Trump Has Everything

The most mind blowing thing was just pointed out to me by Twitter user @A_NONYMOUSgamer. I was pretty bummed at the Mueller report because it was pretty obvious that the gap between the right and the left was getting wider. I had originally hoped that the Mueller Report was going to unite the country by creating a sense of cognitive dissonance where everyone is confused and snaps out of it. Wishful thinking.

When the report came out and the reaction from the left was pretty similar to the reaction the right had when Horowitz released the Mid Year Exam Review. While there are major differences to the content of the two reports, the left sees a lot of evidence in the body of the report which is fueled by their confirmation bias that Trump is guilty. The result of Trump being cleared seems incomprehensible. I am really curious to see if they really do try to impeach him.

As for the Report itself, it was obviously skewed away from Trump and was by no means a fair and neutral report. There were a few instances like Henry Greenburg not being listed as an FBI informant or mention of Stefan Halper. They framed the narrative that there was no egging on by the side of the FBI which convoluted the story. It was written exactly the way the media was predicting it would have be written by Dirty Mueller. There is such a long history between most of these guys that it is really hard for me to believe that Trump was snookered.

So what was pointed out to me that blew my mind? Trump now has the report.

Why is this important? If you read the report, page 21 says it all.

Reading the report and looking at the footnotes, it mainly consists of footnotes from interviews conducted by people close to the president. Talking to the dirty cop Mueller now gives Trump the insight on who he can and can not trust. It also lets him know who he can and can not trust in the future.

Game on.

Update: This is garbage.

5 thoughts on “Trump Has Everything

  1. Any chance Trump has de facto legislated through his transparency ( no executive priveledges, lawyer access, documents, etc..) that this never happens to the president again. I’m not saying 3D chess stuff but he keeps reiterating it. Congress would never pass legislation to prevent it especially in this atmosphere. Maybe I’m way off here. And by the way more good shit. Do you have a YouTube channel or podcast


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