Confirmation Bias – The Enemy of the People?

The brain is a magnificent organ. I don’t think too many people actually use their brain to think about their brain.

It may sound funny, but when we start to analyze the mysteries of the brain, you can see a paradox start forming. The brain knows nothing about itself.

The brain itself is responsible for conscious thought, yet is also responsible for all of the unconscious activities that maintains the homeostasis within your body. Things like breathing, heart beats, and peristalsis within the gut, all controlled by the brain without a second thought.

If we want to get more complex, lets look at what is done behind the scenes for a conversation with someone. A simple “Hello, how are you?” requires your brain to reverberate the vocal chords in a manner that produce that sound alongside your mouth and tongue to say those words. On the other person’s end, their ears pick up the sound waves resonating from the source and it enters the ear where the brain can decipher and decode the sequence of sound waves and then code it back to the words meaning. The second person in an instant will have all of that happen then repeat the process back to the original speaker with a simple, “Good, you?”

The brain is so advanced, that it is too advanced for conscious thought to harness. Assumptions are normally made by the brain in order to account for these pitfalls. That is why things like optical illusions exist and we don’t remember everything we do or say. Information overload leads to stress so the brain will dump whatever it deems unnecessary.

Have you driven for around 30 minutes then arrive at your destination without remembering anything that happened during the drive? Just like the brain dropping information, the brain also makes assumptions based on what you have become familiarized with. This is how I define confirmation bias.

How is it our enemy? It is completely exploitable. If you figure out someone’s thought process and the beliefs that they hold true, it is very easy to coax them into doing your bidding by inputs of suggestion here and there.

The reason why I am writing this piece is because our confirmation bias is being exploited on a day in and day out basis. No one is exempt from it either. Personally, I try to seek the truth over what my mind thinks is the truth. It is a work in progress, but I am getting there.

I grew up in a Right Wing family so I was always under the impression that people on the left were the ones who were making the bad decision. In August 2018, I decided to venture out on a quest for the truth, and in doing so, not only did I look at the crimes of the left, but I also saw how people on the right would only point the finger at the other side.

I hope to break down how the ideals of several billionaires and their army of propagandists can herd everyday Americans into thinking the other party is full of crooks. The best part? Both sides are right.

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