Guessing Mueller’s Scope

With Mueller’s report set to come out tomorrow (finally) I wanted to take a stab at what he is actually investigating. The Russia investigation has sucked a lot of citizens in, but throughout the entire investigation, we have yet to know key scopes.

The first is the scope of Crossfire Hurricane which was the original FBI investigation opened by Peter Strzok on July 31, 2016. This is suspected to be the Trump Russia Collusion Investigation, but we have yet to see it officially. There have been four investigations opened into members of Trump’s campaign. The four people are suspected to be Carter Page, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and General Michael Flynn. Which one is associated with Crossfire Hurricane? Do Dragon and Latitude link to any of the above? Is Crossfire Hurricane even about any of the above or is it fully into Trump? Without the scope, these questions can’t be answered.

The second is the scope of the Carter Page FISA warrant. Who was targeting Carter Page for Russia? The original narrative was that they used the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Problem is that Carter Page was originally off the campaign at that point. Then people were saying that it was to cover up the 702 abuse, but do we really know the full scope of the 702 abuse either? There are a few anomalies with the FISA warrant on Page. The first anomaly is the fact that he is/was a US intel asset. Why get a FISA on one of your own guys? Second is that it is called spying on Trump’s campaign, but the FISA was issued less than two weeks before the General Election. The FISA also lasted until September 2017 which would mean that around 70% of the FISA occurred during Trump being president. It was also signed by two people Trump handpicked which is Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein. The third anomaly is Carter Page maintaining contact with another US intel asset, Stefan Halper, who was paid a massive amount of funds by the Department of Defense. The scope of the FISA would help straighten out some of these anomalies.

The third is the scope of the Mueller investigation. When Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel for the Russia Investigation on May 17, 2017, Rod Rosenstein issued a vague scope.

Rosenstein 5/17/17 Letter Appointing Mueller

In a response to a challenge by Paul Manafort, a revised scope which was issued on August 2, 2017 was revealed. Coincidentally, that day new FBI Director Christopher Wray was sworn in. This bumped out acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe who is now under grand jury review.

Rosenstein 8/2/17 Revised Scope Page 1
Rosenstein 8/2/17 Revised Scope Page 2
Rosenstein 8/2/17 Revised Scope Page 3

With the Manafort scope being sandwiched between two redacted portions, I think it is safe to assume that there are at least three parts to the added scope. The Manafort trials have played out in real time so there is no real point going into that.

For the first redaction guess, based on the timing surrounding McCabe, I think that the Obstruction of Justice case was added to Mueller’s scope. If the goal was to investigate Trump and his collusion with Russia, then the obstruction of justice case would have to be looked at. I had originally been skeptical of this being an actual investigation, but when AG Barr posted his summary he had written about the obstruction case. This confirmed the existence.

Barr’s letter confirming Obstruction of Justice

As for the second redacted guess, I would have to assume that it would be involving the allegations into General Michael Flynn. We know that Manafort was added to the scope and his indictment hit on October 30, 2017. Flynn accepted his plea deal on December 1, 2017. Since this was a plea deal, he had to have seen the evidence pressed against him already in order to accept the plea. The next day Senator Dianne Feinstein had released her timeline of Flynn’s Peace Plan talks which makes me think that the original charges pertained to the Peace Plan talks. As time moved on, these allegations must have been proven false as the SC had recommended no time for Flynn, but in a dramatic display, Judge Sullivan had shouted, “Treason!” before extending Flynn’s sentencing another few months.

Going over the Flynn and Obstruction charges, I think that they are both related to one another. In Comey’s memos, Flynn was highlighted a lot and the media made a stink about Trump asking Comey to take it easy on Flynn. Trump had also asked his lawyers if it was okay to contact Flynn after he was fired. In the following thread I go over all the links I had found once I started exploring this angle.

Overall, throughout this whole time, the focus has always been on Trump’s foreign policy team. What is surprising though is that due to a few early theories, we had been herded into looking at the players of Trump’s foreign policy team, but not the actual foreign policy plan. I believe the left has been herded into looking at the foreign policy plan, but not the players.

It is amazing how the first scope sets the brain to thinking along certain lines, but once you start understanding the media’s tricks, it gets harder for them to continually influence and control. It took me over two years to start seeing what I believe is the big picture, but better late than never.

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