Was Vault 7 a Strategic Leak?

Note: I am only leaving this up as a reminder of how far I’ve grown.

In a recent interview, Rod Rosenstein had said, “Don’t forget what the Mueller Probe was about: Cyber Crimes.” In regards to the Russian interference in the election, this can be associated to two things: The hacks that were done on the candidates and the leaking of material via Wikileaks. When I made my first post about 2017 subjects reemerging for 2019, I had not been expecting to make an unofficial series out of it. I had then made a post outlining whether or not Wikileaks was a honeypot and for who. This led to the last post which had touched on Greg Craig and his connections with General Cartwright, Wikileaks, and David Sanger.

Looking at the leaks, the Manning leaks hurt our military by giving our enemies our tactics. The Cartwright leak hurt US National Security since the Stuxnet worm was used to target Iran’s nuclear facilities. Snowden’s Global Surveillance Disclosures hurt the NSA by having their means and methods leaked to the world. Following Snowden came Joshua Adam Schulte who leaked Vault 7 which consisted of files from the CIA’s own spying unit.

When analyzing leaks, I try to focus on three areas: who leaked it, when it was leaked, and the motive behind the leak. In all of the instances above, the US had lost a significant amount of cyber tools in a time where cyber crimes were on the rise. As the world becomes more digital and information is worth it’s weight in gold, losing key tools like this can set the US back as enemies can now patch the back doors. This is not the same as the FancyBear hacks that we have seen coming from possibly Russia which is actually malware. Malware to me doesn’t actually qualify as a hack because it is based on human error and tricking the target into inputting their information on a site that is fake. The username and password is then uploaded to the server of the person sending out the phishing attempts.

Recently I had talked to a person who works in cyber security and they had given a few tips in order to attempt to protect yourself from these style of attacks. He had recommended to always try to check the URL as that is usually a key indicator. Also try to avoid http:// sites as they are not secure (https://). He had also suggested to use a VPN whenever possible and if downloading something sketchy, try downloading it in a sandbox first to see if the file is corrupted.

Moving along, when discussing Cartwright and the Stuxnet leak, it was obvious that the main beneficiary was Iran. The Stuxnet worm was attacking the nuclear facilities. The Stuxnet worm was revealed by the New York Times in Summer 2012 and then Iran had announced that it had been hit with the Stuxnet worm at it’s nuclear facilities. On February 1, 2013, John Kerry had taken over as Secretary of State. Work on the Iran Deal began shortly after in March 2013.

Although the timing is coincidental, I normally wouldn’t put much stock into this being a concession made by the US to facilitate the Iran deal. The problem is, in 2017, Politico had released a fantastic piece of investigative reporting on how Obama had stopped prosecuting Hezbollah in order to help facilitate the Iran Deal. For the SpyGate nerds out there, in 2014 Bruce Ohr of the DOJ became director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF). While unconfirmed, I don’t think a four star general leaking the basis of Stuxnet which helped Iran out is too far outside the realm of possibility.

Using these thought patterns how could this apply to Vault 7? Well going over Schulte’s indictment, he began leaking the information back in March 2016. Again for the SpyGate nerds, March 2016 was an important month. Schulte continued to work for the CIA until November 2016. He worked for Bloomberg as a senior software engineer. The material from the leak was published by Wikileaks on March 7, 2017. This was the first part “Year Zero” which went over the CIA’s hacking abilities. There were then 23 subsequent leaks. The authenticity was confirmed by Trump on March 15, 2017.

As this was happening, Senator Mark Warner was in contact with Oligarch Oleg Deripaska’s lawyer about Assange extradition. This was their reaction to the Vault 7 drop. Whatever.

The tools had been gathered by Schulte for almost a year. On February 7, 2017 Wikileaks posted a teaser of Vault 7 showing they sat on it for at least a month. This was not long after Trump had been inaugurated. What leads me to believe that Wikileaks had these files before the Feb 7 teaser is that there were redacted portions of the release and information was randomly identified to protect the people within the leaks. This redacted behavior is not only unique for whistle blowers in general it is also unique to past releases to Sanger. Also Wikileaks later doxxed ICE agents making them complete hypocrites.

Finally getting into the motive, why would this move benefit the Obama administration? It took away all of the tools. Trump came into office completely grounded on the spying front. If I wanted to spy on someone during the election, I am pretty sure that I would be using these tools over going through a court approved warrant with a long paper trail. The FBI always had seem to be a dog and pony show. A few threaders have recently bringing up that we don’t hear much about the CIA end of things. Perhaps this is why.

With Trump being neutered by Vault 7, not only was he battling the ongoing assault of being in the middle of a scandal, the US National Security was also down when the game just started. It also ensured that Trump can not do the same thing back. Perhaps this is why we are finally seeing stories resurface from 2017, the US is back up and operational again. AG Barr is set to release his report on April 18, 2019, maybe that will be the twist in the other direction.

I never would want to think that a US President would be willing to go through such lengths to hurt the US. I feel like the possibility is there and Wikileaks could be a laundromat for classified information. My main goal is getting people to look at this situation with new angles and someone will be able to come forward with a more direct piece of evidence or something to prove me wrong. Assange being extradited will also help. If Britain was somehow involved in Spygate, I don’t think they would have agreed to give up Assange that easy. That is another reason why I think that Trump finally has what he needs.

Work on this article was assisted by the research of @Wakeywakey16@ThunderB, and@smc12256.

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