A Process Crime is still a Crime

Early this morning, Special Counsel Mueller’s office made a big splash by showing up at Roger Stone’s Florida home with a warrant for his arrest. CNN was there to cover the arrest. Stone was later released on $250,000 bail. He was charged with Obstruction of Proceeding, False Statements, and Witness Tampering.

The indictment itself, which can be found here, relates to Roger Stone’s interviews with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) from 2017 along with Person 1 and 2. CrowdStrike is Company 1, Wikileaks is Organization 1 and Jullian Assange is the founder, Jerome Corsi is Person 1, Randy Credico is Person 2. It was also later revealed that the Senior Trump Campaign Official was Rick Gates.

The indictment itself focuses on Stone’s role in the 2016 Election when it came to contacts with Jullian Assange. The leaked emails from Wikileaks were blamed on the Russians by CrowdStrike and the emails being released by Wikileaks was the effort Russia took to undermine the election to collude with Trump to help him win.

In 2016, Stone openly talked about his contacts with Assange and how there was dirt on Hillary. (This is very similar to what Joseph Mifsud was trying to sell another Trump Campaign Member George Papadopoulos.) The HPSCI wanted to inquire about Stone’s statements. Instead of telling the truth to something that would not have been a crime, Stone lied and said that he had nothing. This is what led to his first charge of Obstruction of Proceeding. The HPSCI moved along and talked to Corsi and then later Credico. When Credico was going to have his interview, Stone told him to plead the 5th. Stone also lied about his interactions with Credico. That rounds out the rest of the charges.

With the background of the indictment out of the way, anyone who never knew who Roger Stone is or his backstory would see that what he did was a crime. The problem is, our natural biases tend to shift us away from the letter of the law and lead us into a land of selective justice. To date, mostly all the charges that Mueller’s SC has laid out have seemed to be on the Trump side of the fence and the media helps paint that picture.

In reality, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and others connected to Manafort all tie into Oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The crimes Manafort was tried for were from old charges back before he even joined the Trump Campaign. The two Russian indictments point out that no American was willingly colluding. The referrals of Tony Podesta, Greg Craig, and Vin Weber connect to Obama and Clinton. George Papadopolous plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his interactions with Joseph Mifsud and General Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI about his call with Russian Ambassador Kislyac and FARA charges for his Turkish Lobbying. Michael Cohen plead guilty to lying to the FBI and exceeding campaign contributions without Trump’s knowledge. Nothing has connected back to Trump besides for them working for him.

With the bias installed, everyone saw today’s indictment on Roger Stone as another way SC Mueller is trying to get to Trump. People were complaining that it is a “witch hunt” and that SC Mueller is pathetic, ect. The side claiming that they want justice, is advocating for the select justice that they are claiming is happening; only they want the shoe to be on the other foot.

A process crime is still a crime. Lying to the FBI is a serious offense and it impedes justice. The past administration is not this administration. If this country is to ever get back on the right track, no matter what the crime is, it should be processed according to the books. That is what is being done here. The only reason why people disregard process crimes is because the goalposts of justice have been shifted so far to the left.

There was never going to be a slow shift back to the rule of law. From day one, the goalpost was placed right where it originally was. In the quest to find out if Russia did interfere with the election and who leaked the emails to Wikileaks process crimes are necessary. People like Stone who impede the case need to be charged.

At the end of the day, I do not think the Trump Campaign is going to be caught colluding with Russia. There has been no evidence yet, but if people like Stone keep lying, it is going to take longer to find out who actually did. That is the true injustice to the American People.

Correction 1/28/19: The Senior Campaign Official was later reported to Rick Gates, not Steve Bannon.

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