State Owned Huawei?

Some new information has come out recently in regards to Huawei. If you have read some of my past blog post, I explained how I think that Hillary’s server is going to be a blessing in disguise later down the road. In short, the discovery of Hillary’s server had led to a backdoor anomaly that was found by the ICIG during her email probe. Later on, Bloomberg reported that Super Micro chips were compromised. Turns out that Hillary Clinton’s server used Super Micro. Epoch Times later wrote about the Super Micro discovery. I later go on to explain how it doesn’t make sense for China to show their hand with the emails because 5G would be the real prize:

…from the Chinese perspective, it would make no sense for them to reveal their hand when it comes to all the back door access they have implanted in US technology over the years. While being able to spy on everything at will is a handy feature to have, the cover was blown with the anomaly in Clinton’s server. In the meantime, President Trump has been on a full scale attack against Chinese company Huawei who were recently served 10 indictments which include the theft of trade secrets conspiracy, attempted theft of trade secrets, seven counts of wire fraud, and one count of obstruction of justice. Coincidentally Huawei was slated to build the 5G Network across America, something Trump is warning the United State’s foreign allies to not let happen. If China was able to install the 5G network, not only would they have access to our tech, but also our network. While Clinton’s server had caused short term problems, long term it may be seen as a blessing in disguise. America was able to dodge a massive bullet as some recent events show the extent America was compromised. The US was forced to ground all 737 planes which will now be receiving a software update and there was an NSA style backdoor recently found on Huawei laptops.

Turns out that the CIA now has information that shows that Huawei is funded by China’s military and intelligence. They are trying to warn the UK to stay away from Huawei, but for whatever reason Theresa May continues to boogie her way out of office. Most people had basically assumed that Huawei was somehow state owned, and it was a small assumption for my theory above. There is an area though that this can impact.

As stated in the quoted section, Huawei had already been hit with 10 indictments by the DOJ. Canada had recently arrested the CFO Meng Wanzhou. She is sought for extradition to the US. Personally I feel as if this story is being undersold as these events can be directly attributed to the country of China. If you are unfamiliar with Skycom, they are Iran’s largest mobile phone operator and Huawei (I mean China) used them to skirt sanctions.

What is also interesting is recently Skycom, what was said to be a Huawei business partner in Iran, turned out to be an unofficial subsidiary.

By spying on Huawei, U.S. found evidence against the Chinese firm – Reuters

Ironically, this was found out using a FISA warrant. People who claim that FISA should be abolished, clearly don’t see how critical it can be to the National Security of the United States. The oversight process needs to be fixed and the woods procedure has to have a layer of oversight. I am curious as to what IG Horowitz is going to recommend.

Overall, we dodged a big one. While everyone is focused on Mueller, there was/is a legitimate attack on the US. I don’t think we have fully comprehended how much warfare has changed from the WW2 days. Just look at what most of Spygate is about; cyber crimes. It comes in many shapes and sizes too. The internet made everything connected, so there are many more ways you can attack someone electronically than through conventional military means.

This applies to the little people like us as well. There is so much disinformation out there that is meant to confuse and herd. Just try to keep your minds open and don’t get too locked into theories. By breaking through the disinformation, you’ll be able to spot the BS better. The only way to find the truth is to find it yourself.

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