False Outrage?

For the last year and a half, there has been massive outrage from the right about the “illegal spying” on the Trump Campaign by the Obama Administration. In October 2016, a FISA Warrant was issued on US Intel Asset Carter Page. What seems to be the only FISA that has ever existed, has caused so much outrage and division that the left and right are still at each other’s necks.

I have tweeted that the only way to unite the left and right is to have a mass scale cognitive dissonance across the board. Everything people thought they knew, gone. Strong beliefs are cast aside and a blank slate is created. There will be ignorant people, but you can’t revolve policy around the extremes. I have often tried to theorize what would be the event that triggers the cognitive dissonance: aliens, the Book of Revelations happening, or the FBI being really good at their job?

With the Epoch Time’s latest post on E.W. Priestap a long running suspicion of mine that ‘Disgraced’ FBI Agent Peter Strzok is actually one of the best FBI agents to ever exist continues to skate while other theories drop off.

IG McCullough briefed four members of the FBI and one of them was not the FBI Director James Comey. We know three of them: Peter Strzok,
then-Executive Assistant Director John Giacalone, and then-Section Chief Dean Chappell. Randall Coleman held Priestap’s position and was swapped out around the same time as the other guys. James Comey was doing house cleaning, but Strzok and possibly the other person brief survived. Two main candidates would be Jonathan Moffa who survived the purge or Charles Kable who did not. My money would be on Kable.

Optics look like Strzok ratted the other men out to Comey because of the bias that has been instilled upon him by the Strzok-Page text messages that were leaked to the NYT. This affair gave him a direct lifeline to new Deputy Director Andy McCabe and possibly James Comey. Fast forward to the closing of the Mid Year Exam and after James Comey delivers the exoneration speech. What does Strzok do? Call IG McCullough, the man the Democrats completely abandoned after he revealed that classified information was on the server, and told him to close out the case. The entire time, who was Strzok’s boss?

This text message was just pointed out to me:

I often joke about the Always Awesome Algorithm but this text message says it all. People have focused on the highlighted part, but that is information that is not new. “In other words, when JG (John Giacalone?), Randy (Randall Coleman?) or even Bob (Bob Mueller?) had a plan, they had a PLAN.” What does that tell you, he was in on a PLAN that was outside Andy McCabe’s plan. He even talks about how Andy is being blinded by confirmation bias. The Strzok/Page relationship ends with the infamous “Please, don’t ever text me again.” text from Page to Strzok.

Now I know that very few are even going to take into consideration what I said above because of all the confirmation bias we have seen over the last year and Strzok’s interview. The fact that the IG briefing happened before the texts started and he was still in contact with a good man during the text periods leaves open the possibility that this was a role he was playing. Immersion acting isn’t only done by Hollywood.

Getting back to the opener, I mentioned the FISA on Carter Page, there are a few anomalies that are often ignored. The first anomaly is the fact that he is/was a US intel asset. Why get a FISA on one of your own guys? Second is that it is called spying on Trump’s campaign, but the FISA was issued less than two weeks before the General Election. The FISA also lasted until September 2017 which would mean that around 70% of the FISA occurred during Trump being president. The third anomaly is Carter Page maintaining contact with another US intel asset, Stefan Halper, who was paid a massive amount of funds by the DoD. Taking these three anomalies into account, it seems the Obama spying on the Trump Campaign narrative is falling apart.

Between Strzok, Page, and Halper, we have a top FBI agent getting a FISA on a US Intel Asset to spy on another US Intel Asset? Let us start to bring in some other key players to this saga as well. We know that General Michael Flynn was a key player. He was linked to Cambridge Analytica, Russia, and Turkey. CA was an intelligence firm that used data mining to influence social media. Surprisingly, CA was not the only intelligence firm that was linked to the Trump Campaign. The other one is Wikistrat which was run by Joel Zamel. He had contacts with George Nader, Donald Trump Jr., and Erik Prince. In something I haven’t figured out yet, after the election, Nader payed Zamel $2 million dollars.

Who is George Nader?

Some more relevant information on Nader.

The picture that is starting to form is not one of Trump’s Campaign being spied on by Obama’s administration, but a massive operation that used some of the best spies that the US had. We know about the anomalies in the Clinton Server being forwarded to China, but what if there is even more to the story and it gets worse?

While we complain about the FBI using unverified information in order to get a court ordered warrant to spy, there is an instance that is more sinister. Having your entire iPhone hacked by simply receiving a text message. No FISA warrant necessary for that.

On 1/30/19 it came out by Reuters that during the 2016-2017 period, the UAE had a tool called Karma which was able breach the firewalls of an iPhone by a simple text. The software was purchased by the UAE, which could help understand Nader’s role. I highly recommend reading the article as you will see that all the countries that are involved in #SpyGate are included.

Once we factor in that the UAE bought the software from an undisclosed source, it means the software was for sale. The UAE may not only be the only one who has it. Could it have been stolen from the CIA’s vault 7? With more eyes on this angle, I hope we can get to the bottom of this and figure out more links/connections. Who would have guessed though that #SpyGate was a microcosm of this larger spying program that involved the rest of the world and state sponsors of terrorism?

There is one thing that is for certain though, Karma is a bitch.

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