The Glass Half Full

After yesterdays massive indictment of Hauwei Technologies, the global crackdown on crime continues plowing forward. According to CBS, the charges on Hauwei can seen from the excerpt below:

Hauwei Charges

As Acting Attorney General Whitaker’s time comes to an end, I was excited about what the future under AG Barr will bring. Mostly all of America believes that Mueller is going to be taking Trump down, but the evidence presented so far from the Special Counsel has only vindicated Trump. Trump has also had a direct hand in appointing Mueller via Rosenstein. Barr is one of Mueller’s good friends, so if Mueller was really going after Trump, why would Trump surround himself with friends of his enemies? This does not make sense and I have been trying to point this out to people since at least August 2018. It has caused me to receive immense criticism, but at the same time, the glass half full perspective is starting to catch on.

This brings me to the point of my post, with the glass being half full or half empty, either way the glass still has the same amount of water. The way you perceive the glass is based on the biases you chose to carry with you on a day to day basis. Half full is positive and half empty is negative. This can correlate to how the person sees the rest of the world.

I often joke about my “Always Awesome Algorithm” because I tend to have a positive bias to the extreme. I believe in the law of attraction and if you believe in positive outcomes, positive outcomes will happen because you are looking for them. The vice versa applies as well. It feeds into your brains natural confirmation bias. This is why horoscopes are believed by people. The notion in the horoscope is actively seeked out by the user in order for it to come true. Just among conservatives there is the camp that thinks nothing is happening and the camp that thinks something is happening. Same set of facts and data sets are presented to the two sides, but if you think Mueller is hunting Trump, you are going to look for things that make it look like Mueller is hunting Trump.

Politics aside, why do people actively seek out bad things to find in order to put them into a bad mood? I never understood the rational behind the glass half empty mindset. Reality is different for every brain. It is a one point perspective. We are only on this planet for a small duration, why spend it actively seeking out things that make you unhappy? It just doesn’t make sense to me as it is self-destructive.

I enjoy following the current political storm, but back when Obama was president, I did not pay attention because I didn’t want to seek out things that actively annoyed me. I see things changing for the better, finally, and it will continue to get better. The human brain can be a fickle thing, but without it being happy, it is hard for you to spread happiness to others. Same thing goes with love, unless you love yourself, it is impossible to truly love others.

If we want to improve the world, it has to start with each individual person changing themselves first. In Radiohead’s song Paranoid Android, the lyrics go, “Ambition makes you ugly.” This can be true, but that may pertain to the ambition that leads to the path of gluttony and greed – two deadly sins. Ambition for positive results can make you beautiful and that is what this time on this planet is all about. Leaving the world a better place than when you first entered it.

The strongest held beliefs on this planet are the ones that survive. They catch on like a contagion, so why not have a positive thought contagion for once?

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