How Accuracy has Taken a Backseat to Speed in the Media

Over the last two weeks, there have been two stories that have stirred up controversy and pitted Americans against each other. What is astonishing is both things don’t matter in the long run. It is only talked about because the media has decided to make it a focus.

The first reference is the Gillette Ad “The Best Men Can Be” being highlighted by people on the right for being anti-man. It was almost instantly dubbed the toxic masculinity ad dismissed as Social Justice Warrior Propaganda.

When I first watched the ad, I happened to see an edited version which was only the first half of the commercial. It ended with the men lining up with the BBQs repeatedly saying “Boys will be boys.” After seeing that, in addition to the confirmation bias that has been installed on me by the Right Wing Media, I fell in line with the troops and was rolling my eyes at how ridiculous it was.

Later that night, I was talking to my wife about it during dinner because she happened to see a few people talking about it and asked me to show her the ad. She asked me to not tell her my opinions because she wanted to see it for herself first and not have any preconceived opinions of the ad. I married a smart one.

What did happen was I just went on Youtube and clicked on the Ad, this happened to be the full length video and I saw the second half of the ad. Upon seeing the second half, I felt betrayed and tricked. My confirmation bias was exploited and I reacted emotionally. The second half was not nearly as bad of a message. For example instead of watching the two boys fight, a father stepped in and broke it up. As someone pushing for a higher sentience level among humans, I do think we need to take it upon ourselves to respect other humans and carry out that message to our children. Respect is a crucial part of moving forward together and is a hard thing to gain, but an easy thing to lose. In general, I conduct my day to day interactions where I treat people with respect until they do something to lose my respect. It helps develop better personal relationships and advance you in life.

We also have to remember that this is advertisement as well. The main goal for an advertising firm is to get as noticed as possible. The first half of the ad was designed to get people emotionally riled up and share it. People have made a career out of creating controversy around themselves. Howard Stern is an example. He found out that the people who don’t like him actually listen to his show more often. Ironic, huh? I wouldn’t doubt that this was one of Gillette’s most successful ad campaigns and it was done by the people who didn’t agree with the message. Confirmation bias – exploited.

With the Right Wing News taking the lead on Gillette, let us jump to the other side of the field where Left Wing News took the lead on the Covington Catholic High School issue. Another case of a doctored video that made the Veteran Native American man look like he was being harassed by a bunch of MAGA hat wearing teens.

I have not paid much attention to this story, mostly because I don’t care, but have seen how it has evolved. After the original reporting, a new video emerged showing the boys did nothing wrong. Tweets have been deleted, redactions have been made, and the Native American marine wasn’t actually a marine.

I am sure more about this Native American is going to come out. There are a bunch of people already digging into the history of the Native American man. There is a new level of oversight for the Left Wing Media and the Washington Post has finally acknowledged that it has met it’s match.

If you going to attempt to cross the street in search of the truth, always remember to check both ways.

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