The Chill Pill

In my quest to be a bastion of logic and reason, I have to say something about the public’s reaction to the release of the Mueller Report. What is going on?

When Barr released his four page summary, everyone was cheering at the results. Mueller had ruled no collusion on Russia and Barr had ruled no on obstruction. People on the right were cheering and people on the left were saying that Barr was handpicked by Trump. The handpicked argument is stupid. That should show the state of the media since every nomination by Trump is handpicked.

When the Mueller Report dropped for whatever reason, the people on the right went into a state of hysteria about the body of the report. Immediately the left started calling for impeachment and the right fell in line with the narratives that seem to derive from the Fox News crowd. While selectively ignoring that Mueller cleared Trump on Russia collusion, they focused on the obstruction part because that is apparently the most damaging part of the report. How many people read the entire obstruction section? How many are just doing half-assed analysis based off how much people like Mark Levin are screaming and yelling about how the entire thing is BS?

Time to inject some common sense into the fold since most of the discussion revolves around what the MSM is saying at the time. Left media wants to impeach Trump over the obstruction part. The right hates Mueller because he put that part in the report. I honestly think sometimes that people’s expectations are so unrealistic that they expected the Mueller Report to be opened up and it was a picture of Hillary and Obama in a prison cell. When that doesn’t happen, then everything we don’t like is swamp mentality comes over and we lose sight of the two pieces of information that actually matter.

  1. The Mueller Report cleared Trump of Russia Collusion.
  2. AG Barr cleared Trump of Obstruction of Justice.

Let’s start out with the Mueller Report on Russia Collusion. For the last two years, the right wing media has been telling us that this entire thing was a frame job. OSINT researchers like myself have documented how Fusion GPS’s Dossier was garbage, how Clinton had paid for it indirectly, and how the Woods Procedure for the FISA was abused. Apparently my old analysis on how Crossfire Hurricane was opened is pretty close to what actually was reported in the Mueller Report. Unfortunately, none of this exculpatory evidence was named in the report itself.

While most people are pissed about this, there is another way to look at it that people are missing. Mueller reviewed the investigation with no technicalities used to clear Trump. Using the full scope of the investigation that Comey and McCabe’s FBI cooked up, Mueller was still unable to find Trump guilty of collusion with Russia. Have you wondered why the Russia talk has seemingly stopped and obstruction talk is the talk of the town? There were no excuses to be made since the investigation was carried out ‘properly.’

Going into the obstruction case, it’s garbage already and outlined the media leak strategy to get Trump. As I highlighted in a past post, Trump now has an outline on what everyone said behind him when his back was against the wall. If there are any rats still inside the admin, this report will assist Trump in flushing them out. Barr posted the obstruction case without redactions as well which means that it is not being used in an ongoing investigation against Trump. He ruled no collusion and last time I checked, Barr was the AG who has the proper determination to make that decision. It is over.

What can be done from this point forward? We have to stop looking at how bad the media is making this sound for Trump and start looking at it objectively. I only see a man left standing after one of the worst attempts to overthrow an elected president. Instead of cheering we are whining? It just shows how much pull the media still has over the general population. Unless we start analyzing things outside the bounds of the official media narrative, we will continue to be under their thumb.

Looking at the leadership of the left, I can’t see how Mueller’s report is anything but bad for them. They had promised Russia collusion since 2016 and it was just ruled against their favor without any of the exculpatory information included. Devin Nunes had also stated that the 8/2/17 scope memo given by DAG Rod Rosenstein was based off the allegations of the Steele Dossier. That is an awesome revelation because it drags everything into Mueller’s conclusions and there are no escape routes for why Mueller ruled out of favor.

As for obstruction, what can the left do? It was literally written as their attempt to leak information to get Trump impeached based off of Trump’s reaction. This has implanted an extreme amount of confirmation bias because the medias sedition is being spun around back to them. They believe the results of the obstruction case because they were the ones who fabricated it. They bought into their own lies and accept their manufactured reality as the true reality. The base is rabid too. They want Trump gone. They want Trump impeached. Did the Democratic leaders not explain how impeachment works and they need 20 republican senators to vote to impeach Trump? Did they not explain how the evidence has now been tainted after Barr made it public? Did they not explain that Trump has yet to be given a chance to defend himself and his name? Of course not, we live in a day and age that we believe that the public opinion is higher than the court of law. If the Democrats try impeachment they are going to be embarrassed when it fails and if they don’t their base is going to be pissed. Lose-lose.

This is why it is important to base analysis off the facts instead of the narrative. Instead of looking into the past still, we have finally reached a point in time that Trump no longer has Russia Collusion hung over his head. How far will Trump go with the counter attack? Why are there so many referrals that are still redacted in the Mueller Report? Why are the Democrats desperate to see who they are?

I have highlighted in past posts how involved someone like Greg Craig was in the Obama Administration. I am pretty sure that the person listed besides him in Mueller’s indictment is Cliff Sloan who is also Skadden and was working to ship the detainees out of Guantanamo Bay before resigning.

Why would Mueller go after someone like Craig and Sloan when they have nothing to do with Trump and a lot to do with Obama? Why go after Tony Podesta as well? The media was starting to get to me a little, but this was my fundamental anomaly. If Mueller was truly out there to protect the swamp, why bring in these other characters? If Mueller wanted to get Trump, he could have left the Russia decision on Barr, only to have the media continue to skewer Barr for protecting Trump and make the results seem illegitimate.

By finding anomalies like the above, the narrative begins to get holes in it. People were click to point out how wrong I was about Mueller and Rosenstein, but I am confident in my analysis. Personally, I think the fun is only starting. Iran is now in the crosshairs of the Trump Administration and the Peace Plan that originally had the Obama Administration targeting General Flynn is back on the table. Sit back, chill out, and learn how the master deal maker does business. You’ll miss the best parts by continuously being sucked into the fake news media’s hysteria.

5 thoughts on “The Chill Pill

  1. Like most of us that have followed this gross attempt at toppling a duly elected President thru lies, innuendo and illegal use of our DOJ resources, I have observed with impatience the slow-roll of unfolding events. Despite the appearance that Hilda and Barry are not worried or bothered in the least by the thought that they may actually have to pay for their crimes, I choose to put my trust in this President, this AG and this slow-moving train of justice. I am a senior citizen, still working every day contributing to society and the IRS. I have seen a lot of political drama in my time. Nothing. Compares. To. This. My trust is in Trump, my faith in God and I have always believed in the Wheels of Justice. They may turn slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.

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