Fluid Thoughts

Having an education that stems from a scientific background, physics teaches us a lot of the properties that are assumed in our everyday life. I say assume because something like gravity is only a theory. There are so many things that scientists have just chalked up to being close enough that it is the general consensus. Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein is another example. With the rise of of Quantum Physics, the String Theory is another theory that is gaining popularity to possibly join the general consensus on how things work.

People may find it troubling that we live in a state that we have virtually no idea how anything works, but it is fascinating. It makes me not ever latch onto a belief system because there is so much exculpatory evidence out there that can completely contradict what we know about everything. The universe is so large and vast. The fact that this planet is such a tiny speck in relation to the universe makes you wonder what the significance of all this can be.

Consciousness itself is such a mysterious element that was added to humans. Why make humans self aware? What is the higher order’s purpose for it? How did I gain my consciousness? Where did it come from? Just weird overall, but my existence is the only true thing that exists in the universe. I could be a lunatic and everything else is a figment of my imagination, but my existence is the constant throughout all scenarios involving me.

Personally, I can’t see how there is not a higher order out there. People credit the Big Bang Theory to the start of the universe, but how did those particles get there? How did the particles get pushed into motion in order to start the big bang?

On the flip side, how did the first higher order come into existence? This can create an infinite rabbit hole of how everything first came to be. Even the people who think that this is all a simulation, how did that supercomputer come into existence?

This stuff can honestly drive you crazy because the more you think about everything, the less sense it starts to make. I am slowly working my way up the ladder. Basically getting through the final stages of how the government works in regards to the criminal networks. In short, everything we outrage over is a honeypot. It is easier to monitor something than to constantly be fighting crimes with no existing leads.

Some suspected Honeypots? Trump Org and Jeffrey Epstein may be two of the more obvious ones as Felix Sater has been outed as an asset and his plea deal was written almost identical to Jeffrey Epstein’s. A little less well known? Wikileaks and Tor. I was reading a few articles from Never Trumpers and the fact that a known hacker and criminal had protection from a legitimate government and can do whatever they want with the information once Wikileaks get it is such a honeypot. It seems so obvious in hindsight. Tor was the product Snowden was selling after he leaked the NSA and Booz Allen documents. He created a rife around online privacy and somehow escapes when Obama and Brennan are stopping whistleblowers? What Tor did was create a traceable network of the dark web and within a couple of months Silk Road was shut down for the first time.

Another possible Honeypot was pointed out to me be Monsieur America where he suggested that the Clinton Foundation could be another Honeypot. This would help explain why it was so untouchable for so long.

It is important to keep your mind open and block out pre-installed biases because that hinders your ability to learn. I try to run my brain like a machine where I run out scenarios and keep going until I get one that is right. Even with Twitter, people probably think that I do things like read transcripts or read the text messages. I honestly think all of that can be misleading because so much is redacted or your getting the story from a first hand perspective which is institutionally biased. There is also a lot of word play. James Comey, the former head of the FBI, is the master at semantics. I love the guy and hate him at the same time. You can’t take the things these people say seriously because half the time they are trolling the general populous.

Overall, I believe that a positive mindset leads to positive results. I enjoy not getting attached to a narrative because the most of the story will eventually come out. I believe that to be a microcosm about everything else. Good things come to those who wait.

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