sullivan’s infamous “TREASON!” rant. This theory was not contrived on a whim. Senator Grassley has written a letter explaining that a key piece of information from the DIA should be declassified in fairness to Flynn. In addition to the information to the letter there is evidence that Flynn was working in conjunction with the DIA surrounding his 2015 visit to Russia for the Russia Today Dinner. The only controversy surrounding this event is if Flynn had told the DIA that he was paid, which he was.

In an attempt at transparency, I had two instances of closed source information that help further this theory. Both come second hand via people on Twitter who have shared their information with me, and I don’t want to pull a Marcy Wheeler and potentially have their relationships compromised. They both confirm the sting theory. Honestly, if I was reading this, I would ignore this information because if you can’t prove something logically, it probably isn’t true. Let’s continue to do this the hard way.

Heading back to the sting theory, who would be the targets of the sting? Hillary Clinton and Obama would be the obvious targets. The issue, and this may still be stemming from the black pill I swallowed, is that there is the national security umbrella that everyone seems to ignore. We also have the chain of command issue. The president has the authority to claim something as a danger to national security which would make all the actions legal. As for agents in the FBI, if an underling was simply following the orders of the superior, is he/she held accountable for those actions? If these people want to be prosecuted, it would have to be something that falls outside the scope of Trump Russia in my opinion.

Going back to my lurking days, one thing I remember reading was, “Don’t pay attention to the Clinton Emails, pay attention to the Clinton Foundation.” I have dubbed Hillary’s private server as the Genesis to this entire mess. Just the instance of the Uranium One sale is enough to take another look at the situation. With the latest crackdown of FARA violations as well, the Clinton Foundation has been evading the filings. To make matters more interesting, a whistle blower (suspected to be CFO Andrew Kessel) for the Foundation has come forward with evidence suggesting that the IRS was mislead.

How can we start to tie this back to Flynn and Spygate? We can start by asking the man himself. In Novemeber 2016, Flynn had surprisingly written an Op-Ed for Turkey about the extradition of Fethullah Gulen. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had blamed Gulen and 17 democrats for the coup in Turkey back on July 15, 2016. Interestingly, what was pointed out to me last night was that on July 13, 2016, the Daily Caller had written that Erdogan was cracking down on Gulen. In addition on July 14, 2016, the Guccifer 2.0 had emailed Wikileaks information per Mueller’s GRU indictment. Then on July 19, Wikileaks had dumped files specific to Erdogan emails after the coup failed. To make everything full circle, in Flynn’s Op-Ed he specifically calls out the Clinton Foundation.

Our Ally in Turkey is in Crisis and Needs our Help – The Hill

To tie things back to the Special Counsel, the Op-Ed got the Obama DOJ to pounce on a potential FARA violation for Flynn as he may have been working on behalf of a foreign government. This was one of the charges he plead guilty to. After Flynn was cited for extensive cooperation, two of Flynn’s former business partners were also hit for FARA violations. Bijan Rafiekian and Kamil Ekim Alptekin were both charged and the case is in the discovery process with Flynn as a witness against them.

Fast forwarding to today, Flynn, who plead guilty on December 1, 2017 still has yet to be sentenced. It has been 799 days. The Mueller report recently cleared Trump of Russia Collusion and I had written that Trump Has Everything and told people to Take a Chill Pill. As for the Kian case, twitter user @JasTheGreek has been on top of the court filings. He first got my attention on his April 15, 2019 thread where he pointed out that Kian had requested all communications from Flynn that were intercepted, monitored, or otherwise recorded by any agency of the US Government. Today, he made another thread which specified what they specifically wanted from the US Government. Give the whole thread a read, it is vital for this sting theory.

So to summarize Jas’s thread, what Kian is asking for is not only the genesis for the crimes against Gen Flynn (which I dub as the real SpyGate since they were spying for a crime), but asking for the genesis of the overall narrative around Flynn. Looking back, the only things we have seen in regards to Flynn have been documents and narratives that have been selectively leaked by the media. With Mueller’s report, it was investigated the way that McCabe and Comey had fixed the case. It would not be a far stretch of the imagination to assume that Flynn’s case was handled in the same manner.

To make matters more interesting, reading an article this morning, it seems as if Trump is baiting the Democrats to bring the articles of impeachment against him. While impeachment is almost completely off the table since you need 2/3rds of the Senate, I had originally assumed the Democrats would do it anyway for narrative purposes. Both Michael Caputo and Rudy Giuliani make comments that further the sting theory as I point out here.

Trump has also not released his rebuttal that he had written in anticipation of the Mueller Report. If I am right with the above content, a reason for this could be to start his counter attack as a defensive measure. If the Democrats in the House get a little too aggressive, it would be a microcosm of what is happening in the Flynn, Kian case. Trump has never had a chance to fully defend himself yet and his attempts within the White House are now viewed as Obstruction of Justice.

I think that irony is one of the world’s greatest treasures and how ironic would it be if both Flynn and Trump were both cleared while defending their names? Both have the similarity that as pursuit against the gets more aggressive, the more information comes out about the people who put them in that position. Forget the Avengers, this would be the most ambitious crossover event in history.

Update: This post is garbage.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and @smc12256.

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