2017 V2?

Today AG Barr testified before the Senate for his second day in a row. During his questioning, Barr unleashed a firestorm on social media after saying that he thinks spying on the Trump campaign had occurred. He followed up with that he needs to explore if the spying was adequately predicated. From early 2017 and the disclosure that has stemmed from it, #SpyGate was born and this was a direct confirmation that perhaps the ball is finally starting to roll in the right direction. Pun intended.

From a personal standpoint, I am not putting too much weight into the events of today. By saying think and explore, it means that Barr hasn’t fully concluded as of yet if there was any spying that was not predicated. For something that has been going on for two years, you would have hoped that we had more answers by now on whether or not the Obama team had illegally spied on the Trump Campaign. Right wingers have been sold that the FISA on Carter Page had been used to spy on the campaign by pundits like Sean Hannity and Dan Bongino for the last two years. I personally don’t buy it since Trump’s administration renewed the FISA two times, it was taken out after Carter Page had left the campaign, it was right before the general election which would be too short of a time to get any useful information, and the only clue we really have is that Carter Page was electronically communicating with FBI informant Stefan Halper during the entire length of the FISA.

Halper is an interesting case because not only did he have contacts with three members (George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis, and Carter Page) of Trump’s Foreign Policy team, but he also assisted in getting Adam Lovinger out of the Pentagon. While the two events seem unrelated, they actually share a common point man which is Lt. General Michael Flynn. Flynn along with Kushner were staples in directing Trump’s Foreign Policy towards the Marshall Plan. As for Lovinger, he helped connect Flynn and the Pentagon to the owner of Wikistrat/Psygroup, Joel Zamel. Personally, I think the framework behind the peace plan scared the Western Liberals into conducting the surveillance into Trump’s Russia connections. I think I am correct on this as Halper has written a book about shaking up foreign policy too much. Allying with Russia and China in order to weaken Iran? Sounds like a shake-up to me.

How does this translate to 2017 and today? After Trump had won the general election, peace plan talks had continued. This began a sequence of events that led to what was dubbed by the media as Flynn’s fall from grace. After Flynn was fired in February, to put a cherry on top of everything, he was accused of being compromised by a Russian honeypot spy named Svetlana Lokhova. What was not revealed in the article was that not only was the story false, but Halper was not only there, but helped set it up. Now Lokhova is on twitter two years later blowing the whistle on Halper. Why wait two years?

This isn’t the only story that has been revived for 2019. Back in 2017, Politico wrote an article about how Ukraine interfered in the American election by leaking information that pertained to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. This story has been zombified by media turtles like Sara Carter and John Solomon and Jeff Carlson at Epoch Times wrote an article today linking it to the Steele Dossier and beyond. I highlighted Manafort’s role in the peace plan with my last post.

Today’s headline of Barr thinking that there was spying done on the Trump campaign reminded me of another early 2017 story which was the inspiration for this post. The official narrative for spying on the Trump campaign came from a dossier that was sent to Former HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes. The dossier itself backed up Trump’s claims that Trump Tower was wiretapped. It was collected by the Senior Director of the NSC Ezra Cohen-Watnik. The dossier launched the SpyGate narrative and a few days later, the identity of FISA recipient Carter Page was revealed. Weird timing. When dealing with spooks, you never know which direction is up and that is why I try to avoid drawing conclusions. Either way, the dossier backfired and it had Nunes temporarily recuse. ECW was later forced out and he took a job at Oracle which created another conflict of interest for Nunes. This has led for some to believe that Flynn and ECW are anti-Trump plants placed by the Obama administration. Problem for me is that Trump’s son in law, Jarred Kushner, was both working on the peace plan with Flynn and he was in support of keeping ECW. ECW was placed in the NSC by Flynn. Either way, I think it is a moot point since ECW is back in the Trump Administration via the DOJ. For the laughs, if you Google Ezra Cohen Watnik, a picture of Devin Nunes comes up.

With all these stories being revived, you can’t help but think that Trump’s side has the upper hand. While the Democrats are trying to get Trump’s tax returns, Trump was recently found innocent of no Russia collusion. This is a big win for the president as we have been promised for the last two years that Mueller was going to get him. As I have pointed out in the past, Trump appointed Rosenstein who appointed Mueller. While a majority of the country thinks that the president is an idiot, I happen to see a man who plays dumb in order to get his enemies to fight down to him instead of up. It is a tactic I commonly employ myself. There is also a promise by Nunes to send in criminal referrals and the term “Investigate the Investigators” has been thrown around a lot.

Has the time finally come for the boomerang? Is this a setup for a 2020 campaign to discredit the Democrats? Is this another political stall? The climax feels like it is finally here. For the sake of the future of this country, let’s hope that it is.

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