Re-framing Your Reality

One of the main areas of my life that I am consistently working towards improving is understanding different perspectives. By being able to apply different mindsets to a problem, you can come up with different ways of solving that problem. A one point perspective can blind you to other possibilities and build up confirmation bias, which causes arrogance. A multi point perspective allows for a broader understanding and is necessary for critical thinking and attempting to breach the collective consciousness with a solution.

A main reason for the divide between two political parties is the employment of single point perspectives in order to hard-line opinions into one or the other. I grew up in a conservative family, but I have many views that would be considered liberal to your run of the mill conservative. For example, I support gay marriage because it is done through the state. If a church does not want to host gay marriage I also support that because it is up to the church. Both parties are guilty of this all or nothing approach that makes it impossible to even break through and come up with common sense solutions that would benefit all Americans. With the rise of the internet, groups have become even more radicalized in their belief system as they can just do a search query and find whatever they need in order to further their belief system.

During the 2016 election, I was exposed to a lot of hard right views that made me look at politics in a different perspective. Hillary Clinton and her cabal were all pedophiles who worked out of the basement of a pizza shop. Radicalized Islam was the greatest threat to humanity. The white race was being destroyed by the globalists. Looking back, it was obvious that a lot of the above came from propaganda sources such as Infowars in order to court white men to supporting Donald J. Trump and his “outsider” bid to become president. In hindsight it is also obvious to see how ridiculous some of that stuff is, especially the Pizzagate tale. Could there have been some truth to the story? Of course, but if you try to tell any person who has not been radicalized to right wing views that, you would look like a lunatic instead of “woke.” Overall, I believe that the natural skepticism that people on the right have due to their more logic oriented brains is used to manipulate them.

People on the left tend to be more emotional thinkers, which is used to exploit and control their reasoning. For example, with the “border crisis” they are more willing to allow the inflow of cheap labor into the country over seeing a few kselect images of the few women and children in the caravans that are seeking asylum. At the same time they want higher minimum wages for workers. The cheap imported labor drives down the cost of wages as there are more people in the workforce than there are jobs. If there are more jobs than workers, salaries will be higher since the leverage has shifted to the worker. It is basic supply and demand, but the emotional support for the select women and children don’t allow them to make this connection.

What I have found to is that there are layers built into every issue in order to stop people from figuring out the big picture. The more “woke” liberals will then say that more people overstay their visa which makes the wall unnecessary because it doesn’t solve the larger issues. People on the right like to ignore this as well thinking that the wall is the end all. Meanwhile our immigration laws are the real problem and even with a full wall, in areas where the Rio Grande is in American territory, we would have to rescue a Rio Grande crossing illegal immigrant and bring them into the country.

Over the years, however, crossing the Rio Grande has had certain procedural advantages. Immigrants who enter the country illegally are generally eligible to be released on bond, while those who present themselves at the bridges stay in detention unless Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers decide to release them on “parole.”

“It’s actually better for you in a number of ways to cross the river,” said Jeremy Slack, an immigration expert at the University of Texas-El Paso. “The likelihood you’ll be released on bond is greater. Instead of having to pursue your asylum claim entirely in detention centers, you can do so from the place that you’re intending to live.”

By pointing out how there are theoretical layers to each of the bigger issues, we are constantly focused on shooting down the layers of the argument the other side presents that we forget to look at the flaws within our own argument. What this results in is a sense of tribalism within your political beliefs and infighting with fellow citizens who are living in the same crappy conditions as you and I. It is totally pointless as well because even if President Trump manages to build the wall, the main portion of the problem is still not being addressed. The astute may also have realized that both parties are in favor of the cheap labor that illegal immigration causes or else the immigration process would have been fixed by now. It is always about the donors.

Another example of this singular perspective that causes us to miss the big picture is the concept of white/black hats. I had a good laugh to myself the other day because a white hat is someone who I (or the party consensus) deems as a good guy. It is an obtuse way of even looking at a situation because right now the left sees Robert Mueller as a white hat and majority of the right sees him as a black hat just simply based off the narrative that he is going to nab Trump. If his report comes out tomorrow saying that there is no direct evidence that Trump colluded with Russia, those opinions will flip in a heart beat. By looking at the Mueller Special Counsel with a multi point perspective you can determine that the no direct evidence of collusion determination is the most likely prediction and more people are realizing this notion.

In all though, these scenarios are small potatoes compared to how much our reality has been manipulated by all of this noise. It wasn’t until the sentencing of Trump’s ex campaign manager, Paul Manafort, when my innermost feelings became manifested into words. If you are unfamiliar, with Manafort, he was sentenced to 47 months for 8 counts of financial fraud. While it may appear that justice has been served, he was originally recommended for up to 25 years. The weak sentencing had me pretty angry, yet everyone was cheering which added fuel to my fire.

Back in August when the trial was originally proceeding, I had noted the strange behavior of the judge in sticking up for Manafort. By this time, I had already realized that Mueller was not protecting “the swamp” (Side note: The swamp is another title, like deep state, that would vary based on one point perspectives.) and Manafort actually was a terrible person. I had predicted what happened several months later based off of the players who were involved.

What was befuddling was the amount of people who had said to me that white collar crimes are not prosecuted hard and that this is normal. That mentality made me first question my own sanity because we are supposed to be the people who want to “drain the swamp.” White collar crimes is how that syndicate operates. Does anyone think it was not by design that the crimes that they often commit are the ones that will be prosecuted lightly? Meanwhile drug possession charges can far exceed laundering millions of dollars? We, the common people, are subjected to a much higher level of enforcement of laws than the elite who hold us down. By defending the low prosecution of white collar crimes, you are furthering the advancement of the people you want to go away. See how the logic in that rational is not there at all?

People like Manafort peddle influence that are abrasive to our self interests. In Ukraine, where Manafort lobbied, the Ukrainian people were duped into voting for a pro-Russian president in 2010. That only led to Crimea being annexed by Russia in 2014 and a coup attempt that successful. The coup attempt is a story for another day as that was masterfully orchestrated on so many levels deriving from the US State Department.

Once you start understanding the layers of disinformation and how much the power brokers of both the right and left have shaped our reality, it becomes easier to understand how the game is played and to stop voting against your own self interests. We shouldn’t put blind loyalty towards the people above us because it has shown to burn us almost every time. What is good news is the collective consciousness is growing and more people are seeing the game for how it is really played.

A wise man told me that there are a few of us who dare to use our heads and are able to see around corners and that is the gift that free men almost lost. That over the last 40 years humans had lost their will to seek the truth, but there are good people who can never stop. That we are here to show how important it is to seek truth and gain knowledge and teaching that gift to others is something worth fighting for. That wise man is absolutely correct.

You can’t re-shape your reality if you do not seek out the truth.

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