Julian or GRUlian?

Note: I am only leaving this up as a reminder of how far I’ve grown.

Yesterday I had written a post about how a lot of the events of early 2017 are being rehashed two years later. Today that trend continued with the arrest and future extradition to the US for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange was carried out of the embassy today which ends his 7 year stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy. He faces charges in both the UK and the US.

How does this relate back to 2017? In early 2017 when James Comey was still FBI director, there was a sequence of events that coincided with the events of today. In January 2017, The Hill first reported that Assange was looking for an immunity deal. He had approached Adam Waldman who is a US lobbyist. Waldman is an interesting character because besides for being involved with Assange, he also represents Oligarch Oleg Deripaska and celebrities like Johnny Depp. Jeff Carlson from The Epoch Times compiled a thorough account of what transpired during early 2017 involving the immunity deal that was eventually killed by James Comey. In response to not getting what they wanted, Wikileaks released the Vault 7 Series which publicized the CIA’s raw hacking tools.

I had been wondering for a long time what the role of Wikileaks actually was. For a while I had originally thought that it was the face value description as an independent news organization. This thought had lessened when seeing how anti-American most of their drops were, there was too much of an agenda. I had later found this post which highlights a lot of anomalies to show that Wikileaks operates more like a honeypot. Although I don’t agree with the overall analysis because the Wikileaks links to Trump are pretty weak, the points about the honeypot are universal.

The two major candidates for which country Wikileaks can be a honeypot for are the United States and Russia. Perusing the history of Wikileaks, it was founded in 2006, but there were a few fundamental changes in 2010 that look suspicious. First 2010 is when the Chelsea Manning leaks first hit. Wikileaks members also had changed servers and started taking salaries.

Starting with the Russian Honeypot theory, the most obvious connection would be Edward Snowden seeking asylum there after leaking the files from the NSA and Booz Allen. Ruptly, which is Russian, has been standing post outside of the Russian Embassy. Waldman was in connection with Assange and his connection to Deripaska makes it seem coordination. Wikileaks is accused of interfering with the 2016 by releasing the DNC/DCCC emails in July 2016 after the Democratic Party’s convention and in October 2016 when they released the Podesta Emails. A Belorussian escort even had a tape of Oleg Deripaska which claimed Russian interference in the 2016 election. Wikileaks had even turned down releasing any Russia related documents.

The case for the US argument really stems less on circumstantial evidence like the Russia case, but more on a direct text from Adam Waldman to Senator Mark Warner. These texts were later released during what seems like the massive disclosure period that has been happening since former Lt. General Michael Flynn took his plea deal in early December 2017.

As you can see from that text message, Waldman says, “This guy is going to do something catastrophic for the dems, Obama, CIA, and National Security.” Pretty powerful words for what was a private text message. From a Spygate perspective, Wikileaks assisting the CIA was suggested by Rense. Basically, classified information could be laundered through Wikileaks to be used as political take downs. Open Source Works (which I think is now FusionGPS (theory)) is where Nellie Ohr worked in the past.

A convincing case could be made for either country, but if it turns out that Wikileaks was an information launderer for the US under the Obama Administration, catastrophic would be the correct word to be used. It would also help explain why fired FBI Director James Comey killed the deal.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered, but at the rate things are moving, it might not take long to find out. In 2017, Trump made what seemed to be outrageous claims against the Obama Administration. Over two years later, with the winding down of the Mueller SC, his claims have yet to be disproved. In fact, he is being vindicated. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but this week has been a crazy ride.

6 thoughts on “Julian or GRUlian?

  1. This affair is def a mystery. When both sides seem to be smearing Assange, and he appears to be getting stuffed down a memory hole, there’s certainly something of import being covered up.

    I think any successful theory has much to explain:
    – the Warner texts, first and foremost;
    – comey’s Deal interference;
    – Rudy’s recent remark;
    – the strange timing of the indictment (1d before SOL expire and immediately after mueller report and Barr spying remark);
    – NYT/WaPo hate for a fellow journalist who, like Ellsberg, published anti-American info;
    – Chaos Actual hate for such a trivial, thin cyber crime;
    – trump say WL is not his thing.

    I’m sure there are other anomalies here. All I know is something is rotten in Denmenk.

    I like the info laundering idea but 1/ not too many Good examples, and 2/ there must be other corroboration. Confessions of a liars liar will not be sufficient.

    The first question: Journalist or not?


    1. I agree with your points above, I’m trying to figure out how to tie in Comey killing the deal. The NYT reaction is weird as well based on working with WL.

      This wasn’t meant to come to conclusions it’s just a means of pointing out the anomalies I’ve discovered in my research into the subject. I haven’t drawn any conclusions apart from the high suspicion it’s a Honeypot.

      I guess I could be considered a journalist, but I’ve never been to journalism school. I just wanted a way to document my research in long form and not on Twitter.


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