1984: Fiction or Non-Fiction

After Donald J. Trump won the presidency in 2016, there was a big push by the left leaning crowd to start labeling his victory as a 1984 type of scenario. Having never read 1984 by George Orwell, I was always interested in the concept of the book and decided to give it a read. I enjoyed the book, but didn’t understand how it correlated to Trump as it was anti-communist. With someone like Bernie Sanders almost beating out Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s nomination, it would be applied better to someone who supports socialism than Trump who was running off capitalism.

The claim in itself was absurd so most people on the right immediately dismissed it. People on the right were under the magical spell of the “Outsider Candidate” mantra. Throughout 2016, things were great. Finally there was someone to take on Hillary Clinton after ousting 17 Republican Candidates. The mainstream media was already declaring Hillary Clinton the winner as a psy-op to boost her due to her inability to stay on the campaign trail. Trump ‘apparently’ never stood a chance.

You may disagree with this next line, but someone has to say it: Donald Trump was never an outsider candidate. Starting with Barry Goldwater in 1964, the “Outsider Candidate” mantra was born. In Goldwater’s case, the results did not pan out so well, but the formula was perfected in 1981 when Ronald Reagan won his presidency. The Republican Party has been using this trick when things seem bleak in order to push their man to the front. Reagan’s involvement with places like Bohemian Grove show that he is just as involved with think tanks that control right wing politics.

After Reagan, more establishment candidates won the presidency including Skull and Bones members George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. Sandwiched between the two was Counsel on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Bill Clinton. In 2008, the Democratic Party ripped a page out of the Republican’s playbook and boosted Barrack Obama as the outsider candidate. His slogan of HOPE proved effective and he was nominated over Hillary Rodham Clinton who is also a CFR member. Clinton’s bid to be president was killed when the Kennedy family endorsed Obama over her and she eventually dropped out of the race. By running against Clinton, Obama looked like the outsider by default and the endorsement by the Kennedy’s allowed him to ‘gain the support’ of the establishment Democrats.

Looking at all of this in hindsight, we can tell that Obama was anything but an outsider candidate. Hillary Clinton as the Secretary of State, followed by Skull and Bones/CFR member John Kerry show Obama’s deep ties to establishment politics. I have yet to look at Obama’s presidency in full without my unbiased lens so I will refrain from fully commenting on it. I still don’t think that he was a good president, but I don’t know how much of that is due to my right wing bias on the matter. There are awful elements such as the Deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl trade which gave the Taliban back five top members and Iran never signing the JCPOA.

In 2015, Trump decided to run for president. He eventually would win in 2016 on the “Outsider Candidate” mantra. Recently, I have been doing a lot of digging into Trump’s past. There were a few inconsistencies with some of the narratives that had me scratching my head. Last time I went on the pursuit of truth was when the narrative claimed that Special Counsel Mueller was protecting the swamp. He had just referred Tony Podesta, Greg Craig, and Vin Weber (all people who right wingers consider to be swamp) to the SDNY. That created an illogical equation in my mind. Wading my ways through the waters of that Fake News eventually led to my highlight of being referred in an actual news article regarding James Wolfe from the Epoch Times. While this got me closer, I still wasn’t there.

The main hysteria surrounding Trump is his connections to the Russians and how the Russians meddled in the 2016 election in order to allow Trump to beat Hillary. While his connections to the Russians are there, most of those connections are dismissed by right wingers due to him helping out the FBI on several occasions. Numerous arrests happen out of Trump’s properties and all his past dealings, specifically with the Russian mob, get washed under the blanket of Trump being an FBI asset. Even the arrests from Russian Spy Evgeny Buryakov come from a wealthy casino owner in Atlantic City. Even without my next part, you can start to see how the facade of being an outsider is starting to crumble. How could he be an outsider if he has assisted the US Government?

One thing that never sat right with me about that theory is the money laundering aspect of it all. For example, in the Sunny Isles, Trump gained 109 Million in all cash sales to Russians. Some were later arrested which gives credence to the FBI asset theory, but what about the money? The fact that Trump was still keeping the large sums of money throughout his career, to me, gives the appearance that he was playing both sides.

Donald Trump’s father introduced him to Roy Cohn who became Trump’s lawyer and mentor. Cohn was a political fixer who gave Trump his connections into the establishment. If you really want to dig into Cohn, this post gives good insight into Trump’s early days in NY. Unfortunately, prior to Trump running in 2015, his history with Cohn was burned away. This cleared Trump’s history from the Ghost of Cohn ever coming back to haunt him.

As a side note: since this post is giving more of an insight into Trump being part of the establishment, which is more realistic than warping theories around him being 100% clean, it does not take away that I still think he is doing a good job as president. What matters today is if his agenda helps or hurts the American people. Considering that jobs are flowing back into the country, ISIS is being defeated, North Korea hasn’t launched a rocket, and the economy is doing great, being truthful about his past doesn’t take away from the job he is doing today.

If I want to drive more nails into the coffin, just taking a look at his cabinet, which is showered with people from high level think takes should crumble the facade even further. What is interesting is there is an ongoing feud between the Mercer camp (Lee Stranahan, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone (Trump met through Cohn), and Ann Coulter) and the Murdoch (Trump also met through Cohn) camp (Hannity, Fox News, Sara Carter, Kim Strassel, and Dan Bongino). To me this indicates that Trump is taking a side that leans heavier towards Murdoch since Lee Stranahan is currently attacking Trump’s Son in Law Jared Kushner and Rupert Murdoch for his ties to Genie Energy. The only times we the people get a semblance of transparency is when the interests of these high level think tanks conflict and they start to smear each other.

The dive into ‘Deep Politics’ is somewhat depressing as it shows how we are basically left with a false sense of choice. Whether Clinton or Trump won, we would still be getting a candidate that has deep ties to the establishment. We are constantly focusing on the scandals that surround the other party that we fail to take a look at our own side. That is the beauty of it all. People can see everything, but be blind at the same time. The 2016 campaign was a work of art when it came to social engineering. The right was so enamored by the scandals of Hillary Clinton that the past scandals surrounding Trump were ignored.

What it shows too is how we are closer to the future envisioned from George Orwell’s classic book written in 1949. In the book, the world is divided into three superpowers: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. Reality is a little different as there are two main groups: Neocons and the Liberal Establishment. The graph below shows the power structure.


These groups are in all the countries in the world so the boundaries are not as cut and dry as in the book 1984. Overall you can see how intertwined the world actually is and powerful tools like sanctions are used in geopolitics. The sheer magnitude is fascinating, but with more people pulling back the curtain in the pursuit of truth, sunlight is going to be shone on this ugly monster.

Seeing the way the world truly works has it’s perks too. Right now, by following agendas you can get a better understanding on where things are headed. By financially piggybacking off the work of the elites, perhaps us commoners can make a better lives for ourselves. Can we call that the New American Dream?

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