Note: I am only leaving this up as a reminder of how far I’ve grown.

I was listening to Muse’s 2015 album Drones and one of my favorite songs from that album is Reapers. The guitar in that song is awesome. I have this weird thing with music that I listen to the sounds the instruments make over the actual lyrics. After hearing the song for probably a thousand times, my brain had finally picked up on the following lyrics:

You rule with lies and deceit
And the world is on your side
‘Cause you’ve got the CIA, babe
But all you’ve done is brutalize

Muse – Reapers

With my pre-installed confirmation bias, I had figured that the verse could apply to Obama. This article by Ammo has a great infographic that depicts Obama’s expanded use of drones during his presidency. While I do think that drones are handy as they do not put American lives in danger, I can only imagine the feeling from a Middle Eastern country having to see these things in the sky always watching like Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984.

With a few of my past posts, I had been on the hot topic of leaks from the Obama administration. From what started with noticing that a lot of story lines from 2017 were being revitalized in 2019 led me looking at Assange. This led to a deep dive into Greg Craig and his connections to David Sanger. From there it led to me looking at Vault 7 not only as a leak of some of America’s most powerful spying tools, but as a way to keep them out of the future president’s hands.

I had always looked at the Spygate narrative from the perspective that Obama and Hillary were on the same team. This led to me thinking that James Comey was on Trump’s side for a little bit based on his actions to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign by having the Mid Year Exam go public during the election run and re-opening the case only a few days before the general election. What is also interesting is with the Alfa Bank leak, the FBI immediately issued a story to the New York Times disputing the findings from Hillary and her campaign. If the FBI was out to get Trump, why not just let the story linger?

By putting Obama in his own category, pieces seem to be falling into place better in terms of figuring things out. This would mean that Obama technically helped Trump win, but just looking at the dates of the Carter Page FISA warrant, it ran through Trump’s transition and presidency. It was going to Comey at the FBI. While I have no doubt that there was looking into the campaigns, the Trump campaign was being spied on to find a crime since the Obama administration had gone through the proper channels instead of backdoor methods. Almost immediately after being elected, General Flynn is placed under investigation for FARA violations. This had come after Flynn’s Op-Ed at the Hill for the extradition of Gulen on November 8, 2016. The Justice Department formally looked into the inquiries on November 30, 2016. We also have the transition team being set up for failure with the sanctions placed on Russia and the upcoming UN Resolution for the Israeli settlements. This had forced Flynn to call the Russian Ambassador Kislyac and from there, the phone call was monitored which led to the eventual firing of Flynn and the looks into Trump for obstruction of justice.

With the Mueller Report coming out yesterday, I was pretty bleak. The media drones were finally starting to get to me. The report was reading exactly like their narrative. There was no mention of anything that was wrong with the official FBI investigation. What was going on? Why would Trump be meeting with Mueller and Rosenstein the day before only to be blindsided by Rosenstein? While it may simply be that Rosenstein is a bad guy, I have outlined in past posts on how Obama screwed him over by overturning his conviction of a four star general who also leaked information to our enemies.

There is just an overwhelming theme of leaking when it comes to Obama. Coincidentally it was one of Jeff Sessions main goals during his tenure as AG to stop the leaking. The entire second part of Mueller’s Report which deals with the obstruction case is Trump battling with media leaks. Reading it seems like a death by 1000 cuts using the drones in the media who just write what they are given. It is a shame that it did not work though and now Trump has access to what everyone has said to him over the course of the entire investigation. Rosenstein is still at the DOJ as well. Mueller’s report mentioned no wrongdoing by the FBI during the investigation, but now the talk coming from the Trump surrogates is to investigate the investigators.

Timing for this is way too strategic as well since it is coming during what seems to be an inflection point of Trump’s administration. While I have talked about leaking and the drones that help push the sedition narrative, can we can combine the leaking and an actual drone? Surprisingly (or not) there is actually an instance where this could have happened.

During David Patraeus‘ tenure as the CIA director from September 6, 2011 – November 9, 2012, an interesting event happened. As a side note, Patraeus was forced to resign after leaking classified information to his biographer Paula Broadwell. He plead guilty and was convicted.

So what happened? On 5 December 2011, an American Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was captured by Iranian forces near the city of Kashmar in northeastern Iran. The Iranian government had claimed that they hacked the drone and then landed it safely. Obama had originally denied the claims, but then conceded that it did happen and asked nicely for Iran to return it. They didn’t.

There was a big debate over whether or not to destroy the drone, but the Obama Administration had decided to not do it in fear of escalating tensions. Problem is though, looking at the drone, this wasn’t a normal drone. First there were only around 20 of these drones built. They were used by both the CIA (hence the Patraeus reference) and the Air Force. While there aren’t many details about the drone, just by looking at it you can see that it looks like the stealth bomber. This makes the Iranian capture more puzzling since this was a stealth drone.

Artist rendering of the RQ-170

So what happened with this prized drone? Iran reversed engineered it and then started producing it themselves. In 2016, the Saegheh-1 had been revealed to the world which was suspected to have been designed based of the reverse engineering from the RQ-170. There were differences between the models, but that is the beauty of reverse engineering. The Saegheh model was also arms capable.

During the February 2018 Israel-Syria incident, Israel had shot down a Saegheh-1 drone showing that the drones were in use. To make matters worse, the Times of Israel added more fuel to the suspicions that this was the RQ-170 ripoff by stating the IAF saying that the drone imitated western technology.

While I understand that ideologies can look bad when you don’t agree, as an American president your duty is to protect the American people. If any of what I have been stating over the last few posts was intentionally done, this is nothing short of treason.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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  1. I feel extremely confident Obama ordered the spying, however I’d ont think that is enough to convince the American people. Treason, betrayal against our interest must be proven . You are doing a great job showing this

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